November Goals

I haven't done a goals post in awhile! Being in Florida and having a few days off has really helped me focus. Here's a look at my priorities this month!

Plan ahead

I've finally made some decisions about my editorial calendar and the direction of the blog! My plan is to share features once a month - one Fit Mom interview a month, one Industry Fit interview a month... you get the idea! With this new approach, I should have interviews in the works a month in advance. This will bring you better content and make my life less stressful.

Ebook launch!

I'd love to launch my ebook in December. It's written but I have to figure out the backend as far as formatting, publishing and marketing. It's a lot to figure out in a short period of time, but I'm making it a priority this month!

IMG_6833I love salad!!!

Promote the blog!

I want to post about this at length more later, but basically, I'm pretty shy about my blog. I don't post to my personal Facebook page about it (or even the FFAB page!), or tell people about it. I know this is hurting my readership and ... more importantly, I work so hard on the blog, why not be proud of it? I think the issue is tied into some self-confidence issues, but I'm ready to tear down those walls and step out of my comfort zone!

0b4fb3f245fcf7332a5db2350a03dd85Image via Pinterest

What are your goals for this month?Β