Recipe: Avocado Eggs & Sriracha

Greetings again!

Today's recipe is not paleo. It's just something I love very, very much...


This is a slice of Ezekial bread topped with eggs scrambled with yellow bell pepper, topped with slices of avocado and a little sriracha. Also known as, the most delcicious breakfast ever!

The bell pepper is really irrelevant  - you can add anything to your eggs, or eat them plain - but the most important elemens of this dish are a.) the avocado and b.) the sriracha.

It's sort of surreal to even type those words (avocado and srirachia) because for the longest time, I disliked both. I'm not a fan of spicy foods and I remember the first time I tried avocado-and it mushed in my mouth-I thought "omg, most digusting thing, ever!" So if you're there, I get it. This is an aquired taste for me, too!

Here's how to make this breakfast:

Step one: Scramble Egg Whites / Optional: Add Veggies / Lay Them Over Bread.

Step two: Smash-up a half of an avocado over the egg.



 Step three: Top with sriracha!

I will say, minus the bread, this is a great paleo breakfast! It incorporates the handful of protein and healthy fat!

Oh and warning: it's addictive! I found myself craving it for dinner! So weird!

What's your favorite breakfast?

Have you acquired a taste for certain foods you used to not like?