When and How I Blog

Greetings again! I'm popping in-between wedding posts to talk about blogging! I mentioned earlier this month that would randomly post Tuesday Blog Tips! This is sorta one of those, but rather than give you one single "tip" I thought I'd share a little of the backend of Fit for a Bride and explain when and how I blog. Office

Sneak peak of the FFAB studio 2.0!

I blog as often as I can, usually in the evenings after work and on the weekends. It's been a challenge to set a dedicated time to blog each week because inspiration strikes randomly, and sometimes, my tank is just empty! (Especially after a long day at work, or after doing crossfit after work...) When I am inspired, though, I try to do as much as I can by getting several posts together. This might include a real wedding post, or actually writing out an advice/how-to piece, such as the 10 Tips to Get Your Husband Healthy one! I try to schedule the post so I don't have to bother with it on post-day, but sometimes I go back in and make minor edits.

Different posts take differing amounts of time to complete. For example,Β Ask GG posts are quick! I open my Ask GG template in Adobe Photoshop Elements and update the content. I usually don't say much in those posts (style/beauty isn't my speciality! Ha!) and so, they get done pretty fast.

Workout Clothes collages take a little longer because I have to search the internet for pieces, save the images, upload them, design the collage, and then source all the images. They take awhile but they're pretty popular on Pinterest so I plan to keep them going!

Monday's Motivational quotes don't take a long time but I do try to write a personal message with those. The toughest writing comes when I'm writing from the heart. I think those posts are the most rewarding, though!

Most of you know I use a Wordpress Editoral Calendar to plan upcoming posts and I love it! I also use BlogStompΒ (it's a lifesaver!) to organize and size photos for real wedding features, and my other go-to program is Photoshop Elements.

I'll blog more about Photoshop Elements itself in a later post, but if you're a blogger thinking of purchasing it, DO IT!! I love the program and it's very easy to learn/use. It's how I've done everything, from the workout collages to Ask GG template to Motivation monday quotes, and without it, I don't know where I'd be! (I'd have a lot less original content, I can say that!)

The other tool that makes blogging great is my Macbook Air. Β I vividly remember the struggle on my big ole' Dell laptop that used to get hot in my lap! Lol! Back then, I didn't know how awesome Apple products are, or how intuitive the OSX programming is -- it's amazing! I also have the Retina display, which makes pinterest so dreamy!!! (Dangerously addicting, too!)

The Macbook Air in particular is nice because I can blog anywhere-- couch, coffee shop, friend's house! I love it and it's definitely made blogging easier and more fun!

So, there you have it! My blogging backend. It's pretty straightforward, but I'm always looking to learn and improve my system.

I would love to hear how and when you blog! Please share in the comments! :)