Loving this CrossFit Groom's Cake

CrossFit Grooms Cake
CrossFit Grooms Cake

This is one serious cake and there's not a CrossFit detail missing - check out the clock on the left side!

I love groom's cakes because they're always creative; not your average wedding cake! I had a snicker's cake (his favorite candy) made for Aaron that turned out awesome and tasted delicious. We served it at our rehearsal dinner.

Snickers Cake
Snickers Cake

Are you getting a cake for your groom?

What's the theme going to be?  

Things I'm Loving Lately

A few of you said you liked my post about Things I'm Loving Lately and would like to see it as a reoccurring feature so here it is again! Bath bombs and fancy smelling soaps. How am I just discovering bath bombs? I used one for the first time the other day and I couldn't believe how amazing it was! It made my skin silky smooth and I smelled amazing afterward! I bought a bunch of bath bombs and fancy smelling soaps from a store in San Diego called Soap Opera then went to Lush here in DC and stocked up! I'm officially obsessed! GIVE ME ALL THE BATH BOMBS!

think pink bombs

Athleta City Jogger Pant - I traveled to San Diego and back in these pants and let me tell you: they're incredibly comfortable! I wore them with my Nike frees and Victoria's Secret sweater. The sales lady at Reebok told me she loved my outfit! I took it as a huge compliment considering she works in the athletic wear industry!

athleta city pants

I used Uber for the first time in San Diego and now, I'm hooked. Correction: I used Uber about 6 times in San Diego because the ease of my first experience had me sold! I really love that I can hail a cab with the touch of a button; no phone call necessary! I swear one-touch service is the way of the future!


All things coconut! At Soap Opera in San Diego I bought quite a few coconut-scented soaps and Coconut Hibiscus, this really sweet smelling lotion. I also had a koha mocha coconut frappe from a cool coffee shop called Lion in San Diego. Give me all the coconut!


What are your favorite things lately?

Do you like coconut scented soaps?

Have you ever tried bath bombs? 

Loving: CrossFit Custom Art Prints

CrossFit Couple Print
CrossFit Couple Print

Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

What are you buying for your significant other?

I love this printable wall art for CrossFit lovers. What says I love you like, you are the jerk to my clean or the eggs to my paleo? Ha! If you've dabbled into the world of CrossFit at all, this gift makes perfect sense. I especially love "Swole Mates Est. 2012!" When did your CrossFit love story start?

What's your ideal Valentine's day gift? 

Shop this item from Wandering Fables on Etsy.

Loving Backless Bridesmaid Dresses

Backless Bridesmaid Dresses
Backless Bridesmaid Dresses

Image via StyleMePretty | Bryan N. Miller Photography With my sister-in-law getting married this year, it means I get to be a bridesmaid - eek! We have plans to browse bridesmaid dresses the Sunday after Valentine's Day (I can't wait!). Is it wrong of me to secretly hope we end up with uniquely gorgeous gown like these backless beauties!? :)

See my other favorite wedding trends.

Loving: Bells & Rings Bridal Shower Cookies for the CrossFit Bride

crossfit bridal cookies (2 of 4)
crossfit bridal cookies (2 of 4)
crossfit bridal cookies (2 of 4)
crossfit bridal cookies (2 of 4)
crossfit bridal cookies (2 of 4)
crossfit bridal cookies (2 of 4)

Bridal Shower Theme "Bells + Rings" | Sweet Shop Natalie It's no secret I love being the blog where CrossFit, couples, and weddings collide! A place that brings together unique wedding details for unique brides, just like these "bells and rings," bridal shower cookies. I mean, too cute, right?

The wedding detail I'm loving column will be a regular feature on Wednesdays in 2015! I have so many photos of cool ideas like this one that I can't wait to share.

See my other favorite wedding trends.

Loving: Rustic Ring Bearer Boxes

It's been awhile since I shared a wedding detail I'm loving so I thought I'd pop in with a little wedding day detail today that's not workout related (if you're into that, check out yesterday's post)! These rustic ring bearer boxes are a favorite of mine! We had a ring bearer pillow but I love that a box could be used after the wedding; and not just stored out-of-sight like a small pillow. RingBearerBoxes

If you're looking for something really rustic, I absolutely LOVE the Rustic Craft Design shop on Etsy. They have a cute sliding lid and can be personalized with a monogram and your wedding date. I wonder, would it be weird if I ordered one? Just as a quick and easy storage spot for my wedding band on occasion?

RingBearerRusticWoodBoxBella Bride Creations | 2 Crystal Cove Design Studio |  3 The Paper Walrus

Bella Bride Creations | 5 Rustic Craft Design

Are you planning to have a ring bearer box or pillow?

Do you shop on Etsy? 

Loving: Bridesmaids First Look

Good morning! Today I'm starting a new little series called Loving, to share some of my favorite wedding industry trends and ideas. For this first installment, I wanted to share something I first saw on Meredith Perdue's blog - a first look with your bridesmaids! I love this idea immediately, and wanted to give Meredith a huge high-five for capturing such an emotion-filled moment! Since then, I've seen similar photos popping up all over the web.


Bridesmaids First Look

Bridesmaids First Look




Photo 1 & 2 via Meredith Perdue / Photo 3 also from Meredith Perdue

Jordan Quinn Photography / Kaitlin James / via Pinterest

Have you seen images like this?

Do you plan to have a first look with your bridesmaids?