#MotivatedMondays & Question: How Do You Envision Yourself?

Hey you! Happy Monday and welcome back! It's another week getting started, and I wanna know: are you motivated??? Here's a little quote to get you going... You're going to need to remember this for this week's stairway workout, coming later today! Train-Hard


Don't forget to instagram a pic of your workout with hashtags #motivatedmondays and #fitforabride

If not, here's some inspiration-- Check out Oxygen Magazine's 10 Most Inspiring Success Stories, which include Denise (below) who is down from 200 lbs to 130!

Oxygen Magazine's Top 10 Success Stories Online

MONDAY CHECK-IN: Where do you stand? How was your weekend?

Here's where I am - I'm finally back into my routine. The holiday fog has lifted, we've got Rocky situated (he's slowing recovering, btw!), and I'm out of chocolate-covered cherries (thank God)! So, I'm back in the gym and back logging, but it's time to step it up a notch, time to start training hard! That's when I feel the MOST inspired, that's when I see the BEST results.

I'm working on ENVISIONING my goals this week.

I've written them down on paper, which is good, but I'm a visual person and pictures help a lot. PLUS, my goals aren't just numbers on a scale. I envision myself LIFTING. Lifting heavy.

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 6.16.47 PM


From one of my favorite blogs:  Girl Walks into a Bar(bell)

What about you?

How do you envision yourself?

*In the comments, describe the YOU you want to be!*