Motivational Quote: Stronger

It's been awhile since I provided a motivational quote. I love creating them! Words inspire me, probably because I'm a writer and I believe in the power of words. Sometimes I think I don't use words enough- What are my mantras? What are the words I use to describe myself?

Unfortunately, growing up overweight, I developed a lot of negative mantras (you're not good enough; you're not as good; you're not fill-in-the-blank). Getting into fitness these last few years, I've realized just how damaging these thoughts are, cause whether it's cardio or weight lifting, your own beliefs about your abilities WILL make the difference. It's true, guys. That's the only reason I was able to run a marathon. (Me! The same girl who ran to the locker room ready to puke after running her first full mile in high school). The only reason- the ONLY reason- was because I refused to believe I couldn't. That's what got me through the long runs on the weekends, the IT band issues, the rain, the fatigue. And reaching that finish line, let me tell you: it's sweet, sweet justification. It's a big, comforting pat on the back from yourself to yourself, saying, "I told you so!"

I imagine I'd face a lot of self-doubt in crossfit. It sure took a lot of guts to just go,Β let alone go among regulars! I'm not scared, though. You know why? Cause I tell myself this:


You should tell yourself it, too. See all that you can accomplish! Then report back! :)

Make it a fantastic week fit brides!

Let's do this!