Style: September Wishlist

Greetings all! Happy Friday Eve :) I'm back on the style kick today! Continuing my series on having a personal shopper (my closet clean-out and a few of the immediate benefits I noticed)! Though, I mentioned last week that there's been one slight drawback-- going clothes crazy! I've been pinning more than ever and scouting out sales, and I've been buying stuff too, which is very unlike me! To put the brakes on this habit (buying clothes myself + having a personal shopper), I decided to put together a Septemeber wishlist. My hope is that this will guide Kim in the right direction and help me figure out what, exactly I'm in the market for. Obviously, with Fall right around the corner, these pieces are very autumn-esqe!


 Plaid shirt / Grey vest / Long-sleeve shirt {similar}

UGG Classic Boots / Cheetah Print FlatsPink & Pepper Brooklyn Bootie

 Jean JacketStatement Necklace / Houndstooth Sweater

Truth: Making this list allowed me to really evaluate what I want vs. what I see in the store in a moment's notice! I've actually wanted a lot of this stuff for awhile now, but never got around to buying it last season.

One piece I did see in the store is this vest from Atheleta - love, love, love! Granted, it would blow my budget out of the water (it's $100!) but I'm hoping Kim can find an alternative. Otherwise, I may have to bite the bullet and get it. I'm learning that you can't find everything cheap (or you'll end up with a bunch of cheap clothes that don't last!)

What's on your September wishlist?

Are you getting your wardrobe ready for Fall too?

*Kim is owner of Catch 22 Boutique online and currently lives in Washington, DC. Her and co-founder, Lauren, are a team specializing in luxury consignment, closet clean-outs and organization, personal shopping, wardrobe styling, and interior design. Her website is launching later this month, but if you’re interested in any of her services, reach out to her via email


Style: A Few New Outfits

Good  morning and happy Thursday! I'm continuing my series on style today sharing a few new outfits, which I have to say, this post made me so happy I'm not a fashion blogger! I love new clothes as much as the next girl but posing in front of the camera is not my thing. Please excuse any awkward poses or smiles... :)

If you're just joining us, get caught up by reading about my closet clean-out and what's it's been like having a personal shopper

Now let's take a look at some of my new clothes!

Green top from ASOS: Worn two ways - for work and causal!



Kim suggested a statement necklace under the collar because, apparently that's in style!

Thanks for the tip Kim! I LOVE this outfit!


Kim also bought the greenish yellow flats in the above picture. I LOVE THEM! They're so comfortable and cute! I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mall the other weekend and didn't even recognize myself! (I love matching! Lol!)

Another Top from ASOS:


Neon Skirt from J.Crew: And say hello to Rocky!

I paired this shirt with a plain black top and fun bracelet!


This skirt also went surprisingly well with a new top from Loft, which, shocker- I bought for myself! I totally love this next look! It's so "me!" Very Kate Spade-esqe! What do you think?


Another Skirt from J.Crew: This next skirt matched the peplum top you see below, which was already in my closet! Kim also bought me an orange stripe top to go with this skirt. I'm really excited to have it in my rotation now, and can't wait to pair it with more pieces!


Tan Dress from J.Crew: 

I'm obsessed with this dress!

The possibilities are endless! It's so versatile!

There's only one look here, but I can't wait to experiment and do more with it!


Chevron Top from J.Crew: Love, love, love this top and it's something I'd never buy for myself! More than likely, I'd totally overthink this in the store: how often will I really wear it? What about the sequence? What's the right size and fit for this shirt? That's why having Kim is so awesome! She just bought it and now, I own it and love it!

And bonus: It's a size SMALL! But I think it fits perfect. Way to go, Kim. I love this look!


So, there you have it! Just a sampling of the new pieces I got!

In total, here's what's new in my closet!

Listed above:

Not shown:

... And, shockingly, there's even more!

It's been about two months since I hired Kim and my wardrobe has already grown tremendously. There's stuff I haven't even worn yet! However, one thing that's important to note that I bought some of these clothes and some of my other new pieces, myself.

I'm not sure if it's all the pinning of clothes, or the fact that I'm getting new stuff through Kim, but getting new stuff has translated into wanting even more stuff... at least for me.

