Fit Bride, Amber // I've Started and Nothing Can Stand in My Way

AmberProfileStarting the New Year Off Right: On New Year's Eve I started taking my medication: one pill for breakfast, one 2 hours later, another with lunch and 2 hours after; then finally, one with dinner. I definitely felt very jittery from the medicine, but energized, too, which was great because I had to decorate for a party I was hosting that night.

Overall I'd say I didn't do too bad with my eating at the party -- I had 2 tacos, some small appetizers and a total of about 6 alcohol drinks, which is a lot (I know), but New Year's Eve? Come on! Everybody's drinking! Of course that isn’t the diet plan but I tried showing restraint and felt good about my efforts.

New Year's Day things were even better: I woke up and had a granola bar and 2 bottles of water immediately. Then I went to brunch with my family but it was tapas style and I really didn't eat a lot. (Literally one order of eggs benedict for the entire table to try.) Also should note I was with skinny people and a person who doesn’t even eat breakfast (my soon-to-be husband) so I tried to be like them and barely eat...

I came home and had fruit as a snack and took my lunchtime pill. For dinner I had leftover soft tacos (ground turkey - allowed on the program) and I was so proud I loaded it up with peppers and black beans,not cheese and sour cream, which is usually how my tacos roll! I also ate at least 3 hours before I went to bed (success!) and even though I forgot to take my nighttime pill, I didn’t drink anymore alcohol that evening or eat anymore food, which is very good for me. Progress not perfection people!! 


I also want to mention that I got in a great workout on New Year's Day! I had so much energy, I did several rounds of lunges and squats, lifted the 10-pound dumbbells (doing bicep, tricep, and chest moves), and a bunch of ab exercises. I even broke out the resistance band and did some walking squats! My thighs were on fire! I did leg lifts forward and backward to work my front quad and glutes (gotta work on the glutes!!) and as I took down New Year's Eve decorations and would treat the step ladder like a step stool and do 10 reps of up-downs!

From Amber's Journal January 2nd

As I wake up January 2nd I feel focused. I feel really good. I am going to kick this being fat in the butt immediately. I had eggs with bell peppers and bacon for breakfast (all allowed on the diet), 50% orange juice and 50% water, which the doctor recommended and 3 bottles of water before noon. To make it through to dinner (leftover tacos again) I am going to have some vegetables and fruit for lunch. I'm also planning to get in another serious workout today!

All in all I am feel so determined. I am so excited about this weight loss changing my life. Changing my perception of how people view me and being more confident and content with who I am. Sure weight can’t do all of that for me, its all about me and about my journey and about changing MY life. January 2nd I am implementing that and don’t want to let anything get in my way.

Have you ever felt determined on a diet? 

What helped you keep your momentum?






Fit Bride, Cherie // Cardio Crazy Workout & Wedding Updates

In honor of hCHERIE-3eart day I thought why not toss around a little cardiovascular workout your way! But first, a few things I want to fill you in on: MY DRESS IS IN!!!! WHAT.

The hotel + honeymoon are both booked! Eek! I'm officially spending almost everyday daydreaming.

I'm on the search for the perfect necklace for my bridesmaids... any suggestions?

I've barely started on either favors or invites... uh oh.

ONLY 107 days to go! (Insert crazy happy panic dance here!)

Enough of the overwhelming wedding stuff, let's move on to this week's cardio workout. It's short and sweet, kind of like those chocolates you'll kindly be avoiding (mostly because you want a cupcake more). I'll post general descriptions below. Each movement is only done for 30 seconds. At the end of the circuit, rest for 90 seconds and repeat to your 'heart's content!

Cardio Crazy

  • jumping jack squats: Just like you would a normal jumping jack, except at a wide squat at the end. Knee's behind your toes and chest up and tall!
  • high knees: pull in those needs, but try not to bend down towards them. This is a great ab workout without getting down on the ground.
  • butt kicks: heels to booty!
  • Burpees: Since I can't be there to show you my favorite way to get this done, check out this great how-to by Blogilates star, Cassey Ho... ***don't do 100, though! Just 30 seconds.
  • Sprint it out - that means run for the finish line... in place!


Also check out Cherie's arm workout



Fit Bride, Cherie // Wedding Worthy Arms


Hey there brides! I cannot believe it is almost February. Lemme' tell ya, May is heading my way quicker than I thought and I'm beginning to really crunch down both figurative and literally on my plans and fitness goals! It's FFAB thursday and I am more than thrilled to bring you one of many new posts dedicated to tightening and toning those important areas you will soon be sporting down the aisle and on the honeymoon! I wish I had more time to put together how-to pictures to partner with the workout pic, but it seems the week caught up with me sooner than I though, but, there's a brief run-through under the graphic!

This workout should be paired with a favorite cardio session right before (try 15-20 minutes of exercise that makes you breath a little heavier than normal).

Take it at your own pace and repeat it two or three times. Since taking on a good bit of yoga alongside new curriculum in my aerobic classes, I have found that a good high-rep, low/no weight workout is the perfect way to balance out heavy lifting.

You'll be sure to feel the burn both during the workout and after. Just make sure you stretch out those arms and drink plenty of fluids tomorrow! Now, let's chisel!!

Wedding Arm Exercises
Wedding Arm Exercises

airplane pulses: try this seated for a core challenge! Just like when you were a kid, stick out those arms straight beside you nice and wide. Pulse palms up and down until you've reach 100!

front shoulder raises: arms straight in front, lower and lift up to 90 degrees until you reach 50. One up and down raise counts as '1'

tricep presses: find a couple position on your knees if possible. Arms straight behind you, try and touch your palms together until you feel a tightness in your upper back. Continue this in a pulse-like motion.

elevated bicep curls: Raise elbows directly in front of you and extend your hands. Palms up, curl in just like you would with regular bicep curls. Trust me, no weights can still be tough!

extended 'v's: Just like the Y-M-C-A, extended those arms overhead in the shape of 'y', pull elbows towards side and extend back into 'y'. There's one! Keep it going.

Before you know it, you'll have those toned arms you've always wanted for that elegant but sexy strapless dress!



