We Joined Crossfit Falls Church!

Hey all! Happy Monday! How is everyone doing? I had a great weekend! It was another #socialmediafreeweekend, except that I had to hop onto Instagram Saturday and share that Aaron and I joined Crossfit Falls Church! I'm SO excited!

We start our Elements class May 6th and will go twice a week through the entire month. Crossfit Falls Church also offers unlimited yoga classes (eek!) and Olympic lifting workshops- I can't wait to get more involved!


By the way, this was Aaron and my first time really working out together (shock!) and to be honest, I was nervous! What if he doesn't like high intensity workouts like I do? What if he looks at me funny for pushing myself so hard? (which I knew I would do at crossfit) What if I can't push myself because he's watching!? So many questions and concerns, but guess what? It was absolutely amazing!! We both did our own thing but we were connected and checking in with each other at the same time. I loved it!

It feels great to combine my love for fitness with the love of my life! I'm looking forward to many more workouts together!

Love you babe!


Do you workout with your hubby?

Are you a cross-fitter?