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Tips for Sticking to a Meal Plan: May-ke it Happen Check-in

Can you believe we're almost half-way through May already? Where does the time go? It's flying!! As many of you know, I'm doing a May-ke it Happen Challenge and my goals are to:

a.) stick to my meal plan;

b.)  incorporate weekend workouts; and

c.) log my food in MyFitnessPal.

So far, I'm doing great! Last weekend I did Barre in Ashburn and this past Saturday I did TurboFire with my sister-in-law (omg, that workout was intense)! I've been logging consistently in MFP, too. (My diary is public, so you can see what I've been eating.) But, guess what's been the hardest part of the challenge? Sticking to my meal plan!

I did really good the first week, probably because I had a solid plan, full stock of groceries, and, I took the time to meal prep, but as my healthy food supply dwindled, so did my ability to stick to my plan! Here are some observations and bits of advice for those of you trying to stick to a meal plan, too.


*It's nearly impossible to do well, if you don't have healthy foods on hand.

So, here's the thing: you have to eat. Therefore, if you don't have healthy foods readily available to eat, you're inevitably asking for trouble. An empty refrigerator at home may turn into pizza night, and an unprepared lunch could turn into a midday run to the vending machine. This is where the whole "by failing to prepare, you prepare to fail," thing comes in! You have to make grocery shopping and stocking your home and work with healthy options a priority!

*It's difficult to avoid social gatherings that involve alcohol.

Is it just me? Friends call and want to meet for dinner; coworkers want to go to happy hour; and then there's all those birthdays, graduations, and holidays you can't avoid. The past weekend was my husband's cousin's graduation. We took him out the night before and everybody was drinking. (We intended to go to the movies, but when the movie we wanted to see was sold out, we ended up at Friday's.) I totally regretted it the next day (alcohol is not on my meal plan, hello!), but, I also realize these social gatherings are impossible to avoid.

My advice? Manage your social gatherings, and be aware of how often they're occuring. If you're going out once a week and on the weekends, you can't expect to drink at every occasion and still lose weight. I'm going to dinner with friends this Wednesday but I absolutely will not drink. I had a few drinks this past Saturday, and I have a wedding June 1st. That will be my next indulge.

*Food is expensive and prepping food is time-consuming.

I just about ran out of food last week. My celery supply, protein powder, tilapia, apples-- all my go-to foods were gone! It made sticking to the plan harder. For example, one day, I had written that I would eat salmon salad for dinner, but guess what? We were all out of salmon at home! I ended up with a grilled chicken salad, but those sort of loops will throw you off track easily!! Once again, you've gotta make time to get to the grocery store, and you may have to sacrifice spending your money on some other things so that you can afford to stay stocked up on healthy foods.

*You have to make time; it doesn't just happen.

I'm one of those people who ends up with a full schedule without realizing it-- plans every night during the week and a full weekend. I have been getting better with this, but you have to make sacrifices, whether it' stime with family or friends, or watching your favorite shows to get to the grocery store. I wanted to do a few things after work tonight, but because I couldn't get to the grocery store yesterday, my only plan for tonight is to re-stock my kitchen. To be successful, you have to make sacrifices. You have to make the time. I'm not making any excuses today-- I need my healthy foods at home!

*You have to go against the grain.

Just because everybody else is doing it doesn't mean you should. Last week, my office had a huge party and it was on my telework day. Everybody wanted me to come in and participate, but here's the thing: I wanted to stick to my meal plan. I know people might have thought I was anti-social but I can't just go along with what everyone else is doing because then I'll never meet my goals.

What tips do you have for sticking to a meal plan?

Do you run into these same problems?

Bridal Bootcamp from Pumps & Iron, Exclusively for FFAB!