Workouts Lately & #WODSwap Swag

I've noticed a trend at CrossFit lately: the workouts are getting more challenging. Our coaches have been pretty open about the fact that workouts are getting harder (they're doing that on purpose), which of course, means they're also getting heavier. There've been a lot of overhead squats and lounges (hard) and body weight moves (especially hard), muscle-ups and Rx weights that are downright scary (110 lb overhead squats)! I've been pushing myself to go to these workouts, even when they look awful or I think I can't do them because I know that's the only way to get better. Take for instance this workout with two 1,500 meter rows, toes-to-bar and pull-ups. I didn't want to go but then, of course, I was so glad I did! #embracethesuck

Week of November 9th

Part A:AMRAP in 12 minutes of:1500 m Row Buy-InIn time remaining, AMRAP of:25 Air Squats20 Pullups15 Box Jumps

Rest 4 minutes, then:

Part B:AMRAP in 12 minutes of:1500 m Row Buy-InIn time remaining, AMRAP of:30 Toes to Bar15 No-Pushup Burpees

1+32 Rx / 1 +2 Rx

Rowing took about 7 minutes each round, which left just enough time in the workout to get in everything else, plus a little. I continue to struggle to string together my toes-to-bar and kipping pulls. I'd love any advice, articles or video tutorials on how to improve my technique. I literally do one pull-up (one toes-to-bar) at a time. It gets the job done but it's certainly not efficient.

Part A:AMRAP in 5 minutes of:3 Snatch* (165/110)6 Snatch-Grip Overhead Lunge (165/110)9 Overhead Squats (165/110)Rest 2 minutes, then:Part B:AMRAP in 5 minutes of:3 Snatch* (155/105)6 Snatch-Grip Overhead Lunge (155/105)9 Overhead Squats (155/105)Rest 2 minutes, then:Part C:AMRAP in 5 minutes of:3 Snatch* (135/95)6 Snatch-Grip Overhead Lunge (135/95)9 Overhead Squats (135/95)*Snatch is power or classic

1+13 (75) / 2 + 9 (70) / 2+10 (65)

This was the worst workout, ever! It was SO hard! My shoulders were on fire during the overhead squats. I would literally throw the bar down after each set and want to run and cry in the corner!! I seriously cannot imagine doing this workout with the Rx weight -- um, 110 lb overhead lunges? That shit cray!

Week of November 16th

“Fight Gone Bad”

3 Rounds: 1 minute at each station with 1 minute rest between rounds:Box Jumps (20”)Push Press (75/55)Row (calories)Wall Balls (20/14, 10’)Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75/55)

248 Rx

This was a great WOD! I really enjoyed it. Breaking down the movements into one-minute increments at each station really made it go by fast. Of course the wall balls were the worst!

My advice: Try to out-do yourself each round and beat the time you had before (or at least match it). A few people said they paced themselves too much and wished they would have pushed harder. The rounds go by quickly, so give it your all!

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:20 Thrusters (135/95) --> These were so heavy!20 Pullups20 Burpees

1+48 Rx 

Oh man, this was a WOD to remember! I walked in thinking that there was no way I would do the workout Rx (as prescribed) but I made a last-minute decision to try it with the caveat that I would take it slow, and boy, did I ever! It was one thruster at a time -- they were TOUGH! HEAVY! The second round was especially challenging. There were a lot of failed attempts but somehow, I got through it!

Can you believe I enjoyed the burpees during this workout? They were the relief! #thatsnotright

“Mary” AMRAP in 20 minutes of: 5 Handstand Pushups 10 Pistols 15 Pullups


This workout really exposed a lot of my weaknesses! I decided to do handstand kick-ups in place of the handstand push-ups to try to get used to going upside during a workout. It was really frustrating because I'd often kick up and not fall back into the wall. I think handstands are just one of those things I'm going to have to do every. single. day. to finally get used to them. (I used a band for pistols and kipped the pull-ups.)

During "Mary" I wore the tank I got for the November #WODSwap with Wine to Weightlifting. I love it!


Part A: Bench Press 5-3-1+ (75%-85%-95% of 90% 1RM)

Part B: 21 Overhead Squats (95/65) 42 Double Unders 15 Overhead Squats 30 Double Unders 9 Overhead Squats 18 Double Unders

70, 80, 90 (12) / 6:33 Rx

Overhead squats are so hard! That is all!

This week (November 24)

100 Double Under Buy-In

9-7-5Muscle UpsOverhead Lunges (each leg) (95/65)

Rest 2 minutes, change weight, then:

9-7-5Power Clean (135/95)Jerk (135/95)

100 Double Under Buy-Out

26:53 (65, 95)

The scale for muscle ups were 3 chest-to-bar pull-ups and 3 push-ups for every one muscle up (so, 27, 21, 15). I decided to try something new and do chest-to-bar pull-ups from a racked barbell. It was hard to not use my legs, but I could definitely feel the burn when I focused on using my arms and chest (not legs). I really liked getting the motion of the pull-up rather than kipping. I'm still gunning to get a strict pull-up and I think racked pull-ups will help me get there!

Oh man, and I have to mention the jerks! Phew! Those were heavy! I didn't think I was going to get through them all! Thankfully the coach gave me a few good pointers that seemed to help quite a bit: get under the bar; don't try to push it up or out; get under it!

Do you string together your toes to bar? What about kipping pull-ups?

What about handstand push-ups; how did you work on those?

What are your weaknesses? Do you try to embrace them by doing them often?

100 Burpees for Time

100 Burpees for Time
100 Burpees for Time

I know.

This is insane.

It really is.

And, even if you don't already despise burpees (which, chances are you do!), you will likely despise them after this. That's what happened to me... This exact workout was on the programming at my box a few months ago and I walked in excited and walked out totally whooped! I vividly remember feeling winded at 30, and panicking a little thinking "I'm not going to make it!" Of course I did but two days later I could hardly move my arms! Sign of a good workout, or insanity? You be the judge! :)

Yesterday, Karlye and had a similar reaction to this workout we did yesterday (another one from the programming at my box):

10 Thrusters10 Over-the-bar burpees8 Thrusters8 Over-the-bar burpees6 Thrusters6 Over-the-bar burpees4 Thrusters4 Over-the-bar burpees2 Thrusters2 Over-the-bar burpees

Of course neither of "enjoyed" the burpees, but we did enjoy getting in a really good workout in less than 10 minutes! That's the beauty of burpees, right? No equipment needed, explosive and the perfect OMG-my-heart-rate-is-up movement, to make even the shortest workout feel tough!

So, how about giving it a try? If 100 seems way out of your league, try just 50 or 25. Don't forget to time yourself, too, so you can retest in a few months and see if you're any faster!

Do you hate burpees? 

Have you ever done 50 or 100 burpees for time? 

