Style: The Skinny on Having a Personal Shopper

I mentioned earlier this week that I had a closet cleanout with my friend, Kim and several revelations occurred. The most obvious being that I needed help budgeting for clothes, choosing pieces that align with my personal style and investing in quality (vs. my default, which is to buy the cheapest available option). Identify Your Style:

I mentioned that after the closet cleanout, Kim and I got right on Pinterest. I created the board, Notes to My Personal Shopper and this is where the fun really began! I found it so much easier (and funnier) to identify my personal style via Pinterest, than at the mall ... where I'm overwhelmed by all the choices and price tags!

As you can see, I love anything cheetah print; I love (LOVE!) stripes; and love black and white. I also love pops of color, but I tend to buy black and brown stuff. I told Kim not to be shy about bringing some color to my wardrobe!

Kim was busy pinning, too, but she pinned purchasable items, meaning items we could actually get. Most of her pins are from ASOS, Zara, J. Crew Factory, and DSW:

I commented on Kim's pins indicating whether I liked the piece or not, but I liked most of it!

I especially loved the J. Crew pencil skirts she suggested. I LOVE pencil skirts (and they're flattering on my figure) but I only have them in black and brown. Totally boring!  I also loved the statement necklaces she suggested! I don't have enough of those.

The majority of her pins were tops. Shirts were probably the most lacking in my closet (I had about 3 hanging up after the cleanout) and cardigans were scarce as well (I only had two).

Commit to a Budget:

During the closet cleanout I said I would spend about $150 per paycheck on clothes, but I quickly realized that was probably too much. (I wish!) Instead, I committed to spending $150 per month.

At this point (a month later), I'm really happy with that decision. I've learned that  receiving new clothes through Kim and pinning clothes all the time (with Kim) motivates me to do a little more shopping on my own. (More on this later.)

Kim didn't waste anytime and ordered several shirts from ASOS - 7 total, I believe! She also happened to go to the J. Crew Factory when they were having a blowout sale: 60 percent off already reduced items.

By the time Kim got back to me (about 2 weeks later), she had bags of clothes to deliver! It was awesome! She also brought over a few of her own pieces to demonstrate outfit options.

Benefits of a Personal Shopper:

After Kim dropped off the clothes, I reflected on all the reasons I'm loving having a personal shopper... 

1.) Finding Sales- Kim bought clothes from J. Crew when they were on sale, even though it went over my budget slightly. Her ability to basically front me money (for the sake of getting me clothes on sale) is a huge perk!

2.) Providing Style Advice- Kim got me a pair of light green flats to go with a neon pencil skirt and said, "even though they aren't the same color, they're in the same color family." The following week, I paired those same shoes with a yellow cardigan, remembering her advice (it doesn't have to match exactly)!

She also suggested wearing a skinny belt, high around my waist with a dress/cardigan combo she bought me. I'd seen this look a lot (and loved it), but had never done it myself.

I also loved her advice to wear a statement necklace underneath the collar of one of my new tops, saying, "that's really in right now." And since, I've seen it everywhere!

3.) Knowing Your Size- This, my friends is the biggest benefit of all! I don't know about you, but I always waiver on what size to buy. I think it comes from growing up overweight, but I always grab a size 10 or larger, when in fact, I'm more like a 6-8 and medium.

Kim was so good at sizing, she even bought different sizes for different pieces (knowing they'd all fit differently). She got an 8 in the neon pencil skirt, 6 in the short orange skirt, and 10 in the J. Crew dress. They all. fit. perfect.

(I was shocked by the size 6!) I didn't think the 6 would fit, but because it sits high on my waist, it does. The dress needed to be a bit bigger because I have broad shoulders and a broad back. I was really impressed with her size savvy!

*Note: Not everything fit, but Kim gladly returned those items that didn't and didn't charge me for them!

We didn't take any pictures during her second visit, but as the week went on and I wore one new outfit after the next, I started asking my husband to snap a few shots! I'll share more next week, but here's a peak at one of my outfits!  (It's so much brighter, funnier, matchy than anything I usually wear!)


Notice the shirt? Yep, that's from our shared Pinterest board!

Do you pin outfits or purchasable items?

Do you struggle to pick the right size for yourself?

*Kim is owner of Catch 22 Boutique online and currently lives in Washington, DC. Her and co-founder, Lauren, are a team specializing in luxury consignment, closet clean-outs and organization, personal shopping, wardrobe styling, and interior design. Her website is launching later this month, but if you’re interested in any of her services, reach out to her via email