Weekend Recap

Hey all! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good: Friday night I made Paleo cookies and a delicious whipped butternut squash. Saturday morning I went to Crossfit and it was another crazy workout ("Lorenzo" is six rounds of 24 air squats, 24 pull-ups, 24 lounges and 400 meter run). I've never sweat so much in my life! Saturday evening I went to Girl's Night, this time hosted by the twins! Yesterday was church and a little running around.

I'm trying something new, posting this "weekend recap" with few pics from my iPhone. Hope you enjoy it!


Girl's night was hawaiian themed and so fun! Nutella-stuffed strawberries are so yum! :)

{Top right} The favors were mason jars filled with gym balls, with a note that read, "thanks for popping over!"

I love that we've started this tradition of getting everyone together once a month.

Do you do that with your friends?


 {Top row} My pup got a haircut this weekend and I got a color!

{Bottom left} I did a little window shopping at Loft; they're having a huge sale!

I'm totally regretting not buying this outfit! :(

{Bottom right} Friday night's dinner was supposed to be Paleo until I realized green beans were BEANS. Lol.

The butternut squash turned out great, though! (I blended it with a little coconut cream!)


I also made Paleo cookies this weekend! They were so good!

I'm logging the ingredients into MyFitnessPal now. I'll definitely post about these again!

What did you do this weekend?