In one sense, it's cool because shopping is funnier and easier (I shop intentionally for things that will match items I've received from Kim), but there's also no way I can funnel so much money into clothes in the long-term.

I'm going to try to be more aware of this in the coming months and try (try!) to leave shopping up to Kim. I'll keep you posted on how that goes. :)

Do you have any new outfits?

Does pinning clothes inspire you to shop more often?

*Kim is owner of Catch 22 Boutique online and currently lives in Washington, DC. Her and co-founder, Lauren, are a team specializing in luxury consignment, closet clean-outs and organization, personal shopping, wardrobe styling, and interior design. Her website is launching later this month, but if you’re interested in any of her services, reach out to her via email

Ask GG: Foundation Q&As

Good morning and happy Friday! Today is my official "me" day and I'm so excited!! I have no plans or obligations or have-tos and already, it feels great!

I did want to make sure I hoped on here and shared the latest Ask GG inquiry about foundation!



Personally, I'm the type who insists on wearing some form of foundation everyday. I prefer liquid to really cover-up the blemishes and get that smooth finish the twins mention, but because I don't spend a lot of time on my makeup in the morning, I usually just use powder, blot and go!

Do you use liquid or powder foundation, or both?

Have you ever had your color matched at a Department store?

For those of you just joining us, Ghadah and Ghadeer, aka GG are our resdient beauty experts!

Here's a list of all their previous posts:

To submit your beauty question just email us! We're always excited to receive new submissions!

Have a great weekend folks!

Ask GG: Best Foot Creme

Hey guys! Sorry I'm so late getting this post up! It's been an overwhelming few days! I've been off work and busy working on new recipes for the blog! (Coming soon!) I wanted to hurry and get this Ask GG recommendation to you, though!

You might think we're a little crazy talking about foot creme (yea, we went there), but it's open-toe shoe season and if you're like me, you need a little something to get your through between pedi appointments! This Burt's foot creme is the best -  not only because of its effectiveness, but because of the all-natural/safe ingredients!

You have to give it a try!



Oh, also! If you've written in with an Ask GG question and haven't seen the answer yet, don't fret! We're getting to it! In the meantime, ask more! We're open to any and every health/beauty/self-care question you can think of! Email us today!

Again, apologizes on being MIA this week and for this short post. I have lots to share next week! Stay tuned!

What are your plans this weekend?

Weekend Recap

Hey guys! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was good... Friday night, we went to bed early in anticipation for Saturday morning crossfit and boy was it a doozy! We weren't expecting the workout to be as hard as it was; after all, it's only 5 minutes of "work" at a time, but hear my when I say: Oh my god Crossfit, you are crazy! Here's what we did:

4 Rounds (1 minute at each station and 1-minute rest between each round):

  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Box Jumps
  • Hand-release push-ups
  • Overhead squats
  • Double Unders

When I first read the workout, I thought there was 1-minute breaks between stations, but there weren't. You actually go from one right into the other and it was tough! I also thought throwing the kettlebell weight overhead, while you're heart is still recovering from the jump rough was tough. REAL tough.

That same kettlebell jacked up my hand pretty good. I used a little chalk because my hands were slipping off the bell by the third round... and even though I'd heard chalk will do this to you, I wasn't expecting it to happen to me! Funny thing: I didn't notice it until we were in the car heading home.


And it hurt a lot more than I expected through the weekend! I've been whinning about it quite a bit!

(Amazing I can do this intense workout, but a little boo-boo on the hand kills me!)

Alright, so anyway, sorry for the big disgusting photo... let's move on to happier, prettier things, shall we?

Like cake pops!


I went to a fancy birthday party Saturday and they served these - OMG! So good! I'd never had one before!

New favorite dessert for sure!


Sunday I went grocery shopping with my friend Vanessa.

We started at Costco which probably wasn't the best idea - it wore us out completely!

Then we headed to Target and got pretty punchy!

In the photo above, Vanessa's reaching for the last few Justin Maple Almond Butters!

Weekend-Outfits And lastly, I got new clothes! Check out my new J.Crew skirts!

You guys might have seen on Instagram that I hired a personal shopper...