No-Equipment AMRAP in 10


Guys -- I'm committed to bringing more workouts to this blog!! CrossFit style workouts are my favorite but most Be FFAB! workouts, like this one, will be workouts anyone can do, anywhere! This AMRAP (as many reps as possible) can be done at home, outside, OR at the gym and there's no equipment required! Looks easy? Think again! (Those burpees will get you!)

Be FFAB! Resistance Band Moves

Hi guys! I hope you're having a great week, and I hope you've enjoyed the posts from my contributors: Fit Mom, Karlye, who just graduated CrossFit Elements - yea!!! And Cherie, our new bride blogger! Isn't her proposal story the sweetest? All these guest posts have created a bit of a backup on the blog this week but I couldn't resist posting this resist-ance band workout today! :) The number one excuse I hear from women as to why they can't workout is because they can't afford a personal trainer or CrossFit, which I totally understand, but there are things you can do on your own, at home for little to no money that are workouts, too!


For example, these super simple resistance band moves can be done with just one piece of equipment, which I picked up for $12.99! Even though this is just one device, it came with three bands of varying resistance: light, medium, and heavy - tripling my workout potential!


The yellow band (pictured here) is very stretchy and great for beginners, but it's easy to switch to the black or grey to make the moves more challenging. (Truth be told: I should have been using the black band for this photoshoot!)


Resistance bands help to tone and strengthen your entire body and you can do a lot with them! I'm demonstrating just seven moves here, but there's a multitude more. You'll notice I always have a point of resistance for the band, whether I'm holding it under my foot or it's hooked around a doorknob. Once you've done that, the workout possibilities are endless: three rounds of sets of 12 of each move or, if you prefer, an AMRAP, such as 20 minutes, of 10 of each move. Or, another option is not doing these moves together! Just take 30 seconds during commercial breaks and get in as many chest presses or rows as you can! I promise it won't take long to feel the burn; and if you don't, it's time to switch bands! Happy sweating!! (The moves are below the jump!)


Of course, I'm not a fitness model or a certified fitness professional so I advise that if you have any concern whatsoever about performing these or other exercises, you seek the opinion of your medical doctor and/or a certified fitness professional,

Do you have resistance bands at home? 

What are your favorite resistance band moves?

Fit Mom, Karyle // Four Easy Ways to Be More Active

Fit-Mom-MonikerHappy Tuesday!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Cinco de Mayo.  As much as I would have loved a margarita or four, I resisted and spent my day running errands and staying active.  I've been having a hard time making it to the gym at work these past few weeks, and I suspect this may be a struggle for a lot of busy peeps.  If you're like me and have a small window to make it into an actual gym, remember that missing that window is no excuse to sit on your butt and call it a loss!  Here are some great ways to incorporate extra activity or mini workouts throughout your day.

Go for a Walk.  Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming and birds are singing. When it's not raining, I've really enjoyed going for walks outside and getting some fresh air.  Depending on your schedule, you can take a stroll in the morning, evening, or during a break at work.  Still can't find the time?  Make it a point to park your car far away from entrances. Get up and walk over to a coworker instead of sending an email or picking up the phone.  One way or another, get some walking in!

Take the Stairs.  Do you know what a broken escalator is? STAIRS!!  Walk up escalators whether they are moving or not.  Instead of taking the elevator, look for the stairs.  If you don't think you can walk up or down all the steps, take the stairs as far as you can go and then hop on the elevator.  If you're like me and have stairs at your apartment building, take one or two grocery/shopping bags in the apartment at a time instead of trying to only make one trip up the stairs.  If you have stairs in your home and you fold your laundry downstairs, take one small stack of clothing upstairs at a time.  There are tons of ways to get some extra steps in whether you're a business woman or a stay-at-home mom. I work on the 7th floor in my building and plan on taking the stairs more often, starting today!

Escalator Broken Meme
Work While You Watch.  I keep a mat and 10 lb weights in my living room at all times so that I can do mini workouts while I watch TV in the evening.  I call them "mini" workouts, but I feel the burn and sometimes I'm even sore the next day!  Keep some work out equipment (dumbbells, resistance bands, jump ropes, etc.) in view wherever you watch TV or use your computer.  If you don't have work out equipment, pick up a case of water, gallon of milk, or cans of food.  You can even just do body weight exercises like planks, push-ups, or squats. I also use a work out ball as my desk chair so that I'm tempted to do crunches while I'm on the computer. Hahaha. It doesn't matter what you use, just move your body!

Create Daily Habits.  This is one I haven't started yet, but I think it's a great way to stay active.  There are certain things we all do every day - wake up, brush our teeth, bathe, etc.  Pick one or two of the things you do every day and create a workout to do with them.  For example, do 100 jumping jacks when you wake up in the morning, squat while you're brushing your teeth, or do 20 burpees before you jump in the shower.  You can even make a circuit, like 10 squats, 20 jumping jacks, and 10 burpees when you wake up.  Be creative!  I must admit, I sometimes squat while I wait for things in the microwave.  That's not a habit, though... that's just me being weird. Lol. But, the more you do these corresponding work outs everyday, the faster they will become good habits.  Before you know it, you'll be brushin' and squattin' without even thinking about it. :)

On another note, it's time for new measurements!  Here they are.  Being more active is helping, but I'm hoping to get into the gym more this month to see even better results.

P.S.  I measured my waist three times because I couldn't believe it!!

Bust: 49.5 (same) Waist: 43 (down 2 inches!!) Stomach: 52 (down 0.5 inches) Hips: 48.75 (down 0.75 inches) Thigh: 28 (same) Arm:  16 (down 0.5 inches)

How do you guys keep yourselves active outside of the gym?

Do you already do some of these things?


Just joining us? Check out Karyle's introduction, Meet Karlye: Our New Fit Mom Blogger and to see her previous posts, search "Fit Moms" in the category dropbox. 

Fun & Useful Health Tips from Magazines

Earlier today I shared that sometimes I take pictures of stuff I see in magazines for reference later... well, correction: I do that ALL the time! I found this bunch of photos in my phone this weekend and it's clear I have a problem!

I thought it'd be fun to go through and actually share the information I store, since that's the reason I take these photos in the first place!

Let's start with this fun fact about jumping rope curbing appetite! Does that mean if I don't have a jump rope handy and I'm fighting a craving I should just jump up and down? :) 


I've been meaning to blog about Strivectin for awhile - it's a skin-firming cream that's also been shown to reduce fine lines and stretch marks! It's a little pricey but powerful! 


This fact about baking soda working as a hair detox didn't surprise me! Have you heard of the campaign against poo? (Shampoo, that is!) Some people just use baking soda to wash their hair! Baking soda seems to have a multitude of awesome uses- I've heard it's great for teeth whitening, too. 

