My Approach to Paleo & the FFAB Meal Plan Week of July 7

Good morning and happy Monday! Let's get right to it, and talk Paleo!

Here's where I'm at with the Paleo challenge I mentioned doing in July:

To be honest, all last week, I worried about "going Paleo," as I tried to get back on track with my diet in general - getting back into the routine of logging in MyFitnessPal (with some pretty bad entries [over 1,500 calories one day]) and trying to kick the dessert-with-every-meal mindset I picked up on our cruise. Meanwhile, I've also been savoring bread - in the form of biscuits and cookies! - thinking about the prospect of giving it all up for a Paleo lifestyle...

I've been thinking a lot too, asking myself how I'll survive the mornings with no cream in my coffee, or how I'll overcome the 3 o'clock itch to hit the candy jar... And whether I really want to give up yogurt? Oatmeal? And Quinoa? No, I told myself. I certainly do not!

Here's the thing: I've never been into elimination diets. I don't like the idea of restricting myself from any one particular food. I do like to follow a strict meal plan - that always makes me feel good - but nothing is ever really banned from that plan (except maybe the obvious french fries, pizza, and excessive ice cream)! So, the idea of giving up an entire food group, which is essentially what Paleo is about, kinda scares me.

All of this, however, is what you call over-thinking it... I'm pretty good at that, actually! Weighing every little pro and con, and trying to map out an entire year's worth of Paleo meals!


What's better? Keep it simple, stupid. << That's my approach.

Yep, I'm keeping it simple. I'm doing what I know and what I love best, and going to take it one day at a time, using my best judgement about what to eat. Here's how I decided to do to get started, which is essentially what I always do anyway!

Step 1.) Make a grocery list Step 2.) Go to the grocery store Step 3.) Meal prep for the week Step 4.) Revise/finalize the meal plan Step 5.) Try my best to stick to the meal plan

It's just that simple!

Meanwhile, I am also going to read what I can about the Paleo approach (currently, I'm reading The Paleo Solution). I like to know the science behind it, especially because I took a vegetarian approach to food not to long ago - thinking that was the healthy high road - and this pretty much goes against all of that!

And, of course, I plan to experiment with new recipes! I've been pinning a bunch!

In an effort to go Paleo, we decided to switch things up and shop at Trader Joe's this week, and see if that didn't inspire some meal ideas. I've been especially perplexed with my husband's meal plan because he's usually eats turkey sandwhichs for lunch and white rice with dinner, but, we came up with some alternatives and I think we have a solid game plan. Here's a look at what's on the menu this week:


  • Egg Muffins (I used ham, diced onions and roasted red peppers)
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Fruit salad with coconut milk (I taste tested this on Sunday night and it is bomb dot com! Holy coconut milk! You are delicious!)


  • Fruit - bananas, kiwis, oranges, and cantaloupe
  • Trailmix
  • Almonds
  • Sliced Turkey
  • Apple or celery with almond butter


  • Salmon w/ green beans and butternut squash
  • Kals Salad
  • Trader Joes Chicken w/ asparagus
  • Hamburgers (on lettuce) and sweet potato "fries"

New treats to try:


I hope this gives you guys a good idea of how we plan to give Paleo a try.

If you're trying it too, I'd love to hear how!

Email me or comment with your favorite recipes, methods for staying accountable, favorite blogs, anything!

Have you been skeptical of elimination diets, too?

Have you ever tried Paleo?

What's your approach to new diets?