The Reebok Spartan Super

Reebok Spartan Super at WintergreenWhen I said I had a busy weekend, I wasn't kidding! After New York all day Friday, I headed to Charlottesville first thing Saturday. My husband, Aaron, was signed up for the Reebok Spartan Super, one of the most difficult obstacle races in VA! Reebok Spartan Super

Some of you may have seen on Instagram how proud I was of Aaron for completing this race... it was seriously like nothing I've ever seen before!

Aaron has talked about Spartan races for awhile and having done a Tough Mudder, I thought I knew just what they were; wrong! The Spartan races are a lot more difficult and the "super" (the second level of three among Spartan races) is beyond difficult. The website describes them as "World's best obstacle race. Period." I might modify that to say "World's most difficult obstacle race!"

Of course I acted like the paparazzi at the event, following Aaron around snapping pics! I couldn't see him for most of the race but I did intercept him at the 7 mile mark, near the end. A lot of the obstacles were deep in the mountain and it was a really, really foggy day so unfortunately these photos don't do it justice.

Check out more right here on the Spartan website.

Reebok Spartan SuperReebok Spartan Super Reebok Spartan Super


Reebok Spartan Super Reebok Spartan SuperReebok Spartan SuperReebok Spartan SuperReebok Spartan Super

If it looks ominous that's because it was! The fog was so thick, which just added to the sort of epic feel of this entire race.

In the photo on the right below you can read some of the 26 obstacles -- a lot of wall climbs, a set of monkey bars, and a log carry. What you don't see are some of the tougher ones, like having to carry a bucket of rocks up and down a huge hill; pulling a 100 lb sandbag out of the water with a rope; a spear throw and tire haul; not to mention the big ass rope climb at the end!

Reebok Spartan SuperHaving been there to witness this race in person I can tell you the participants were dying! One actually broke his leg and I'm sure there were a multitude of other injuries I didn't hear about...

I saw a lot of obstacles, too and they looked hard. Also, if you can't complete them, it's a 30 burpee penalty! Meaning... with 26 obstacles there's the risk of having to do 780 burpees. WTF!

The crazy thing is, despite how tough and treacherous the obstacles looked, Aaron and others said the worst part was really going up and down the mountain in Wintergreen. It's a ski resort you can just imagine how hilly it is; not to mention all the mud!!

Aaron didn't want to flex or smile or take any pictures when he was done, but I at least got him to stand in front of the Reebok Spartan Race banner. Way to go babe!

Reebok Spartan Super

It's funny, we've spent the last few days talking about this race and it came out there were several DEATH NOTICES he had to sign to participate! What?! Good thing I didn't know about that before!

Thankfully, he says he has no desire to redo this race or do any other Spartan race... Haha! I can't blame him! But we'll see how long that lasts...

Would you ever do a race that required you to sign a waiver indicating you might die from participation?

Have you ever done a Spartan race or been interested in trying one?