Sara & Jason's Sporty Engagement by Kaitlin Noel Photography

Greetings again! I have the cutest ever sporty engagement session to share today! Most of you know that football season is right around the corner and even though my husband isn't big into the sport, I love it. I grew up going to see my brother play and my dad is a huge proponent. More than the actual game itself, I have to confess: I love snuggling on the bleachers with a blanket and hot chocolate.

I never would have thought to combine weddings and football, but the way this couple did is just awesome! Sara was super creative to make these Save the Date t-shirts and I think they're just darling! This whole session is, especially for those of you gearing up for football season!

Thank you Kaitlin Noel Photography for this submission!


About the couple:

True to their love for sports (especially football!) Sara and Jay met for lunch on Superbowl Sunday 2011. Anyone who knows Jay should know that this was a big deal because it was the PACKERS Superbowl! In order to see Jay, Sara made up a 'lame' excuse about wanting to get a cheese hat to wear for the big game. Jay obviously liked Sara so he actually took time out for preparing for the superbowl- an all day out for preparing for the superbowl (an all day event obviously!) to drive to Old Bridge to see her once again. Not only did Sara get the cheesehead to wear, but the two shared their first kiss on this momentous day. In fact, Sara still considers the Packers win was due to her "good luck kiss" and not based upon skill like the most recent Giants superbowl win (!!!!).


From the bride-to-be:

Since the beginning of our relationship we knew we were each other's soulmates. We have had many fun times since we began dating from our Packers and Giants superbowl wins, our time relaxing in Seaside Park, welcoming our puppy Lombardi into our lives, and all the meaningful memories in between. We are so excited to begin a new chapter in our lives and devote ourselves to each other for the rest our our lives. We look forward to learning and growing together and are so thankful we have been given the opportunity to find happiness in each other.



For those of you interested in replicating this awesome save-the-date idea, the bride used Cafepress to order the custom jerseys!

Congratulations Sara & Jason!

 PS: Kaitlin Noel's website is SO. MUCH. FUN. I love all the gold glitter and pink! Go check it out!