Motivated Monday & Crossfit Lately

I'm combining today's Motivated Monday post with my recap of Crossfit since we graduated Elements. We've been attending since the beginning of July and in just 15 days, it's been pretty intense and I think worthy of some reflection... A good place to start would be my last post about crossfit, which I titled, Crossfit you scare me. That still holds true! Our box posts the following day's workout the night before and I look them up obsessively. I'm not sure what's scariest: knowing the workout ahead, not being completely accustomed to the lingo or all the movements, or the movements being so challenging, but whatever it is... it's still scary.

The good news is that facing those fears each time I decide to go anyway, and then getting through the workout is really, really rewarding! When it's over I want to jump through the roof with excitement that a.) I didn't die and b.) I showed up, despite my fears!

The whole thing is changing the way I think about my body, my abilities, my weight, and my diet. For example, I'm not as concerned with the scale anymore, or looking a certain way in a bathing suit (yes, I'm one of those girls whose goal has always been to "wear a bikini"). I'm not beating myself up for a couple of bites of dark chocolate (or even french toast), and I'm not stressing out when I can't make it to the gym or squeeze in a workout one day.

I'm just going easier on myself.

At the same time, I'm going a lot harder at the gym. The intensity of crossfit workouts is like nothing I've ever experienced before. As frightening as those WODs are, I love the constant variety! (In fact, I'm quite bored with my old workouts.) I've also never pushed myself at such a high endurance, or ever felt as sweaty and sore. I'm reminded of the quote, If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. Crossfit is certainly doing both.

I'm adopting today's quote as my new mantra, too.


I'm letting go of self-doubt, guilt, and frustration and embracing strength, confidence, and contentment.

I'm shifting my goals, too. Mainly, I just want to get stronger. I want to overcome the fear of pull-ups. I want to do a pull-up and improve my performance in each new WOD. Is that weird? I don't know but it feels right. It feels good!

I'm not sure if all this is coming across the way it sounds in my head- cause it's pretty clear up there!- but the bottom line is that Crossfit is changing me and I think it's for the better. I'm pushing myself to new limits and knocking out big, scary goals with sweat and strength each workout. I'm feeling great, and I want this budding self-confidence to continue to grow. 

Has a new sport or workout shifted in your mindset about weight loss and fitness?

Are you new to crossfit? What's it been like for you?  

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