Monday Motivation & Crossfit, You Scare Me!

This post is your Monday Motivation and my recap of week two of crossfit elements. (Read week one here!!) beginner

The timing of this post couldn't be better... I'm getting ready to head to my 5th crossfit class. I've taken four elements classes and gone to one regular class (Friday). Overall, I've really, really enjoyed everything and I've learned a heck of a lot. But, can I just say that I am totally terrified before each workout?

I know that sounds pretty lame coming from a fitness blogger/wannabe bootcamp instructor, but it's something about crossfit... all the new movements, maybe? It's been a real challenge and while I usually love a challenge, I also secretly fear I won' t be able to complete the challenges posed at crossfit, like Saturday's workout - 50 pull-ups, right off the bat? No way I could have done that.

Let me back up for a second, though...

Last Monday I decided to go to the gym at lunch (per my usual pre-crossfit) and test out the crossfit workout I saw on the blog the weekend prior (the one I mentioned here). I did 5 rounds of 18 assisted pull-ups and (tried to do) 5 rounds of weighted overhead squats. The workout was tough, but broken down, it was totally manageable... I knew I had crossfit that night, but I thought: 'the workouts are always so short!'

Bad idea.

Monday's night's crossfit workout? 1,000 meter row, 50 thrusters, and 30 pull-ups. I thought I was going to die between the thrusters and pull-ups. I'd already done near 100 pull-ups that day!

The next day was painful (I was SO sore), but I pressed through and worked out with my trainer, at work, per usual... His workout? Freaking 21-15-12: weighted squats, thrusters, push-ups, and rows with the TRX; we also ran to the front desk and back and did some burpees. Talk about tough! My back, my arms, my lats especially, were all on fire. Wednesday I did the Insanity fit-test at work. It's a quickie (less than 30 minutes). Then Thursday morning, we were back at crossfit. Friday I headed back to crossfit for my first non-elements class.

Here's what I learned this week... 

-Crossfit workouts alone are enough for one day. Don't double up on crossfit days unless you're crazy.

-Contrary to what I thought, you cannot breakdown workouts however you want. You actually have to do the reps and the sequence, as prescribed, unless otherwise noted... Hello scary!

-"It gets less scary, but sometimes it does suck." An instagram follower who does crossfit regularly told me this. I think it's solid advice and something I definitely need to keep in mind going forward.

-Suck it up, buttercup. Yea. All those cute tees- they're beginning to make more sense now! These aren't your average workouts and there's a reason the slogan is "forging ELITE fitness!" Nevertheless, it's best to suck it up and stick it out. I have to tell myself I CAN DO THIS!

-Allow yourself to be a beginner. I so needed to hear that! Hello! I've only done 5 classes! I need to give myself some room to grow.

-In the end, it'll be amazing and you'll probably feel like this walking out of the gym...

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 6.43.55 PM

That last point is probably the most important, because as scared as I was going to crossfit Friday, I had a kick-ass workout.  The instructor was phenomenal (It was Linsey, who is sort of a celebrity in my mind because she's competed in the Regional games, and also owns the gym). She's a great teacher -- very straightforward -- and overall, I think I did great! Especially considering the fact that we did hang snatch jerks, which I won't be learning until my very last elements class.

I really need to take comfort in the fact that thus far, there hasn't been anything I really couldn't do. Granted, the pull-ups suck, they're hard as hell and I feel completely incapable of doing them... but, I've done them... Assisted, struggling, and mad as hell, I've done them!

I think that whether it's crossfit or eating healthy, or running, or whatever it is that you're just learning, you've got to allow yourself time to be excellent.

What do you need to allow yourself to be a beginner at right now? Are you a new mom, new to crossfit, or even new to a job? Are you just starting to meal prep? I'd love for you to share your new beginnings with me in the comments!  

Second photo credit: busygirlseatclean