Vodka-Soaked Strawberries

Remember back in February when I hosted Girl's Night and I made those vodka-soaked strawberries? Several of you requested the recipe when I posted about them on instagram, and here it is! This is my version of Strawberry Cake! It's not nearly as many calories (although, I wouldn't say it's healthy- ingredients like icing + vodka don't = healthy), but it's damn good!

I've been obsessed with Three Olives Cake Vodka ever since Lauren-Michelle (our resident food stylist and photographer) introduced me to it. She promised it would take like red velvet cake when she mixed it with cranberry juice, and to my surprise (and delight!) it did. I was hooked.

Well, as I prepared for Girl's Night back in February, I realized I forgot to buy champagne (my plan had been to do champagne-soaked strawberries), but I had bought some cake vodka for the party. I figured what the heck, and tried soaking a few strawberries overnight... What could go wrong with icing, strawberries, and vodka, anyway, right?

The rest is history!

Here is your how-to!

PS: I highly recommend whipping up a batch for whatever memorial day cookout you plan to attend. They'll definitely wow everyone (and if you're trying to watch you're calories-- these are way better than regular strawberry cake)!



As you can see, the ingredients and process is super simple!


Let me know what you think!!


Oh, and special thanks to Lauren for doing an amazing job (yet again!) on all the food styling and photography! You are the best!

Have you ever soaked strawberries (or other fruit) in vodka?

What's your favorite recipe involving alcohol?