Motivated Mondays: Tactics to Stay Inspired

Hey everyone! Happy monday! Did you enjoy the Grammy's last night? My favorite performance (although it's hard to pick just one) was probably by Alicia Keys! Kelly Clarkson was a close second, though! What'd you think of Justin Timberlake's comeback? Alright, so how's everyone feeling this monday? For me, today marks week two of the #FFABChallenge to meal plan and stick to it. I don't think many of you are participating but, I have to admit: week one went GREAT! I stuck to my meal plan almost exactly and enjoyed the food (I even lost a pound!)-- I really enjoyed the restrain and that feeling, waking up in the morning, knowing all the details were already sorted out and my egg casseroleΒ was ready for me to devour! My downfall came, however, after my Saturday cheat meal; it was hard to get back on track after french toast!

Of course, I'm not ready to give up and it's Monday and that's synonymous with a fresh start/clean slate. However, I know what I need: a little motivation, which can go a long way to put my goals in perspective. (Like these "lbs to lose," and "lbs to destroy" bottles!)

This morning I'm throwing everything I can at you! Here are my favorite motivational pics and reminders from Pinterest.Β I hope they help you bust through your rut and get started on a meal plan or whatever health/fitness goals you have!

Motivational Wall


Motivatational Tactic-2

{Diet Girl}

This one is kind of gross, but it definitely puts things in perspective!

Motivatational Tactic-3


On that same note:

One Pound


However, always good to keep in mind:

Scale Motivation

{Operation Beautiful}





Mind Over Matter


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Happy Monday!