2014-04-13_0011I really liked this 7 Days of Slimming Workout Routine to incorporate strength training, cardio and flexibility:

2014-04-13_0015 I also love that it included these FAQs about popular workouts and how they should be fit into the routine! Of course I was thrilled to see CrossFit mentioned! 


I can't say I agree 100 perfect with the notion that a lighter workout day should follow a CrossFit day. I actually feel my best when I string CrossFit workouts together- going 3 days in a row and then having an active rest day. But that's just me!

Speaking of CrossFit, there was another advice article with some things to expect at your first CrossFit workout. I thought these insights were spot-on! 



I also like this piece of advice to "Let yourself suck." A year into CrossFit and this is still my mantra! 


Alright, so, am I the only one who knows apple cider vinegar is really good for me, but still hasn't started taking daily shots of it? OK, good. Thought that was just me! I know Karlye (our resident fit-mom) adds a shot to her morning tea! I think that's an excellent way to sneak it in! 


Again, am I the only one intrigued by DIY beauty treatments, like this fruity face peel? Don't be surprised if you see a post on this soon! 


I always take photos of recipes I want to try and since I've been a major mint kick lately, this mint + ginger tea really jumped out at me! 


I also had to snap a picture of this bit of science that backs something I've encouraged on the blog! Read "Write on" and you'll see that our challenge to log food is for a good cause! Although, this suggests journaling - not just logging - has a big impact on weight loss! I've always thought journaling was helpful, hence, this blog! :) 


And, probably the most important bit of information I have to share with you: eat more chocolate.


Joy to the world, indeed!

So there you have it: eat chocolate, drink apple cider vinegar, do CrossFit (well, suck at CrossFit), wash your face with berries and your hair with baking soda! :)

Haha! Good thing I gathered all this important information for you guys. Lol!

Tell me, have you ever tried a DIY face mask? 

What's your workout regimen like? Do you follow the heavy-light pattern or do you go for several days and then rest for several days? 

Did have your 1.5 ounces of chocolate yet today?

Things I'm Loving Lately

Good morning and happy Thursday! I'm juggling a few things in my editorial calendar and thought it might be fun to mix things with a combo workouts lately and five things I'm loving post! Workouts Lately:

Even though I'm pretty consistent about going to the gym and working out, some weeks are slower than others. I'm happy to say this last week, I got back on track (from a slower-than-usual week before that) and got in some great workouts!

Last Friday, Valentine's Day:

After three days of telework, I had to get out of the house so, Aaron and I spent the evening of love doing what we love, and went to CrossFit! The WOD looked simple on paper, but was a total scorcher!


  • Back Squat (115/75)
  • Front Rack Lunges (115/75)

I knew I could handle 75 lb back squats, but the lunges were going to be a challenge, and they definitely were! In fact, I tried to go right into lunges from the back squats and my legs completely gave out. I wasn't hurt or anything, just in a bit of shock - that's never happened! I reset and then tried the lunges again. They were hard, but after a few seconds of rest, my legs were ready! I completed the workout in around 8 minutes!


Partner WOD! One person works, while the other person holds a plate (45/25) while standing. There is a 10 burpee penalty each time the plate makes contact with the floor during the course of the workout.

50 Wall Balls (20/14, 10’) 50 Ring Rows 40 Jumping Lunges (each leg) 40 Burpees 30 Thrusters (95/65) 30 Ring Pushups 20 Push Press (95/65) 20 Squat Clean (95/65) 10 Power Snatch (95/65) 10 Overhead Squats (95/65)

For the partner WOD we ended up having a three-person group because a new gal at our box didn't have a partner. It threw us off at first, because we had looked up the workout the night before and divided up the work, but in the end, I think it worked out for the best! We each did about half of everything listed and I felt totally whooped in the end! I also felt good we made a new friend at our box! Way to go Bonnie!

Sunday - Off

Monday - I did a quick at-home stability ball workout, which was both fun and challenging!


Tuesday - I worked out at lunch during work with my trainer and it was another scorcher! (But I secretly loved it!) Here's what the sequence looked like:

  • Bike for 1 min
  • Jump rope for 1 min
  • 10 goblet sqauts
  • 10 burpees
  • 15 push-ups
  • 10 elbow to hand planks

Then repeat from the top, adding 10 froggers and, one last time from the top, adding moutain climbers! Talk about tired! I was exhausted!

Wednesday - We went to CrossFit. The first portion was Thoracic Spine Mobility, which involved some stretching and foam rolling. Part B was two rounds with a 5 minute rest between rounds: 7 Overhead Squats (135/95), 7 Burpees, and a 200 m Row.

I ended up squating 75 lbs but during the rest period realized I probably could have gone a bit heavier. The workout was all-out so I gave it my everything and was definitely tired in the end! Rowing was tough!

I'm headed back to my work gym today and plan to go to CrossFit Saturday morning!

Five Things I'm Loving Lately:

Do you ever rediscover something in your closet like an accessory or top and become completely obesssed with it? That's what happened with this pink and blue scarf from Target. I wore it Saturday for the first time in awhile and then again on Tuesday to work. I love the pop of bright pink, and the blue and pink color combination! I think it's just adorable and don't know why I haven't worn it more!


Schick Intuition Razor - I. love. this. razor. It's amazing! I found one on sale at CVS for $8 and instantly loved the soft, effortless shave I got from it. When I went to get more cartridges (two came with the razor), I was a little taken back that 3 were $13. However, now that I'm using them and seeing how long they last, I think it's totally worth it! I also got the pomegranate extract and it smells so good!

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.13.49 PM

Protein shakes - Another rediscovery: my love for banana, almond milk and almond butter protein shakes. OMG. So good!

protein shake

My new logo - Joy is a genius! If you have any website, branding, or lettering needs, you should definitely contact her! I'm actually really sad our project is coming to a close and I'm debating whether to extend things with a full-blown web redesign... (that I know I'll love)! Regardless, I'm just glad to have such talented friends to help me along my way!

Networking - This one might sound odd, but I'm loving meeting new people lately, especially those enthusastic about weddings and fitness! I recently got to meet Lisa from Sweet Tea Photography in person, and she's so adorable you guys! She's super sweet and I'm so excited to get to work with her on a few projects! I'm also partnering with Yvonne Rock on a project, I met this fabulous photographer over the blogsphere, and in a few months, I'll be co-hosting an event with Pure Barre! All of this makes me so, so happy, and more confident in my little FFAB publication!

