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Loving: Custom CrossFit Cake Toppers

Custom Cake Topper
Custom Cake Topper

I agonized over my cake topper -- It had to be personable, cute, and stylish but not too cheesy. I wish I would have discovered this shop back then! These custom toppers are handmade with clay and even though they're a bit pricey ($150+), they definitely make for a spectacular keepsake!

Shop this cake topper and others over at Clayphory on Etsy.

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Loving: Better Off Wed Cake Toppers

These cake toppers made by Better Off Wed have been around for awhile, but I'm just discovering them! I love the idea of a bold statement adorning a gorgeous wedding cake. My absolute fave is "best day ever." Our day remains just that in our minds. The other options are just as charming and sweet ("happily ever after" is a favorite too), and you can even customize with your names! Talk about a keepsake! The topper could be pulled out on anniversaries in the years to come, and used to relive a little bit of that special moment! for like ever

Whimsy Cake Topper

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best day ever

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What's topping your wedding cake?

Which of these statements is your favorite?

Images via Better Off Wed