Motivated Monday: Plan a "Me" Day

For today's motivation, I'm going to step away from the usual "eat clean and go to the gym," talk and suggest we we indulge in a bit of self-care! Here's how:   Ever since I heard about a "me" day, I knew I needed one. Sadly, though, I learned of the concept about 2 years ago and I'm yet to have one! I've tried - sometimes even scheduling off work during the week to get rest, go get my nails done, or squeeze in an errand - but, I always end up with someone or doing something for someone, or attempting to fulfill one of the many obligations on my to-do list. >> This my friends is not a true "me" day.

In fact, a "me" day is one that doesn't involve anyone, not my best friend, mom, or even husband! It's about ME. And it should be about doing something that I want to do, and not something I feel obligated to do, or something I think someone else wants me to do.


Are you beginning to see why this "me" day idea is easier said than done?

As moms, wives, students, full-time employees, entrepreneurs, etc., we have many obligations to fill, and, if you're like me, you tend to try to do it all and please everyone.

A "me" day is a break from that. It's an intentional time-out, for your own personal sanity, to recharge, reflect, do whatever.

Here's a few "me" day ideas I have for myself:

  • Go kayaking in Georgetown.
  • Go on a hike; lay on a blanket; read.
  • Have a spa day with a manicure, pedicure, facial and massage.
  • Go out to eat, alone; take a book.
  • Journal at the park.
  • Spend an entire day at the library - I love the library! (So weird, I know.)
  • Spend an entire day painting. (Yes, I said painting. I love watercolor.)

A few not so great ideas:

  • Do the laundry.
  • Clean the kitchen.
  • Clean out the cabinets.
  • Go to the bank.
  • Catch-up on phone calls.
  • Catch-up on emails.

*Note: I'm not saying it's bad to take time to do the above chores, but certainly, they don't constitute a "me" day! If you need a "me" day, here are few ideas to make it happen:

  • Schedule it in advance. You mark your calendar when others need you, why not mark a day for yourself?
  • Turn off your phone. Granted, for moms this might not be an option, but if you can, try at least not answering phone calls or texts for a day, unless it's an emergency. This will allow you to actually relax. 
  • Log off social media. Relieve yourself of the urge to share your experience with everyone and just enjoy it. Don't worry about documenting it.
  • Warn people. Let your husband know the day is coming up and let him know the terms, as in, he cannot expect anything of you; you'll be unavailable! (Ask if he needs a "me" day, too! He just might!) 
  • Share the idea with girlfriends. If sharing the idea means sabotaging your day (beacuse your girlfriends will try to schedule an interuption [for instance, spending that day with them], don't mention it. But, if chances are that your friend are just as burnt out, tired, or overworked as you, share the idea! They may be in desperate need of a "me" day, too.
  • Schedule several "me" days. Pick a day each month. Be firm with yourself; don't readily reschedule your me day. Also try picking one specific day a month, like every fourth Saturday.
  • Write a list of possible "me" day activities. You might find yourself re-writing your to-do list, in which case, you'll need to start again! What would be relaxing and recharging for you? Reading a book by the pool? Going on a long jog? What's your ideal day?
  • Or, try winging in. If writing a list makes a "me" day stressful because you want to get to everything on the list, or you can't narrow it down (that's my problem), just wing it. Plan to wake up and see where the day takes you! No pressure!
  • Do it now! Don't wait! I've put off having a "me" day for years, but it's always been in the back of my mind! I'm scheduling my day TODAY. You should too!

Do you need a "me" day?

What's your ideal "me" day look like?