What are you loving lately? Have you tried the schick intuition razor?

Do you enjoy networking?

Valentine's Day Workout

Hey friends! It's a snowy day in DC, but no excuses, right?  You can do this workout in the house with no equipment! And you really only have to convince yourself to get moving for 10 minutes! It's just 10 minutes long! (Granted, you should definitely warmup and cool down which will tack on time, but once you get going you'll be glad you did!) And what's Valentine's Day without a little workout?

Note: If you can't do push-ups with good form (no snaking, as they say in CrossFit) then lower to your knees or do incline pushups! If you can't jump in your apartment or wherever you live, swap the jump squats with air squats or lunges. However, if you decide to do lunges I would suggest 10 on each leg, not 10 altogether (too easy)! Alright Valentines, feel the burn!

Valentine's-Day-WorkoutOh wait, burpees not your thing? Read why they're good for you from Rx Review!

Interesting fact from the article: At the 2012 CrossFit Open, one of the workouts was as many burpees as possible in 7 minutes! The winner that year completed 161! That's amazing! 

How many could you get? 

Workouts & Salads Lately

If there are two things that are fairly consistent in my world they're workouts and salads. I love both -- can't live without either! Add my hubby to the equation and I've got pretty much all I need in this world! So, workout and salad recaps may become a regular thing around here... Last week's workouts were crazy hard - and I mean, HARD. It may have something to do with the fact that we took 2 weeks off around Christmas (though, we did walk a lot of walking in Florence), or it may just be the fact that we do CrossFit, which, in the words of one of guys at my box, "It's always hard, right?" Indeed it is!

We started back at CrossFit last Saturday and ironically, it was one of the toughest workouts I've ever seen at our box:


400 m Run 100 Double Unders (equivalent to 300 single unders) 90 Air Squats 80 Walking Lunges 70 Step Ups (20”) 60 Toes to Bar 50 Pushups 40 Pullups 30 Box Jumps (20”) 20 Burpees 10 Pistols

I was incredibly nervous about this workout and during the warm-up, I wasn't feeling it at all! There wasn't much time to freight though because it was a really short warm-up since the first part of the workout is pretty much a warmup itself. When we started, I just took it one step at a time. I finished in about 35 minutes and must say, felt great afterward! I felt accomplished. It felt good to be back and to be able to complete such a monster workout.

Monday's salad club salad was delicious! I used a lot of spinach and as you can see, added a hard boiled egg. One of our members always brings in hard boiled eggs when it's her week to provide. This little bit of extra protein goes such a long way and I love adding anything new to my weekly salad staples!


Monday night's WOD was Deadlifts 3X5 @ 80% (3 rounds of 5 reps at 80 percent of your one rep max). I had never worked to my max so I did that instead, and maxed out at 205 lbs, which, yes, was very heavy! I attribute part of my success with this heavy of a weight to the coach assisting me, Brandy. She was really encouraging and kept a close eye on my form. She was telling me to push my knees out, which helped a ton, and was just generally hyped for me to do my best! Thanks Brandy!

I LOVED the workout afterward. Clean and jerks are my ish!!!


5 tuck jumps and 2 clean and jerks every minute on the minute for 8 minutes. I did the women's Rx weight of 85 lbs and felt great.


Tuesday night I had the house to myself because Aaron had class and so, naturally, I made a massive salad for dinner (I get to do that when I do have to cook for two)! The base was artisan lettuce and I topped it with all sorts of delicious random throw-ins like sunflower seeds, oranges, and goat cheese. I used a little Asian Sesame dressing on top, and it was delicious!

2014-01-16_0004I've been using the Chrome filters for pictures and I like how bright it makes everything look! 

Wednesday night we were back for more CrossFit, and while the workout looked pretty simple on paper (Aaron even commented, "it doesn't look like we do anything") it was the hardest workout EVER! It was so hard, guys, OMG. I've never felt so behind and so defeated and so weak all at once!

AMRAP 3 minutes: Ground to shoulder weighted ball (50 lbs). Immediately followed by 2 Rounds of 15 man makers (no squat) and 30 kettlebell swings.

The ground to shoulder weighted ball was basically hoisting a 50 lb ball from the ground to your shoulder. I got 33 total in 3 minutes. Of course I was tired afterward and the manmakers were HARD. The Rx was 35 lbs for women (which is HEAVY! That's one 35 lbs dumbbell in each hand!) but I did 25 lbs. I actually dropped down to 20 lbs for the second round just because I was SO exhausted and beat. There's really no describing this workout -- it was just hardcore!

For lunch on Thursday I had the best salad ever! The base was arugula and I topped it with strawberries, blueberries, pomegranates, avocados and goat cheese. It was more of a summer salad but it was delicious! I only used oil and vinegar for dressing, too, which meant I could really taste the flavor in the fruits and veggies. YUM.


Thursday was really cool because I got to pretend to be a personal trainer and train MY personal trainer, Larry! I typically workout with Larry twice a week at my work gym and I always love it because a.) his workouts are tough and b.) we talk about everything. I've shared my desire to become a personal trainer but Larry also knows how nervous I am and how hard it's been to study for the nasm exam. He thought giving me the chance to train him - as if he were a new client - would be helpful and boy, was it ever! This is the workout I planned for us to do: 2014-01-16_0011

Of course I thought I'd write the workout on the board and we'd just do it, kind of like at CrossFit but noooooo. Larry was a "new" client and acted like he didn't know anything! I had to describe and demo ALL the movements and answer he questions about WHY we were doing these particular exercises! It was definitely a lot harder than I expected and really gave me a better sense of what it would be like to be a personal trainer! This workout definitely wouldn't be good for a new client!

On Friday I took leftover Salmon to work to add to my salad. I topped my salad with a bunch of chili lime tortilla strips, a half an avocado, and balsamic dressing. It was great!


Over the weekend I didn't workout because I had a girl's night event to help setup Saturday (and I did some blog-related projects), and Sunday night I got sick! Aaron went to CrossFit Monday but I still wasn't feeling up to it; it kind of sucked because I felt like my whole day off from work was a bit wasted sleeping on the couch, but I think my body needed it. Yesterday the snow shutdown work and CrossFit, so I enjoyed another relaxing day at home with Aaron!

What have been your workouts lately?

What's your favorite salad topping?