Happy Tuesday, the second of April... already! Can you believe we're into the spring season now? You know what that means-- summer is quickly approaching! Not to worry, I have a special workout that will get you ready, whether you're planning a beach vacay or walking down the aisle! This workout was created exclusively for Fit for a Bride and it's coming from one of my very favorite fitness bloggers, Nicole from Pumps & Iron! HI NICOLE!!!! You've probably seen Nicole's workouts around the web. I found her via Pinterest, and pinned a lot of her routines! She's got a lot! Just to name a few, she's creator of the towel workout, the body weight pyramid, the deck of cards jump rope workout, 600-rep medicine ball workout, even a True Blood workout! And now, she's done a bridal bootcamp!

Here's how it works:

Set an interval timer for 45 rounds of 30 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

You’ll go through the following sequence 5 times for a 30-minute workout!


High Pulls (right): Start with feet hip-width apart with kettlebell on the floor in front of you. I use a 20lb bell for these. Bend with your knees keeping back straight, grab and kettlebell, and power up, standing as you pull your elbow up, bringing the kettlebell up towards the side of your face. In a controlled movement, lower back to starting position. Keep your core tight as you do these. This move targets your shoulders and upper back, but as with most kettlebell exercises, also works your core if you do it right.

High Pulls (left): Same as above.

Half Windshield with Butt Lift (right): Lay on back, legs perpendicular to the ground and arms outstretched for support. Lower your legs to the right, twisting your hips, until they are just hovering above the ground. Lift back to starting position and then lift butt off the ground, pushing feet up towards the ceiling. Lower butt to starting position and repeat.

Half Windshield with Butt Lift (left): Same as above

Burpees with Push Up: This is a traditional burpee except that you’ll complete a pushup when you’re down in the plank position.

Split Squats: Start in deep squatting position with feet staggered. Back foot should be on the ball; front foot should be flat. Jump up and switch legs, landing back in deep squat with opposite leg in front.

Elbow Plank: You know the drill!

Kettlebell Swing Punches: This is just like a regular swing except for at the top, bend your elbows wide, bringing the kettle bell in towards your face, and punch it back out (I promise you won’t hit yourself in the face—it’s not as scary as it sounds!). I use a 25-lb kettlebell for these.

Reverse Plank: This is an elbow plank flipped upside-down. Support yourself on your forearms and heels and lift your hips so that your body is in a straight line and hold the position. I always find this move challenging—definitely a little shaking going on at the end!

*You'll notice this is a full-body interval workout, but Nicole included moves that target the upper back, shoulders and arms- that's for you brides wearing a strapless dress! Hello burpee push-ups! 

Don't you just love that Nicole incorporates a kettlebell? If you don't own one, you definitely should! Wal-Mart has them priced at about $30.

If you like this workout, you should check out the others on Nicole's blog. Also, you'll notice, it's called Pumps & Iron for a reason- she's quite the fashionista! How awesome are these white and ombre jeans, and these tribal-back wedges? She also regularly posts healthy tidbits, like this one, about peppermint oil, which I found very interesting, and she has a plethora of recipes,too! I thought these raspberry goat cheese crackers looked phenomenal!

Thank you Nicole for creating this awesome workout for FFAB readers!

I hope those of you that try it out will comment and let us know what you think!

Interview with Ruth, Owner of Curvy Girls Bridal

Earlier today I shared what to do if you don't fit in sample sizes, listing all sorts of ways to avoid embarrassment and stay carefree, but, there's an easier way for those of you in Northern Virginia- just go to Curvy Girls Bridal! Curvy Girls is a premier plus-size bridal boutique in the Washington, DC area, specializing in large-size bridal gowns and plus-size wedding gowns (sizes 12-32)!


Don't let the words "plus size" scare you away. Curvy Girls believes that regardless of size, brides should have access to the best gowns designers offer. They're a full-service bridal (and tuxedo!) shop  featuring gowns guaranteed to fit and flatter all sizes. They specialize in Curvy Couture, Pronovias, Manuel Mota, Allure, La Sposa, Anaïsi, Anjolique and Forever Yours.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Ruth, the owner and she told me the story behind this revolutionary shop.


How did you get into this business? 

About 20 years I was looking for something to do, the kids were little, and I wanted to get out of the house and do something different. I happened upon a bridal shop. I've always loved fashion and loved bridal. I handed in my application and started there- that was 20 years ago!

