CrossFit Couple: Luis & Virna

"I can truly say that my husband has seen me in my rawest form when I’m struggling ... devoid of makeup and flare, but he's also seen me at my strongest ..."


I'm giddy right now.

I seriously cannot contain my excitement!

Not only does it feel so good to be back blogging, I absolutely LOVE today's fit couple and the BEAUTIFUL, INTIMATE love story told through their engagement session with Jessica Perez Photography.


It was love at first wall ball for Virna & Luis who describe themselves as one of the first couples to come out of CrossFit OCD in Kissimmee Florida, which has bred many more fit couples since!

To them, there was no question about whether to incorporate CrossFit in their engagement photos because they met and fell in love at CrossFit and, they spend the majority of their time there!

Virna also says CrossFit has been "one of the most influential experiences of my life," transforming the way she see herself and her abilities -- adding she's also never looked or felt better in her life!


I had the opportunity to catch up with Virna over email and learn more about her and Luis' story. It's my honor and privilege to now share them with you! I love the community we're building here of strong, passionate men and women we find love and wellness all at once. Here's what Virna had to say:

Tell us how you met! Did it involve CrossFit?

Our first time meeting involved wall balls. I had set my ball at the center of the wall and he hadn’t realized that it belonged to someone so he kicked it out of the way and placed his ball in “my” spot. I then walked over to him and said, “Excuse you, that’s my ball” and he apologized and quickly replaced my ball as I uttered, “Who is this guy?” under my breath! LOL

When did you start doing CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in January 2013. With a few 6 month “off” periods since then.


What box to you belong to?

I belong to CrossFit OCD in Kissimmee, FL

What prompted your interest in the sport?

A close friend of mine had started doing CrossFit and would come home beat yet would eagerly go back for more. I was confused about what was going on and curiosity got the best of me! I went and tried it out and have been at it since.

Did Luis start CrossFit around the same time?

Luis started CrossFit nearly a year after I did. He came across bodybuilding videos which eventually led to his discovery of Rich Froning so he searched for the nearest box and found CrossFit OCD.

What was your initial reaction to CrossFit?

My initial reaction was that the type of soreness I felt after my first few days couldn’t be “normal!”

I was sure I had done something wrong, however, it reminded me of childhood play, and I loved that.

What was your aim in doing CrossFit?

My initial aim was weight loss.

How has CrossFit changed your body?

I dropped two dress sizes, the size I wore in high school- over a decade ago! I developed pronounced arm muscles, my lower body became firm, and I started to develop the muscles in my abs!

Are you happy with those changes?

The best I’ve ever looked and felt!

Do you relate any elements of Crossfit to marriage?

Thankfully, training at our CrossFit box is something we both enjoy as individuals and something we share as most of our time together has been spent there! CrossFit has a humbling power to it. It strikes you at your core and then rebuilds and renews you.

I can truly say that my husband has seen me in my rawest form when I’m struggling through a WOD, devoid of all makeup and “flare” and he has also seen me at my strongest when I’m squatting 245 lbs.; bench-pressing 155 lbs.; or clean and jerking 145 lbs.

With CrossFit there is no room for pretense, your vulnerabilities are exposed and you’re urged to become comfortable with failure yet the victories are sweet and physical and mental growth is inevitable…. My husband and I cultivated our love for one another under these circumstances.


Are there going to be CrossFit touches at your wedding?

Our wedding invitations were chalkboard theme and we will have a chalkboard wedding ceremony sign and a chalkboard photo backdrop. Our CrossFit OCD couple name is Team Luna, Lu- for Luis and Na- for Virna. Luna is the Spanish word for moon, so our wedding cake topper and reception menus are moon-themed…. Our recessional song, played by harp is, "Fly Me to the Moon."


Do you have any advice for those new to CrossFit?

Invest in a good pair of “CrossFit specific” shoes and knee braces! Take before pictures as you will see results sooner than you think!

What's your favorite favorite Olympic lift?

I enjoy the clean & jerk, the way it looks and the way it feels.

What's your diet like?

