Weddingbee Blogger Trip to Austin Texas

Good morning friends! I am back in DC and back to work after 2 weeks off and a wild vacation to Austin, Texas! You might have seen on Instagram that I traveled there with a bunch of fellow Weddingbee bloggers - it was one of the best girl's trips of my adult life! I honestly don't even know where to begin to describe it... it was just so fun. Not only did I get to meet and hug and have fun with several girls I’ve known online for years… I made new friends. Like really good, wanna-keep-in-touch-forever friends.

My roommates were Stephanie (Mrs. Fox) and Jennifer (Mrs. Petit Four), and we were kinda like the 3 Muskateers! We got along fabulously and had a great connection. I'm already missing these girls so much!

Bees Trip

Truth be told, all the Weddingbee girls are so fun and nice. I especially loved meeting those I've corresponded directly with in the past, like Kristin (Mrs. Glasses), who got accepted to blog for Weddingbee around the same time as me; Bree (Mrs. Bunting), who illustrated my old blog header; and Rachel (Mrs. Highwire) who I've emailed with about Salad Club. Loved these girls!

In total, there were close to 30 girls and they came from all over the country; places like North Carolina, Oregon, California, and Michigan, just to name a few. Seen below is a sampling of us, waiting in line to order food from Torchy's Tacos.

Austin 1

Austin 4The trip was very well planned and we explored Austin in the funniest ways! We went to an Esther's Follies show and partied on 6th Street, the town's central nightlife location. We bar-hoped on Rainey street and did a little shopping along College street... 

We pedaled through town on a wooden trolley (that we actually had to pedal to move!) and we pedaled waterbikes on Austin's Town Lake to see thousands of bats (yes, bats!) flock into the night's sky (so amazing!). Oh, and as a result, we got a guano shower! :( It was totally gross and hilarious!

Austin 5

Austin 3

Austin 2

Austin bats

We ate from food truck after food truck, everything from tacos to greek gyros to cupcakes, and tasted a locally made grapheful vodka that is all the rage in Austin right now. Somewhere along the way I picked up a nutella sandwhich (Lol!) and get this - it was made with bread literally baked inside the food truck! Only in Austin!

We had a hellava time trying to tell people how we knew eachother. They'd ask, what brought 20+ girls from around the country together to Austin? ... Well, a blog bascially. Writing and weddings, and as one girl put it, "we're kinda like a sorority." 

I’m not sure anyone really got it, but one thing is for sure: we did. Among us, we know we share something special... and personally, I feel privelaged to be part of it.

This was the fourth annual bees trip, but my very first. I cannot wait for the next!

Do you take girl's trips?

Have you ever been to Austin?

Photos borrowed from @stephalop, @breeannveenstra, and @mrspainauchocolat via Instagram.