New Year, New You Workout

Wanna jumpstart your year in a sweat-filled way?? How about with 365 reps? So I finally did my first workout of the year last night and guess what? I did it at home - with Aaron! Go figure! (So unlike us!) He got held up at work and we couldn't make it to CrossFit as planned, but we knew we needed to do something as we haven't workout out since before Christmas!! (Embarrassing but true!) I wrote up this workout earlier that day and figured it was the perfect opportunity to take it for a test drive! We did it and felt great afterwards! I think you'll like it too!

One of my resolutions is to post one workout per week, whether it's in the form photo demonstrations, video, or a graphic like this one!


As you can see, you don't need any equipment to do this workout, which is the beauty of it! This workout also packs a punch in a short period of time - it took me about 22 minutes to complete the entire thing.

Don't let the number of reps scare you -- there's a lot of variety to keep you preoccupied! And, it could have been worse... at my CrossFit box, the new year workout was 2,014 reps!!

Also, side note: the sit-ups take awhile! They get a little boring, and if you don't have a soft surface to sit on, you may rub your butt the wrong way! Consider swapping the sit-ups for crunches or some other abdominal exercise.

With the stairs, try to push yourself! I definitely didn't full-out sprint the entire time (I had to walk a few flights) but I tried to keep it moving! (I also found the stairs somewhat challenging coming off the air squats!)

And finally, make sure you remember to warmup! Our warmup was quick - we did some jumping jacks, high knees, air squats and stretching and I don't think we were fully ready when we started -- at least my body didn't feel ready! Don't make the same mistake!

As always, remember to be safe, too, please! Consult your physician if you're unsure whether you are able to perform these exercises.

Happy sweating! 

Fashion Friday: 12 Days of Christmas WOD

Hey friends! Can you believe it's the Friday before Christmas? Woo hoo! To be totally honest, things have been really stressful lately as we try to prepare for our trip to Italy. I'm so excited but there's a million other things going on like hosting my family for Christmas, traveling to see Aaron's family, my car (I got in an accident about 2 weeks ago and I'm driving a rental), plus work. It feels VERY hectic right now and I'm struggling just to keep up with my laundry! Let alone the more important stuff! Haha.

However, there has been one saving grace - CrossFit. For me, personally, CrossFit has been the best way to destress. During that hour I'm at CrossFit, I'm mentally and physically challenged by the movements, and I don't have time to think about my to do list! That, my friends, is the biggest relief!

So, when I heard my box was doing a crazy workout they call the 12 Days Before Christmas, this Saturday, I knew it was just what I needed to get through the weekend and my mounting holiday stress! Now, I'm not exactly sure what all the 12 Days of Christmas workout entails, but I do know the gist is the pretty much the same everywhere: Complete 1, then 1&2, then 1&2&3, and so on till you get to 12. Here's the 12 Days of Christmas workout they did at Outlaw CrossFit last year:

1 Clean and jerk2 Muscle ups3 Box jumps4 Hang squat snatch 5 Bar facing burpees6 Push Press 7 Pistols 8 Toes to bar9 Wall balls 10 Chest to bar pull ups11 Handstand push ups12 Front Squats

*GULP!* It's definitely going to be brutal!

I thought it'd be fun to tie in this week's Fashion Friday with this crazy workout, cause red and green stripe socks make a tough workout easier, right? :)


Guns Tank / Christmas Socks / Nike Shorts / Nike Free TR Fit 2 Black / Holiday Headband

The 12 Days of Christmas Workout is scheduled for tomorrow morning so I'm taking tonight off from CrossFit to prepare. This evening I hope to work on blog-related tasks, such as returning emails and scheduling blog posts for while I'm away! There WILL be content on the blog everyday through to the New Year!

Thank you to those who completed my reader survey! If you haven't, please, please take a minute to provide your feedback! It's so helpful!

How do you deal with stress during the holiday?

Post-Paleo Life & Workouts Lately

A few weeks have passed since the Paleo challenge and I wanted to check-in with you guys and let you know how life and eating have been going lately. If you read my recap you know how much I enjoyed eating Paleo - I felt better physically and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to stay "strict." I was also happy to shed a few pounds! However, toward the end of the challenge, I took a few trips that were cause for a little more indulging than usual - I went to Tennessee, Austin, and Flordia! And since those, I've been struggling to get back on track.

This should come as no surprise since sugar is like crack and very, very addictive. Not to mention the onset of the holiday season, red cups and the pumpkin craze!

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for living life and enjoying a few indulgences, but I'd like to get back to being strict most of the time versus being "bad" most of the time. Does that make sense? Is anyone else experiencing this?

The good news is that I'm back at work (the furlough is over; vacations are over), and back into my workout routine! Even though I think this is the most unflattering picture ever, I'm sharing it because it was posted to the blog of my CrossFit box last week!

Nov-8Photo credit: Kx photography

Lord, is this really what I look like when I workout? Lol!

Here's a rundown of last week's workouts:

Monday - CrossFit // 5x5 Benchpress (I lifted at 85 lbs for three sets and 95 lbs for two) // AMRAP for 9 minutes - 20 double unders (in my case, 40 singles), 10 push-ups, and 5 handstand push-ups (I did a scaled verison which is basically hoisting myself into a pike position on top of box - they're still hard, though)! My triceps were so tight and sore after this workout!

Tuesday - Personal Training // We did three sets of three kinds of push-ups, dumbbell tricep extensions and leg lifts; jump squats, heavy rope conditioning, and some sprints and hurtle jumps.   

Wednesday - CrossFit // Part A: Powersnatch work 3-3-3-2-2-1-1-1 Part B: 30 Barbell Rollouts. I got ONE power snatch at 80 lbs, and that was after about 5 tries.

Thursday - Off // I should have worked out with my trainer Thursday, but my workout buddy was out of the office and work was really busy (excuses, excuses!). I think the rest might have been good for me, though because I wasn't getting to bed at a decent hour at all last week and was really tired!

Friday - Off // Again, work was busy and I had a class to attend that evening.

Saturday - CrossFit // Buy-in: 400 m run 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Hanger Power Snatches, ball slams, wall balls. Buy-out: 400 m run.


I think this was the hardest workout of my life! At this point, I was convinced two days of prior rest was a good thing! I was really winded almost immediately - it was a longer workout with no opportunities for rest. And, I was worrying the entire time about the sheer number of reps... We counted them the night before - it's 84! Not a number you want swirling in your head when you are just getting started. I did finish - somehow - in 28:07, and then immediately laid out on the floor to catch my breath! Lol.

I'm in a pretty good routine going to CrossFit three times a week with Aaron (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday; sometimes Friday), and getting to my work gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really like this routine but I'd like to fit in working on certain crossfit skills sometime, too. I need to spend time at home praticing handstands and doing more foam rolling. When I go to my work gym, I need to practice pull-ups, too. One thing I've realized lately is that you have to actually work on certain skills to improve them - it's not going to just happen on its own!