A few years back I discovered the Beauty Detox Solution, a wellness book by Kimberly Snyder and she promotes the consumption of abundant greens and veggies. Dairy free, non-processed foods, no artificial sweeteners, etc. It’s similar to Paleo only without the meat. Just recently my fiancé and I have dabbled into the Bulletproof diet. We eat whole foods and steer away from junky foods. This way of eating feels best to me.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

10 years from now… We will likely be raising an 8 year old and a 7 year old! Training together as a family in our home gym. Luis is currently pursuing a career in physical therapy and although I am a speech-language pathologist by profession, my passion has been nutrition. Within the next couple of years I will pursue studies to be a certified health coach and together I can imagine working with the people in our family and community to strive towards a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle!


Fit for a Bride is definitely TEAM LUNA all the way!

Keep climbing you two!

Your journey has only just begun!


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Have you ever dreamt of meeting your future husband or wife at the gym? 

Imagery provided by the incredibly talented Jessica Perez Photography.

CrossFit Date Night at CFFC for Southern Weddings

So, last week was pretty surreal! Seeing Aaron and me on the Southern Weddings' blog was awesome! I gained a bunch of new followers on Instagram (hi guys!) and really feel like I started the new year off with a bang!

I had to face some major fears, too. (I talked about overcoming fear in 2015.) A big one was sharing our feature with our box and all my CrossFit friends, as well as posting about it to Facebook. I had a few minor freak-outs but all the feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive! Everyone loved the feature and I have to say, I felt pretty honored to get to share our love for each other and CrossFit through such an amazing publication. Southern Weddings has been a long-time favorite of mine!

I hope you don't mind, I couldn't resist putting together a feature of my own with some of the images that didn't make it into Southern Weddings' post!

CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings

Have you ever been in a photoshoot or featured on a blog?

Do you think you'd be nervous to share it with others?


Our photographer Katie Nesbitt put together a sweet feature on us too over on her blog!  You're awesome, Katie - thank you so much again!

CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings
CrossFit Date Night for Southern Weddings

Special thanks to my hubby, Aaron for going along with this and making it fun!

And thanks to our CrossFit box and coaches for being an awesome community of people! We love you guys!

See the feature on Southern Weddings!

Do you workout with your boyfriend or husband? 

CrossFit Couple Workouts

couples-workouts I'm working on a special project with a photographer friend that will depict a pre-wedding CrossFit-style workout for the bride, groom and entire wedding party; it's going to be awesome!

As part of that I've been brainstorming workouts and CrossFit moves that relate to marriage, a wedding, and couples and it's seriously a fun exercise! (Haha. Get it? Oh, how I love the puns!)

So, whether you're planning a pre-wedding workout, couples workout or actual wedding WOD, consider any of these awesome approaches to making working out, wedding-relevant!

WOD 1 “The proposal”

Cause he got on bended knee to pop the question! 

Now you'll both be doing knee taps with alternating lunges across the gym (10 meters each way) carrying a bumper plate and building a "cake" on the other end!

  • Men (stack three 45 lb plates, two 15 lb plates, two 10 lb plates, two 5 lb plates, and one baby 1 pounder)
  • Women (stack three 25 lb plates, two 10 lb plates, two 5 lb plates, two 2.5 lb plates, and one baby 1 pounder)

Lunge in both directions, one direction carrying a plate that you leave stacked at one end, and one direction empty handed (on the way back).

WOD 2 “[Med]ball and Chain”

The old ball and chain! 

Therefore, with a partner:

  • Run 400 meters with a medball (14 lbs); switch at the 200 m mark
  • 10 medball chest passes
  • 10 medball overhead passes
  • 10 over-your-partner burpees while they hold a medball plank
  • Switch and repeat burpee/plank combo
  • 10 wall balls with the medball (one throws the ball up, the other catches)
  • 10 medball situp passes
  • Run 400 meters with a medball (14 lbs); switch at the 200 m mark

Repeat three times for a serious workout!

WOD 3 “Teamwork”

A married couple must be able to work together!

Like a three-legged race, tie your legs together and perform the following stationary exercises:

  • 20 push-ups
  • 20 pull-ups
  • 20 air squats
  • 20 step-ups
  • 20 sit-ups

For a good laugh, you could try to complete a burpee together!

Also, check out the graphic below of movements that you can correlate to aspects of marriage below! Use these to create your own wedding WOD!


Are you planning a pre-wedding or wedding WOD? 

What CrossFit moves would you say have to do with marriage? 

Photo by Katie Nesbitt