Weekend Recap

Hey guys! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was good... Friday night, we went to bed early in anticipation for Saturday morning crossfit and boy was it a doozy! We weren't expecting the workout to be as hard as it was; after all, it's only 5 minutes of "work" at a time, but hear my when I say: Oh my god Crossfit, you are crazy! Here's what we did:

4 Rounds (1 minute at each station and 1-minute rest between each round):

  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Box Jumps
  • Hand-release push-ups
  • Overhead squats
  • Double Unders

When I first read the workout, I thought there was 1-minute breaks between stations, but there weren't. You actually go from one right into the other and it was tough! I also thought throwing the kettlebell weight overhead, while you're heart is still recovering from the jump rough was tough. REAL tough.

That same kettlebell jacked up my hand pretty good. I used a little chalk because my hands were slipping off the bell by the third round... and even though I'd heard chalk will do this to you, I wasn't expecting it to happen to me! Funny thing: I didn't notice it until we were in the car heading home.


And it hurt a lot more than I expected through the weekend! I've been whinning about it quite a bit!

(Amazing I can do this intense workout, but a little boo-boo on the hand kills me!)

Alright, so anyway, sorry for the big disgusting photo... let's move on to happier, prettier things, shall we?

Like cake pops!


I went to a fancy birthday party Saturday and they served these - OMG! So good! I'd never had one before!

New favorite dessert for sure!


Sunday I went grocery shopping with my friend Vanessa.

We started at Costco which probably wasn't the best idea - it wore us out completely!

Then we headed to Target and got pretty punchy!

In the photo above, Vanessa's reaching for the last few Justin Maple Almond Butters!

Weekend-Outfits And lastly, I got new clothes! Check out my new J.Crew skirts!

You guys might have seen on Instagram that I hired a personal shopper...

Before you get all judge-y, just know that I hate shopping! I'm extremely cheap when it comes to clothes and I hardly ever buy them. As a result, my wardrobe is severly lacking and I get pretty overwhelmed anytime I try shopping (thinking about everything I need!) So anyway, my friend Kim is helping me and you'll meet her very soon! I'm going to talk A LOT more about this in August, but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of a few of my new pieces! I love them!

What did you do this weekend?