Before you get all judge-y, just know that I hate shopping! I'm extremely cheap when it comes to clothes and I hardly ever buy them. As a result, my wardrobe is severly lacking and I get pretty overwhelmed anytime I try shopping (thinking about everything I need!) So anyway, my friend Kim is helping me and you'll meet her very soon! I'm going to talk A LOT more about this in August, but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of a few of my new pieces! I love them!

What did you do this weekend?

Ask GG: Inexpensive Hair Repair

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I'm excited to share another Ask GG recommendation with you! I haven't been happy with my hair lately... it needs be colored and it's dried out, and after the sun in the Caymans, I feel like it needs a little hair repair. Naturally, I asked the twins for an inexpensive treatment recommendation, and they suggested this Macadamia Natural Oil!


What's your favorite inexpensive hair treatment?

Do you have a beauty question?

We'd love to hear it! Just comment below or email us! To learn more about GG, get caught up, go here!

Dry Shampoo Tutorial with the Twins: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Hey loves! Happy Friday! I'm super excited about today's post because it's a topic I know a lot of you are probably curious about (like I was), but may not want to admit: DRY SHAMPOO! What's the deal with dry shampoo? How does it work? Does it work?? What are the best brands? Where can I buy them? We've got your answers right here!

A little background: I workout almost everyday around 2 in the afternoon, slam in the middle of my 8-6 workday. Let me rephrase that- I workout and shower around 2... How in the world do I pull it off? Well, to be honest, I take a quick shower and don't have time for much else. Sometimes I reapply my makeup, but seriously, y'all, I never, ever know what to do with my hair!!! It gets sweaty, then greasy, and I usually end up pulling it back because there's nothing else I can do! There's certainly not enough time to actually wash and dry it (heck, there's never enough time for that)!

Like most of you, I guessed that dry shampoo was an option, but (and I'm embarrassed to say this cause my own mother is a hair dresser!) I didn't know a thing about how to use it, where to buy it, etc... So, naturally, I turned to the twins and asked all those questions mentioned above, and naturally, they knew *just* the product to recommend and even put on a little demo for me! And then, of course I took pictures and doctored it up in Photoshop like any sensible blogger would! :) So here it is! :)




Can you guess which side is dirty? I CAN TOTALLY SEE A DIFFERENCE! Even if you can't, I can guarantee (from what I saw during this demo) that dry shampoo is worth giving a try! In the second part of today's post I'll share GG's *brand recommendations.* Stay tuned!

Do you use dry shampoo? 

If not, would you consider using it?

For those that do: would you apply it the same way as shown here?

What are your favorite brands? 


PS: Is it cheesy that I've just learned something from my own blog post? I can't wait to dry shampoo my own hair now that I know how!

Ask GG: Best Liquid Foundation

Happy Friday all! I'm excited to share this new favorite product with you!! Let me start off by saying, liquid foundation isn't for everyone, but personally, I can't live with it. I'm not sure if that's because I've been wearing it since I was like, 16 or if it's because I've seen my mom wear it (daily) for as far back as I can remember. Either way, liquid foundation is just sorta a fact of life for me! In the mornings, at night, if I'm going out, and even after the gym, I need my liquid cover-up. The twins, on the other hand, haven't always worn liquid foundation. I remember when they used to just wear bronzer. Of course, as soon as they started to dabble with liquid, I got excited! TELL ME THE BEST PRODUCT! And, here it is: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup!


Have you ever tried this product from Estee Lauder?

Do you wear liquid foundation? 

*Do you have a question for GG? We love receiving your questions! Ask away!

Ask GG: Shampoo & Conditioner

Hello and happy Friday!!

Today's Ask GG products are Wella Brillance Shampoo & Conditioner. This also happens to be my favorite shampoo combo as well, so when they mentioned posting about it, I said sure thing! One 'Reason to Love this Product' they didn't mention, is that it smells phenomenal!!!

What's your favorite brand of shampoo and conditioner?


Ask GG: 'It's a 10' Leave-In Conditioner

Today's question was also from Paula (who asked for the best product for thick and curly hair). She wanted to know what GG thought of It's a 10 Hair Care. Guess what? They love it!! And highly recommend the leave-in conditioner. Here's why:


Thank you so much for submitting your questions, Paula! We're dying to receive more! To submit one, either comment below or email us!