I worked there about 6-8 years but ultimately ended up working for Northrop Grumman for a long time.That's where we made money to be able to do this. I finally decided I didn't want that grind of that corporate world anymore and knew I'd always go back to bridal. I talked with my husband and said "What do you think?" He said, "if you have a passion for it and you think this is the time, then let's just do it."

I had always kept my hand in it. Every time I'd have a bad day at work, I'd come home and see who's bridal shop was for sale!

Why plus-size? 

I had kept my hand in it and looked to see what was happening- what really dismayed me was that David's Bridal mentality. I watched that gain momentum over the years, and I thought that's not a bridal experience! That's going and getting a gown and being done because you need something white to wear!

I asked myself, "What am I going to do that's different? Unique? Where's my place in the bridal industry? Ok, I know how hard is it to shop. Maybe what we need to do is look at the women that don't have a voice; women that have to settle; that are so used to settling.

We started calling around, "Do you have size 18 in stock? Size 20?" How many do you carry? What brands do you carry. The answer was no-no-no-no all the way around. I said that's it! This is where we need to be. We need to start here! That is basically why I opened it up- there was the need."

Curvy Girls Bridal
Curvy Girls Bridal

There's hardly any other shops like this in the world!

What kind of research did you do to prepare to open?  

We did the secret shopper thing as opposed to calling bridal shops and saying who we were. I had my niece play the part of the bride and we went into bridal shops to experience first-hand how we were treated, what they sold. We had to do it that way because otherwise we wouldn't get an honest feel for what was happening around us. I knew there was no other way to get an honest opinion- answers to my questions.

What makes the Curvy Girls Bridal experience unique? 

We are here to serve women that have not been catered too. As plus size women, we get the little corner in the top floor or basement. The buyers don't have a clue what to put on bigger women. We're really, really conscious of that.

Our girls our trained to dress the curves. You don't find that other places. In fact, we're all about the curves, and we warn women when they come in - don't think you're going to hide! We're going to show you what you actually can look like! And they're excited. When they come out, and they have that smile on their face-- that is why we're here.

Even a size 20 girl, we'll put her in a fit and flare and show off her hour-glass figure. She'll just stand and look in the mirror and say, "Oh my god!" Because most of the time, they come in in oversized shirts and baggy pants. They don't show their figures for the most part. There are some that embrace their curves. Others, not so much.

How do you chose the dresses you have in stock? 

Every dress we have is chosen by me. Just because it's on the best sellers list for our sales. I look very carefully at necklines- ruching and a-symmetrical lines. We have everything from sheer tops and ball gowns to the latest styles. We have every single silhouette and fabric you can think of. We do that for a reason... so that the girls have a chance to experience that would not otherwise get to!

Girls come in and the dresses zip; they close behind them. I have had so many girls in tears. They just step up on that pedestal and lose it completely. They don't want to get down, because they've never seen themselves look so beautiful.

My dress was ordered three times too big. How does sizing work?

Do you advise the bride on what size to order? 

Every manufacture has their own size chart; nothing is custom made. We take measurements and get as close to the chart size as possible. We try to keep our alterations to a minimum. Obviously, there are going to be little tweaks here in there (hem, bustle) but our seamstresses are independent contractors; we don't have any on staff. So we'll make a size recommendation and then it's up to the bride to decide what they're going to do.

Curvy Girls
Curvy Girls

One thing I loved about the store is the curvy detail in the architecture. Congratulations on the exceptional design award from Fairfax County! You literally curve around a corner when you walk in; was that purposeful? 

We have the dresses displayed the way we do because we want brides to touch and feel them. We want them to experience everything and we do that for the senses.

When we were designing this place, I wanted it to be modern, but I don't want it to be cold. I want it to be warm and not stuffy. I don't want to have the antiques and traditional furniture oriental rugs...

Tell me about the Curvy Girls philosophy; about your gowns and why you've chosen to spearhead this movement.

