PS, Kim: Curating Your Closet {Part 2}

Good morning and happy Friday Eve! This is the second installment of “PS, Kim,” a series from my Personal Shopper, Kim. You can read Curating Your Closet {Part 1} here. You can also read about my closet consult with Kim, the immediate benefits I noticed from having a personal shopper, and a few of my new outfits by searching the Fashion category here on the blog. I’m thrilled to have Kim providing style advice to FFAB readers! I have to say, she's doing a great job helping me curate mine! Here's her take on organizing your closet!  PS-Kim-Part-2

Ok, so, by now, you've gone through the first 3 steps of curating your closet, which we discussed last time:

1. Define your style;

2. Clean out your closet; and

3. Identify missing staples.

Now it's time to refill your closet and organize it! Start by taking a look at your clothes and try putting together several outfits with the same item. If you can't get at least 3 different looks with the same skirt or pants, then that is an indicator you don't have enough of staples! The goal is to be able to wear an item multiple different ways to expand your wardrobe. Once you have a list of what you are actually missing to complete certain looks, then it's time to put your closet back together. Here's five tips for making your closet an organized one!

1.) Invest in good hangers: My motto is "NO WIRE HANGERS!" If you're worried about space, double up items on hangers. For instance, you can put 2 pair of "like" pants & jeans on the same hanger, as well skirts, spaghetti-strapped dresses and tops.


2.) Color coordinate + itemize! I am a little OCD about organization of the closet by color coordinating everything. This is not a necessity, but it does help you to see what colors you have too much of and not enough (too much black anyone?).

Itemizing your closet is a must! Group like items, just like they do in store- I categorize things together; all button downs together, short sleeve shirts, sleeveless shirts, and all slacks together. Again, my OCD kicks in, because I also do it by season. If your closet is on the smaller side like mine, I would suggest switching it out for the two main seasons (spring/summer and fall/winter). This de-clutters your closet and keeps your clothes visible.


3.) Fold cardigans & sweaters.  Hanging them will give them the shape of the hanger and sometimes even stretch the item if it's of a heavier material. It's a little annoying to have to fold them neatly each time, but it's worth it - they'll last longer!


4.) Keep the clothes you wear visible. Keep drawers for things like pajamas, workout clothes, and undergarments. Putting clothes in drawers will lead you to forget about them. This is where the old cliche comes into play--"out of sight, out of mind." Essentials should not be put in drawers.

5.) Organize Your Shoes! This depends on if they are boxed or open, but either way, likes & similar should be put together, and  again, if you're OCD like me, they would be color coordinated.


Organization is key to curating your closet because it allows you to see what you have. Though this is a very quick guide, if you apply these simple rules, you'll have what I like to call a "happier" closet and be more content with your wardrobe overall.

How do you organize your closet? 

Images via Apartment TherapyPenny & Sonja / Pinterest here / Closet Couture / Lonny / Ariannabelle / Glitter Guide