Paleo Challenge: Week 5

So guys, sadly, this is my last post about the paleo challenge I've been doing with my CrossFit box because it officially ended today and, after about week 5, I stopped tracking! :( I know, I know! That means I didn't meet one of my goals to do the challenge all the way through till the end, but our trip to Tennessee proved really difficult to bounce back from... That plus being on furlough, as well as having another trip so soon after, my food diary has been non-existent! Paleo5

Nonetheless, I'd like to go ahead and share what I ate in that final week of tracking, and then move on to my recap of the whole thing. Remember... #nojudging

Day 29: Three-egg omelette with a pear for breakfast. Carrots and plaintain chips as snacks through the day. Then I went to my mom's and taught her to make spaghetti squash, then I went to CrossFit. For dinner I ate a little pork roast and cabbage and had a half a larabar for dessert.

Day 30: On the way to Tennessee, we stopped at Crackle Barrel for lunch and I kept it paleo! Woo hoo! I ordered eggs, bacon and fruit and it was really good! (I was particularly proud of myself because my husband got the Country Boy breakfast; you don't even want to know all that was included with it!).

The rest of the way there I snacked on root chips (I love these!) and carrots. Then, we met up with Aaron's sister and her boyfriend at Bonefish Grill upon arrival. We got the bang-bang shrimp as an appetizier (of course! it's so good!) and I got the steak and crab cake dinner, and drank two ocean trust martinis. (Telling myself, "hey, it's vacation!") ;)

Day 30: The first morning in Tennessee I ate the breakfast served by the inn keeper, Marcy. It was so good! It always is! Here's a pic:


Later that day I ate a Reuben for lunch at the main street cafe in town, and OMG it was the best sandwich ever! I also had chips and a sprite.

2013-10-04 12.54.16

Later that night we went to another restaurant, Fatz and I had a cesear salad with salmon. They also had these rolls that I swear tasted like donuts! They were served with a honey butter that was so, so good, but sweet!

Day 32: The thing about the Storytelling Festival is that you sorta have to figure out food for yourself, and there's only so much to chose from in the small town of Jonesborough. This is why I justified a hot dog for lunch. It was quick, easy and delicious! (Aaron got the footlong on the right; I just got a regular one.)


It was extremely hot outside that day, so we opted for ice cream cones at the General Store. I got the java chocolate chip cone (one scoop, even though Aaron was urging me to get two) and he had vanilla. This was such a treat!

That night we met up with some of my Tennessee family at a restaurant called Smokey Bones. I ordered a salad with grilled chicken and honey mustard. It was just OK.

I had a really strong urge for something sweet after dinner (probably from all the sugar I'd already consumed that day), and since we were headed to the Ghost Stories and it was our last night... we splurged with Krispy Kreme donuts for dessert. (Crazytown, I know!) I have to say, Krispy Kreme has the most delicous donuts, ever. Just in case you were wondering! ;)

Day 32: We ate Marcy's delicious breakfast again - this time it was a cheese and sausage fritta and so, so good! She also served mini-pumpkin muffins and even though I knew I was far, far from anything paleo, I enjoyed them! THEY WERE PUMPKIN! Haha.

Then later that day, on our way out of town, we stopped at Pal's, a fast food restaurant that's not in Virginia. Pal's reminds me of my childhood cause my family would always stop there on visits to Tennessee.  I got a regular hot dog and a chocolate milkshake. Aaron got a vanilla one!

2013-10-06 12.24.54

*When I was a kid, I got the LARGE. Seriously you don't even want to know how big it is! I have to say ordering a "regular" was a baby step in the right direction for me!  

We didn't need to eat anything on the drive home cause we were pretty full but when we got back to VA that night, we stopped at Target and picked up a Digonio pizza - not at all healthy but I didn't want to eat out and didn't have a lot of time to cook. I paired it with a cesear salad!

I honestly don't even remember what I ate the week after our trip! It's such a blur because I wasn't working and had no type of schedule or appointments to keep. I know I ate this salad on Friday, though... it's my favorite salad in the world!

2013-10-11 13.52.56

*Massaged kale with extra virgin olive oil, sweet potato chunks and chicken sausage topped with avocado dressing! Sometimes I add other stuff like sunflower seeds or apple or cucumber. It really doesn't matter what I put in it, it's always good!

I wish I had more of my diet to share with you because it hasn't been all bad (even though most of this is pretty bad)! I think that the overload of sugar in Jonesborough was just too tough to overcome upon my return, plus the fact that I stopped tracking. I think tracking is KEY! DON'T STOP TRACKING!

I'm going to recap the entire challenge either later today or tomorrow, and talk about what I learned and how I plan to proceed... I hope you'll stay tuned!

Has going out of town ever completely thrown off your healthy habits? 

Do you keep a food log?

PS: Did you see this artcile on the Top 10 Mistakes CrossFitters Make? I really enjoyed it!