What have your workouts been lately?

What are some workouts or moves you want to improve?

Birthday Recap & My First CrossFit Photo!

Greetings + happy Monday! I'm a year older today! My birthday was Saturday and I had the best day!  It started with this:


What else but CROSSFIT! We went to the 9 am class - as usual - and it was an awesome workout. I'm not sure if it was the paleo diet or just my enthusiasm to do crossfit first thing on my birthday, but I really enjoyed the class. Aaron also arranged to have the instructor snap a few photos of me - best present ever! :) Finally! Some pictures of me doing my favorite thing!


135 lb deadlift - a long way from beastmode but a start! 

It was a two-part workout beginning with a 12 minute AMRAP:

  • 25 Double Unders
  • 8 Deadlifts
  • 8 Kettlebell Swings (I used a 35 lb kettlebell)

Rest 2 minutes, then:

3 Rounds of:

  • 400 m run
  • 6 Hang Power Snatches (I did 55 lbs)


The first half of the workout was fun - I love jumping rope! The second half was good, too, but I've gotta work on my form. I just learned the snatch about two weeks ago and need more practice with it; my form is still a bit awkward.

I wore some new workout gear to class Saturday and I really loved it! (Good thing, too, since I got my picture taken. :)  I've been known have some pretty raggedy workout clothes!) I was wearing this mesh top from Old Navy, which is on sale right now for just $6 (!!!), and the compression capris. I highly recommend them both!

After CrossFit, we headed to the farmer's market. I've been wanting to go for WEEKS and haven't had the time. I was in heaven when we got there and I saw the bounty of fresh fruits and veggies. There was SO MUCH to chose from, I was totally overwhelmed. I plan to make a list for next Saturday. I hope to start a routine of going to CrossFit, the farmer's market, and then home to meal prep!


In total, we bought green beans, sweet potatoes, a spaghetti squash, bell peppers, cucumbers, peaches, and some buffalo chipotle sausage! (We bought a lot!) I can't wait to cook it all up!

Afterward, we went home, showered and got dressed to meet my mom for lunch at Legal Seafood. We had a fabulous time and the food was delicious!

We started with calamari and crab dip, and then all three of us ordered lobster! It was so good!


These bon bons pictured above were amazing! They were hard shell chocolate covering strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. OMG. So good! I hadn't eaten sugar in over a week so, believe me, I savored every bite! I knew I was going to get dinged for splurging a little today but I dind't mind since it was my birthday! :)

In fact, we went a little wild after and each of us ordered dessert! Aaron got chocolate pudding that was served with a coconut macaroon and my mom got the banana's foster. I got sorbet served over fruit, served with almond cookies. It was SO good.


After lunch I wanted to go home and nap! Lol! But we went to Target and I picked up a few odds and ends. Then we headed home and relaxed for the rest of the night. It was a great day!

Sunday we went to my dad's house to continue the birthday celebration. I tried to get my family to do a mini crossfit wod. I proposed 5 push-ups, 5 burpees, and a lap around the house but the only one willing was my dad! You can see us doing burpees on Instagram. Everyone said he beat me but it wasn't supposed to be a competition! Oh well, guess we'll have to rematch next time!

It was a great weekend! What did you do?

Workouts Lately (And Several Selfies)

 Hello. I'm Sara and I can't stop flexing. :)


I have an awful habit of snapping pictures of myself after CrossFit, too!

Sweaty selfies, anyone?


And then there's those sweaty selfies where I'm also flexing:


What can I say? CrossFit makes me happy!

In fact, Saturday's wod was the highlight of my weekend! But before I get to that, here's a recap of all my workouts lately:

Monday - CrossFit:

7 rope climb buy-in (I did a scaled version, because I can hardly do one rope climb. So, basically, I laid on the ground and pulled myself up with the rope, then lowered back down seven times.)


  • Deadlifts
  • Pull-ups (I used the blue + red bands)
  • V-ups

*Didn't feel great about this workout probably because I'm not crazy about deadlifts and I suck at pull-ups.

Tuesday- Lunchtime workout with my trainer, which included burpees, jump squats, sprints...


This is my personal trainer at work. He looks nice, but we call him Scary Larry.


Again with the obnxious flexing selfies! Happy, happy, happy!

That night I went to CrossFit and did an 18 minute AMRAP:

  • 5 shoulder-to-overhead
  • 10 burpees

*I got 9 + 4 reps. This workout was crazy! My shoulders and chest were on fire! I really pushed myself and felt great afterward!


Wednesday/Thursday- Off

*I was in terrible mood both days, which I think had a lot to do with the fact that I didn't workout.

Friday- CrossFit:

  • 800 m run
  • 40 russian twists
  • 400 m run
  • 40 russian twists
  • 800 m run  - Finished in 11:48 

*I wasn't planning to workout Friday but at the last minute, I decided to go and shake my bad mood. You'll never guess what happened! I was the only to show up for the 6:30 wod! I had the gym all to myself! 


 I had a chance at making the leaderboard since this was a running wod that I could do as prescribed (I usually can't do the wods as prescribed because the weight is too heavy). Anyway, I really pushed myself, didn't stop running the entire time and though I didn't make the leaderboard, I came pretty close! Felt awesome when I left and ... more selfies!! 


Saturday- CrossFit

4 Rounds (35 minute time cap):

  • 25 Hang Power Cleans
  • 25 Shoulder-to-Overhead
  • 25 Back Squats
  • 25 Wall Balls - Finished 3 rounds + 65 reps

This was probably my favorite CrossFit workout yet!! It was hard. Really hard. And long - 35 minutes! But the time went by fast!

Although I came out with several bruises (on my legs and collar bone from the hang power cleans) I felt like a beast! And I have never sweat so much in my life! I was also EXTREMELY proud that I did this with 55 lbs when the Rx is just 65 lbs!


Seriously? I have no idea what this is about. Lol.

Sunday- Yoga

This was Aaron's second-ever yoga class and it was actually his idea to go. We didn't do anything all day Sunday and were we both extremely sore from Saturday, so it felt good to get out of the house and stretch, though, yoga is never as easy as I think it's going to be.

What were your workouts last week? Did you have a favorite? 

Do you take sweaty selfies, too?

 What were your workouts last week?

