September Goals

It's 90 degrees outside today and I couldn't feel more ready for the fall temperatures! It's been a hot-hot summer and I'm totally over the heat! I'm ready for sweaters, apple cider, and crunching leaves under my feet! I'm also ready for the renewal that comes in the Fall... what's the sang? September is the new New Year's? I couldn't agree more! September is also my birthday month! I turn 28 in just two weeks! Eek! I'm truly excited for the year ahead, though. There's so many wonderful things happening in my life, so many blessings and reasons to be grateful. Of course, there's things I want to work on and goals. Lots of goals. But I'm enjoying the journey. Trying to anyway! Here's what I plan to do this month: Try this paleo thing again... My CrossFit box is hosting a fall Paleo challenge that will run seven weeks from Sept. 4 - October 28th. I'm really excited to give Paleo another try. My last attempt didn't last long! I really like the way the challenge is structured, too. Participants begin each day with 5 points and depending on certain actions, either add or subtract points. For example, if I eat a flat-out cheat that's not paleo, that's minus 5 points! (So that's zero points for the day!) But, if I go to CrossFit, that's plus 3 points! The person with the highest number of points at the end of the challenge wins! I'll definitely share my progress here on the blog!


Remember Rocky? He's all better now!

Finish the Salad Club eBook - My August goal was to finish my Salad Club ebook, but it's still not done! I've been busy talking about the ebook, and not busy enough actually writing it! I wanted to have it done by my birthday, but that's in two short weeks and I know it won't be ready by then! I'm going to keep plugging away at it, though. I'm convinced I'm supposed to write this book and tell the world about salad club!

CrossFit on my birthday! I'm super excited that my birthday falls on a Saturday this year and my favorite thing to do on Saturday is CrossFit! I'm hoping it's a good wod!

In case you missed it, a few awesome things happened in August:

I'd love to hear your September goals. Share them in the comments!