"We figure that it's always easier to pull in on a little girl and give her at least the look (an idea of what that gown is going to look like), but you can't do it the other way around. That is why our sample sizes start at a size 12 which is like street size 8-10. Also, what we carry here are the same manufacturers you see in the bridal magazines, but in sizes that fit! They all make them. It's just that nobody wants to carry them!

Curvy Girls
Curvy Girls

Are there certain dresses that work for certain body types?

I wrote an article for one of the bridal magazines about this- we're so used to being "typed by our body type" so if you look like an apple you you're supposed to wear this. It doesn't work that way! That is all such myth! Our bodies are so unique, they need to be dressed on an individual basis, not grouped into a well, you're close to looking like a this or that, so this is what I'm going to put on you! And of course the fallback for larger girls is a-line. Let's just throw an a-line on you because that hides everything!

I tell my brides all the time: you don't chose the dress, it choses you. You put that dress on and there's something that you feel as the bride, as you feel inside.

Tell me about one of your brides:

I had one girl in here that was a size 12-14. She had been to another bridal shop in the area, but she didn't tell us at the time, but you could tell she wasn't happy. We asked her, "So, what do you looking for? What's your style? What do you feel comfortable in when you dress up, that sort of thing." She said, "Well, I really thought that I wanted fit and flare, but you know... "

Now she's a little size 12-14 BRIDAL, which means she's tiny... So sure, we pulled out a bunch of dresses and brought her to a dressing room. The first one she came out in, she stood on the pedestal and started to cry! We were worried, wondering what we did?

She said, "No, you don't understand. I was just at a bridal shop, I told them what I wanted, much like I just told you, and the sales lady pointed her finger at my body and said "THAT doesn't belong in a fit and flare. That belongs in a ball gown or something that hides you! You don't want ot show that off." Are you kidding me? How sad! And this girl looked phenomenal!! Absolutely remarkable!

That's pretty upsetting, but I remember feeling similar in some shops. What else will you do to accommodate a bride's wishes? 

We've done some really unique things. We had one girl who really loved the top of one dress and the bottom of another dress, and we actually ended up putting them together and it turned out gorgeous! She was thrilled. We can do all those things- add sleeves, add straps, or do whatever.


How much time should brides allot for an appointment? Because I know, after reading this post, they'll be running to Curvy Girls! 

It's an hour and a half appointment. Obviously we want to know a couple of things: when are they getting married; what time of year? No satin ball gowns for the beach! How big is the wedding going to be? Outside? Inside?

We know it's a stressful time and we try to take some of the stress away.

Thank you so much, Ruth! I truly, truly enjoyed meeting you and I believe in your cause! I know there's a lot more about Curvy Girls that we didn't cover. For brides interested in learning more, check out Curvy Girls Bridal website: Give them a call: (703) 539-8777, or better yet, go shopping for your gown! They're located on Fair Ridge Drive in Fairfax, VA.

I'm going to leave you ladies with a snippet from the Curvy Girls website, which I think says it all: “We realize that over 60% of today’s brides are size 16 or larger, so it amazes us that bridal shops carry most of their try-on samples in sizes 10-12 (which translates to an 8-10 or smaller in street wear). While we carry smaller sizes as well, it is our goal for all brides to experience the same excitement and joy of shopping for their wedding gowns regardless of their size. We chose to carry the majority of our gowns in sizes 12-32 so we can better fit the majority of our brides who come to visit us.”

Where are you shopping for your wedding gown?

Are sample sizes a concern for you?

What To Do if You Don’t Fit in Sample Size Wedding Dresses

First, join the club! Sample sizes are SMALL! A regular size 14 is a sample size 8! Gah!

Second, don't freak out. You're not alone. The average American girl is a size 16, which means, yep, most women don't fit sample sizes! Nevertheless, it's easy to get frustrated.


If there's one thing I remember from my wedding dress shopping experience, it was the frustration I felt walking into a bridal salon and only having a handful of gowns (if that!) to try on because all of them were too small. Then, when I did muster up the confidence to try on those handful, I couldn't tell what the dress would look like in my actual size.