(To learn more about GG, get caught up- go here!)

Ask GG: Best Product for Thick, Curly Hair

This is for my good friend, Paula!

I find myself jumping around a lot with hair products because nothing ever tends to keep working in my hair :-/. Starts out well but then it seems like my my hair adapts. So what products (shampoo, conditioners, mousse/gels, etc) do they recommend for thick, long, wavy/curly hair? Especially in the summer with the humidity. I hate looking like I have to texture to my hair. Lol!


I know for a fact the twins know a thing or two about thick, curly hair because they have it (I'm so jealous)! I remember when we all used to work at Beauty First and tried everything from Curls Rock to Making Waves! (I had a perm back then- eek!) There's so many products and everyone's hair is different, so we'll be sharing more on this subject soon!

Let me know how this works for you ladies!

Ask GG: Daily Moisturizer

Hey ya'll! We've received more questions for the Ask GG Feature! The question was--

What is a good and reasonably priced daily & nightly (or even one I can use for both times of day) moisturizer? I love Clinique but it's really expensive to buy on a continual basis. I'm mostly looking for a moisturizer that fights acne and that has anti-aging ingredients.



Reader Request: Nail Strengthener

Look-- it's our first Q&A post with GG! The following question is from Debbie in Olney, Maryland:

My question is how to keep my nails in strong and healthy shape without getting regular manicures. I am trying to keep my budget in check and I can only afford a manicure a couple times a year, so I have to take care of my nails at home. I love nail polishes and paint my nails once a week, but I’ve noticed they are a bit brittle and in need of some help. I have been using Sally Hansen’s “diamond strength nail strengthener” as my base coat before painting my nails, which has helped a bit, but I wonder what you recommend.


Thank you for your submission, Debbie! I hope you love this product!

If you have a question for the twins, feel free to comment below or send us an email (

Introducing Ask GG: The Beauty Experts

Happy hump day, y'all! I'm super excited to introduce my good friends, Ghadah (pronounced GA-DAH) and Ghadeer (pronounced GAH-DEER), who will be contributing regularly as beauty experts!

I've know Ghadah and Ghadeer since High School. I’ll never forget the first day of 10th grade, when we all wore glitter stretch jeans to school! Ghadah (left) wore hers with a blue top and sandals, Ghadeer wore hers with pink (her signature color), and I wore mine with red! We thought we were hot stuff!

“The twins,” which is what most people call them, have always been over-the-top fashionable and I’ve always considered myself to lucky to have such stylish (and sweet!) friends. They encouraged me to put an effort into my appearance and they supported my attempt, fashion faux pas and all, including these embarrassing cheetah print stretch pants! FACE PALM!


{Circa 2003 - totally embarrassing!}

I think their constant support was a big reason why I had so much confidence despite the fact that I was overweight. They taught me to dress up and wear makeup anyway! They always thought I "fit in," and so, I felt like I did!

In recent years, they've introduced me to some of my favorite beauty products, such as Dr. Perricone face wash and moisturizer, which cleared up my oily, breakout-pone skin. They’ve put me onto a host of other products too-- everything from teeth whiteners (and teeth whitening techniques) to shampoos to stretch mark removers (they exist!) to the best mascaras, blushes and makeup bags!

Over the years, their fashion and beauty sense, and their wardrobe (makeup, handbags, shoes, perfume and accessories included), have all grown tremendously and for a few years, the two even worked as Beauty Consultants for the trendy beauty-supply chain, Beauty First. For these reasons, they’re the first ones I turn to with my beauty questions and … drum roll please, now you can too!

What’s all this mean?

Fit for a Bride readers have their very own beauty experts at their fingertips!! I’ve worked it out to where you – yes, you! – can email me or the twins with any and every beauty question you can think of, and get your answer in the form of a blog post!

Not sure what brand of bronzer is the best?

Need a hypoallergenic mascara? Self-tanner?

Advice on lipstick shades? Dry skin? YOU NAME IT!

Ask, and you shall receive :)

Email us today and we’ll get a post up as soon as possible that answers your questions!

In the meantime, look out for beauty posts sharing some of the twins' favorite products!