PS, Kim: Curating Your Closet {Part 1}

Good morning! This is the first installment of a new series here on Fit for a Bride, which I'm calling "PS, Kim," from my Personal Shopper, Kim. You can read about my closet consult with Kim, the immediate benefits I noticed from having a personal shopper, and a few of my new outfits by searching the Fashion category here on the blog. I'm thrilled to have Kim providing style advice to FFAB readers! After all, a white gown isn't all a bride wears! Take it away, Kim! 

Hi guys, and thanks for having me Sara! I'm Kim, owner of Catch 22 Boutique. I'm a Houston native living in Washington, DC, and my good friend, Lauren and I are in the business of luxury consignment, closet clean-outs (closet organization), personal shopping, wardrobe styling, and interior design!

We're going to start off by discussing how to curate your own closet!


There are 3 steps you should take to get started:

1.) Define Your Style. Identify your style, or the style you are asipring to achieve. List your style icons and designers to get you started. Use Pinterest and come up with key words: do you want to be more classy? preppy? sporty? Also write down your favorite stores!

2.) Clean out your closet! Pull out the things you are not wearing and throw out anything that's stained, stretched, or no longer fits. Be brutal with yourself! Remember it's out with the old, in with the new!

3.) Re-access your current wardrobe for the staples! Staples are items that you should spend money on, because they are investments into you wardrobe. These are timeless, classic pieces that will last a long time. Therefore, instead of buying lots of trendy cheap clothes, you instead should use these are wardrboe fillers- not wardrobe essentials.

What are the wardrobe staples, you might ask. Here's our list:

  • Camisoles & tank tops are a must because they make layering easy
  • Cardigans are the esaiest layer - have them in black, white, cream and/or gray
  • Pencil skirt- have one in at least one in black or gray
  • A Litte Black Dress (LBD)
  • Khaki and/or gray dress
  • Nice pair of black slacks
  • White button-down oxford shirt
  • balck or gray blzer
  • good pair of jeans
  • Black and nude pumps
  • Black flats
  • A good pair of riding boots

Staple Accessories:

  • Gold or silver bangles
  • Gold or silver later necklace
  • Nice watch
  • Good brown, tan, or black hangbag
  • At least one cluth
  • Flaterring pair of good sunglasses
  • A pashmina (scarf or wrap)
  • A signature scent!

So, the question is, what's in your closet??

What's your style? What are some of your staples?