This photo is a reminder of that-- I was at the bridal shop where my stepmom bought her wedding gown. We went together, made a day of it, and it was supposed to be a happy time... After all, wedding dress shopping should be fun, right?

But then there was the realization that this store didn't have a large selection, and there were only 2 (maybe 3) gowns that would fit my size 10/12 frame. I was embarrassed, but I pressed on, mostly for my stepmom, she had fond memories of the place.

But then there I was- in a tiny dressing room... with a tiny dress... alone. I tried to pull the expensive gown over my head, step into it, something, but it didn't feel right; it didn't fit. There's no mirrors in the room... you have to come out. It was a real WTF moment.

I got over it, tried to make the most of the situation, and stepped out. My stepmom was teary eyed immediately! She loved the dress. The bridal associate quickly pulled out all the bells and whistles- the fake bouquet and the veil. Ta da! Nobody said anything about the fact that it wasn't zipped. Really?

In the end, I didn't get this gown, and in fact, I tried on a dozen or more others, but the experience stuck with me; it's part of the reason I was inspired to start this blog.

If this is something you’re worried about, fear not! Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Tips for Shopping Sample Sizes:

  • Go with an open mind: Know that sample sizes are small. It's not you, it's the dress.
  • If it doesn't fit, don't fret: There's all sorts of contraptions to pull and tuck a gown that's too small to give you a vision for what you're dress will look like. Not only that, but, before it's all said and done, alterations will ensure your dress fits perfectly on your wedding day.
  • Listen your sales associate: The sales associates are used to this sort of thing (read: you're not alone! They've seen it before)! Listen if they suggest certain gowns or, if on the contrary, they discourage trying on a dress that they know is too small.
  • However, don't be bullied: Sales associates are trying to make a sale and in my experience, the pressure to buy is intense. Let your sales associate know if you're just looking and don't plan to buy anything that day. Also let them know if you're not comfortable coming out of the dressing room (for all the world to see!) or trying on a certain dress they've suggested.
  • Along those same lines, don't be easily offended:The thing about those sales associates/shop owners is that can sometimes be brutally honest!  You'll read more about this in a post later today, but head's up: if you don't have a thick skin for, say, suggestions for your body type, etc., let the associate know you'd prefer to pick out your own styles.
  • Bring someone who knows you well and who puts you at ease: It's not always a good idea to bring your entire posse. If a dress doesn't fit (or none of them do), you may be really uncomfortable if there's a large audience. Bring your closest girl pals or your mom; people who know you and who you're comfortable around. People that build you up!
  • Do your research and call around first: Bridal shops can be intimidating places. It's never a bad idea to call ahead first and describe yourself and your vision, and ask questions. I went to a million bridal shops in this area, and trust me: not everyone is nice. Not all the shops were nice, either; some were run-down and old. Search the Weddingbee boards and Google places before you go to them. I guarantee it will make for a happier experience!
  • Remember, this is about YOU!For a lot of us, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Try to enjoy yourself! Make a day of it and have fun! Let your hair down and try not to worry too much! If a dress doesn't fit, it wasn't meant to be! There's others!
  • Speaking of others, the last and most important thing you have to do if you're worried about sample sizes is ditch the above suggestions and head to Curvy Girls Bridal!You'll have to come back later today for this one, but, I promise it will be a big sigh of relief for area brides. There's a shop right here in DC going against the grain, carrying sample sizes 12-32!
Curvy Girls Bridal Fairfax
Curvy Girls Bridal Fairfax

Curvy Girl Bridal is a unique bridal shop offering gowns from top designers in sizes 12-32! They've won numerous awards from The Knot to Wedding Wire to Washingtonian’s Bride & Groom Magazine, and it’s no wonder. I had the privilege of interviewing the owner, Ruth. Check back later today for that post :-) You won't want to miss this!

Are you worried about sample sizes?

For the newlyweds, do you have any experiences with this?