Real Housewife, Sarah: Week One- 2 lbs Down!

{This week is our first check-in post with Real Housewife Blogger, Sarah in Australia! Sarah weighs in Wednesday, then checks in with us Thursday to share what’s working and what’s not!} From Sarah: Last week my meal planning was all over the place because of a work conference, although I did get a good workout in on Tuesday with a Harbour Bridge Climb - 1320 steps to get up there and an 800 calorie burn. What an amazing view too!


This wasn't us, but we were just as excited and had the same view! {Source}

Some of my meals from last week included some staples and some amazing new low-calorie recipes. On advice from my doctor, a way of keeping things under control when I am away is to steer clear of breads/rice/pasta, etc. and avoid sugar, and of course, drink lots and lots of water. I also made sure that I walked every opportunity that I could and got some great walks in around the city.

The next week was much better! I was able to do my beloved riding to work which is an amazing calorie burner! I ride both to and from work and usually average around 1400 calories - no wonder all those bike riders are so slim.


Here's my stats for the week:

Weight Loss This Week: 2 lbs!

Total Weight Loss (since Jan. 7th) : 3.5 lbs

I can't wait to check in next week! You guys have a great weekend!