We're Setting Sail for a Week-Long Cruise!

Today is my last day at work for a week! Woo hoo! Tomorrow I have a volunteer obligation in the morning and a birthday party mid-afternoon, but after that, we're free! Aaron and I are running off to Florida to set sail for a 6-night cruise to Jamaica, Key West, and the Grand Cayman. I'm. so. excited. We need this vacation! We've been really busy this year with moving, blogging, Aaron with school, and the seemingly never-ending plans with family and friends! We're so looking forward to this getaway.

Costa Rica

Our first trip out of the country together to Costa Rica on our honeymoon!

Crossfit Update:

So, you thought I wasn't going to talk about crossfit? Ha! Guess again!

I have to say that I'm a little sad to leave our box for a week! :( I've become quite fond of (obsessed with?) the workouts! I've done two non-elements classes now and loved them both. I'm also a little afraid that an entire week away will put us right back where we started! To ensure that doesn't happen, we plan to do these Crossfit Travel WODs for Cruises, from Carrots n' Cake, and I also plan to do some crossfit reading (I'm still struggling to remember the official names of all the movements, the acrononyms, etc).

I'm also really looking forward to picking up the July issue of Oxygen Magazine (my fav!). Camille Leblanc-Bazinet is on the cover!! She was named "The Fittest Woman on Earth," at this year's Reebok Crossfit Games and she also happens to be the first - ever - crossfitter to grace the Oxygen cover! Eeks! (The timing is totally eerie with me just having started this sport, but having always loved this magazine!!) I'm VERY excited for this read!

You Can't Meal Plan a Cruise...

Costa Rica 4So you might be wondering how I plan to survive the endless supply of food on this cruise! Well, I'm not exactly sure because I've never been on a cruise before (!!), but I do have a few ideas to at least try to keep myself from going overboard. (Haha. Get it? :))

Besides fitting in some WODs, I plan to drink a lot of water. I'm also going to TRY not to overdo it with the sweets. I'm basically going to give my hubby a sweet code phrase like, "You're the most beautiful amazing woman ever," as a hint that I might be overdoing it. :)  (Because typically, when I overdo it, I tend not to notice, or at least want to notice!)

I'm not really worried about the actual meals, because I tend to go for salads, fish, etc., but the sweets is where I mess up the most. Plus, your brain on sugar is never safe!

As far as alcohol, we're not big drinkers so I'm not too worried about that. I don't always like the way liquor makes me feel, so I tend to go for red wine anyway. I'm not going to feel bad about a few glasses of that! ;p

Of course, in Jamaica I'll probably have at least one fruity rum drink and I'm a stickler for frozen margaritas (especially beach side), so I may get one of those. 

Most Looking Forward to:

I'm really looking forward to the break from social media - that went well before. Sometimes I don't think I even realize just how often I check instagram in a day... and for what? I'm not sure! I'm looking forward to being present in my own life, and not peering into the lives of others all day!

I'm also looking forward to getting some quiet time with my Powersheets! (Buy yours here!) I started them a few weeks ago but have not had a single minute to sit down and actually fill-in my goals. I think being away will give me clarity as to what those goals should be and when I return, I'll be able to jump right into using my tending sheets!

Mostly, I'm looking forward to one-on-one time with my husband... I love this man so much  and between the two of us, he needs this vacation. Bad. His job has been pretty stressful lately and he hasn't had a real vacation since LAST APRIL (2012). I really hope he is able to relax and forget the world for a few days!

We're still newlyweds, right?

I also have to say, that ever since we started crossfit, our bond has grown tremendously! (Yes, in just 3 weeks.)  It's given us something new to talk about, which doesn't have to do with upcoming plans or bills. And the endorphins we feel after a workout really make for some good times together... We're laughing more than ever.

I'm looking forward to life-planning with him... talking about our future... when we'll have kids... careers... and crossfit, of course. It's going to be a great time of connecting and relaxing. I'm ready to go NOW.

Coming up:

I have posts scheduled for next week, which I hope you enjoy! When I get back on the 29th I also plan to grocery shop and meal prep the 30th so that I can start July off on the right foot! (Anyone up for a Paleo challenge in July?)

Do you have any summer travel plans?

Have you ever been on a cruise? Any advice for a first-timer?