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Loving: Bridesmaid Knee Socks & Wedding Day 5k

Bridesmaid Socks Wedding 5k
Bridesmaid Socks Wedding 5k

Image via Woody and Pearl Photography It's been awhile since I shared a wedding detail I'm loving, so here's one: bridesmaid knee socks + a wedding day 5k!

These bridesmaid knee socks (similar) were gifted to each of the bride's besties and they all wore them the morning of the wedding for a bridal party 5k! When I look back, I wish I would have taken some time for a little active stress release on the morning of our wedding -- what better way than to do something that involves the entire bridal party and gets the endorphins flowing? See the rest of this runner's wedding here.

Bridesmaid Proposal: 25 Ways to Ask For Maids

I'll never forget the first few weeks of my engagement because I was beside myself with joy and excitement, and I was brimming with ideas. I remember looking into the fields of Virginia on our drive back from Tennessee, and imagining what kind of wedding I'd have, an outdoor or barn wedding, or maybe a tent reception? With each new vision came thoughts of who would stand by my side. Will You be my bridesmaid Photography by Lauren Rae via Perfect Palette

Like I mentioned before, it wasn't a week into my engagement before I started searching for cute ways to ask my closest friends to be my bridesmaids. I spent hours preparing special packages for each girl, with a personalized t-shirt and homemade card. In each one, I printed this poem:

A friend knows the song in your heart And can sing it back to you When you’ve forgotten the words.

It’s hard for me to believe That in just a short while Mr. Brooch and I will be Walking down the aisle Nothing would give me More joy and pride Than to have you there by my side.

I’ll need someone to help hold up my dress while I pee too!

Will you be my bridesmaid?

I don't remember where I found the poem, but I liked it and thought it was cute! Nowadays, the poems and cards are so much better - and there's a plethora of them! So, for all you newly engaged ladies, excited to bring your bridesmaids aboard, I compiled a list of 25 ways to ask for maids! I'd love to know your favorite from this list!

Will you be my bridesmaid cardsWill you be my bridesmaid cards

Will you be my bridesmaid cardsWill you be my bridesmaid cards

Will you be my bridesmaid cards

Will you be my bridesmaid cardsWill you be my bridesmaid cards


If cards and crafts aren't your thing, you could always throw a swanky dinner party to ask your girls!

How are you planning to ask your friends to be bridesmaids?

Are you buying a special card or crafting something? 

Unique Bridesmaid Gift: Custom Embroidered Yoga Mats

Unique Bridesmaid Gift: Custom Embroidered Yoga Mats

It's the first Friday of the year and I am beaming with joy over the love I felt during this first week of blogging Fit for a Bride! To be totally honest: I was scared to put myself out there and especially to share this link on Facebook! God is amazing, though, because he turned my worries into a wonderful blessing... because I shared Fit for a Bride on Facebook, I have received THE sweetest comments! With blogging, I'm used to getting comments from people I don't know and it's been really cool to have people I do know (even some family) comment here! So, thank you! Thank you for a fabulous first week! I am so lucky to have the support of each of you! I love you guys!

Looking for a totally unique bridesmaid gift idea? How about these awesome custom embroidered yoga mats I found on Etsy! Aren't they adorable?

Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas: Custom Embroidered Yoga Mats
Custom Embroidered Yoga Mat

I think these would be the PERFECT bridesmaid gift! Especially if your girlfriends are into yoga or want to get into it! The wide variety of colors and customization options give you the ability to pick just the right one for your close friends!

I also think it would be awesome to plan to attend a yoga class with your bridesmaids! It'd be relaxing for all of you, and you could even surprise them then with one of these custom mats! They'll love you for it!! I also can't help but think how cute it would be to do yoga the morning of your wedding, and surprise your girls with them then! That would make the cutest picture-- each mat lined up! I totally wish I would have done that!

Would you gift your bridesmaid a customized yoga mat?

Would you buy one for yourself? (I want one!)

Oh and be sure to read-

Happy weekend!