Motivated Monday & Crossfit Lately

I'm combining today's Motivated Monday post with my recap of Crossfit since we graduated Elements. We've been attending since the beginning of July and in just 15 days, it's been pretty intense and I think worthy of some reflection... A good place to start would be my last post about crossfit, which I titled, Crossfit you scare me. That still holds true! Our box posts the following day's workout the night before and I look them up obsessively. I'm not sure what's scariest: knowing the workout ahead, not being completely accustomed to the lingo or all the movements, or the movements being so challenging, but whatever it is... it's still scary.

The good news is that facing those fears each time I decide to go anyway, and then getting through the workout is really, really rewarding! When it's over I want to jump through the roof with excitement that a.) I didn't die and b.) I showed up, despite my fears!

The whole thing is changing the way I think about my body, my abilities, my weight, and my diet. For example, I'm not as concerned with the scale anymore, or looking a certain way in a bathing suit (yes, I'm one of those girls whose goal has always been to "wear a bikini"). I'm not beating myself up for a couple of bites of dark chocolate (or even french toast), and I'm not stressing out when I can't make it to the gym or squeeze in a workout one day.

I'm just going easier on myself.

At the same time, I'm going a lot harder at the gym. The intensity of crossfit workouts is like nothing I've ever experienced before. As frightening as those WODs are, I love the constant variety! (In fact, I'm quite bored with my old workouts.) I've also never pushed myself at such a high endurance, or ever felt as sweaty and sore. I'm reminded of the quote, If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. Crossfit is certainly doing both.

I'm adopting today's quote as my new mantra, too.


I'm letting go of self-doubt, guilt, and frustration and embracing strength, confidence, and contentment.

I'm shifting my goals, too. Mainly, I just want to get stronger. I want to overcome the fear of pull-ups. I want to do a pull-up and improve my performance in each new WOD. Is that weird? I don't know but it feels right. It feels good!

I'm not sure if all this is coming across the way it sounds in my head- cause it's pretty clear up there!- but the bottom line is that Crossfit is changing me and I think it's for the better. I'm pushing myself to new limits and knocking out big, scary goals with sweat and strength each workout. I'm feeling great, and I want this budding self-confidence to continue to grow. 

Has a new sport or workout shifted in your mindset about weight loss and fitness?

Are you new to crossfit? What's it been like for you?  

Bonus: Read Why Your Weight Shouldn't Matter over on the Everygirl today!

Aaron's Cruise WOD & Cereal-Crusted French Toast

I told you I was inspired by Carrots n' Cake and printed out a few of her travel WODs for our trip, but on our first sea day, when we decided to workout, my husband -- being the wonderful man that he is -- decided he wanted to come up with his own WOD. So like him, I tell ya! Anyway, I doubted his workout at first because I didn't think he had enough variety, but take a look at me halfway through...

Aaron's-Cruise-WODDo you see the sweat on my arm? Yea. It was that serious.

Aaron's Cruise WOD surprised me! Without a single piece of equipment and a mixture of only four movements, I was drenched in sweat and, from what I could tell, getting a much better workout than most of the other people in the gym! Here it is:


5 Laps around the track

30-Minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible):

20 Air Squats 10 Burpees 10 Push ups 10 Windshield Wipers

*We started with 20, but quickly realized that was a bit much and dropped it down to 10!


The workout was HARD. Mostly, it felt long. I'm used to doing shorter WODs (that are just 10-15 minutes), but the one Aaron did at our box the day before we left was 30 minutes (and only three exercises), which is why he decided to make ours that length of time as well.

The gym on the boat was nice but it was pretty crowded. We found a spot behind some machines near the windows, but it was tight quarters (I didn't like the slanted walls)! Anything was better than being outside, though! It was hot! I mean, really hot! I was a bit frustrated to have to stop almost as soon as we started and move it into the gym, but halfway through the workout, I realized we would have never survived outside!


The post-workout euphoria was ever-present when we finished!

Aaron was pleased...


And I was all smiles and selfies!


After the workout, we went back to the room and showered, and then headed to this restaurant called Posh for breakfast. This would be our first time eating a sit-down breakfast (we'd only eaten breakfast at the buffet thus far, and ne neither of us liked it) and we were starved! 

I ordered Eggs Benedict and Aaron got the Steak & Eggs. Then he got this -- cereal-crusted french toast!


He's going to hate that I'm telling you this, but this breakfast was EPIC! I mean, seriously? Who coats french toast with cereal? And the possibilites were endless, you could have cinnamon toast crunch coating -- fruit loops, lucky charms, cherries, the whole nine!

Even though Aaron had already eaten breakfast, he gotten pretty used to ordering more than one entree (after all, that's what everyone says to do on a cruise!) and with the urging of the others at our table, he went for it!

I should mention this was also the first morning we sat with others; one couple was on their honeymoon and the other had been married two years. They were all nice, and of course, very entertained by Aaron's appetite!

When the french toast arrived, it was a marvel!

And with a side of bacon? Only Aaron, ya'll! Only him!

At that point, I think Aaron would have preferred to backdown, but it was like an episode of Man v. Food and he simply COULDN'T back down. So, he poured the syrup on top and went to town!


He got through one piece of toast and called it quits! I couldn't believe he even ate that!

After breakfast, Aaron headed to the library to do some reading and I hit the deck for some sun!


It felt great to have worked out on our vacation and it set the tone for a wonderful rest of the day!

Do you workout on vacation? 

What about on a cruise? 

Has your husband ever surprised you with his workout ideas, or eating abilities?

Fashion Friday: Dance Party Clothes

Hey all! Happy Friday!!

How was your week? Did you do any arms exercises? I've been trying to do a little something everyday and I think it's working! We'll see at the end of the month if there's a noticeable difference.

I wanted to post a dance party splurge outfit today because I've been really pumped and motivated by music lately! I love how they turn it up really loud during crossfit, and there's a few songs I'm utterly obsessed with at the moment ("I love it," by Icona Pop) [I may or may not have just stopped writing this post to have a dance party around my apartment]!

I'm a stickler for pop music and I like a little hip hop and rap, too! My husband says it's cause I'm a club chick! Or at least used to be :) Lol!

Nowadays, I hardly ever go to the club, but I wouldn't mind jammin' out in these blue ombre pants at a gym somewhere...


1. Hard Tail Shirred Knee Length Legging $77

2. Beats by Dre $280

3. Surf Stitch Amazing Tank $34

4. Nike Musique IV Dance Shoe $60

This is a definite splurge with the beats by Dre costing close to $300!! Would you spend that much on headphones?

What song makes you break out into a dance party? 

Happy weekend!