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Structured plans to prepare your mind + body for the big day.

Don't get bogged down with dΓ©cor and budget decisions. Focus on being well in the months leading up to your wedding and lay the foundation for a healthier ever after. Fit for a Bride Wedding Fitness Guides set forth a clear and simple path for self-care to ensure you look and feel great on your wedding day.


3-month plan

It's crunch time - literally! You're just a few weeks shy of the wedding and you want to tone-up and feel great for the big day. Use this 3-month action plan as your guide to navigate diet, fitness and beauty routines.


6-month plan

The venue, dress and photographer are booked and you can finally focus on you: your dress, your hair and makeup, all of the above! You have clear goals in mind, but need a structure to meet them. Use the 6-month plan to make it happen!


9-month plan

Yay, you're engaged! There's no time to waste, you're ready to hit the ground running. You have some lofty pre-wedding fitness goals or, you're a total newbie to this stuff. Get on the right path early with this 9-month plan!


Sweating for the wedding? Wear this.

There's nothing like a good sweat session to get you looking and feeling great for the big day. Whether you're planning a good workout with friends beforehand, the morning of or in the weeks leading up to, why not show off your motivation with a shirt that says it all!  These shirts also make great gifts for the fit bride or swole couple in your life.