Monday Motivation

Fit-Way-of-Life To be totally honest, I've always hated when people said "it's a lifestyle." Well, maybe not hate it, but for the longest time, I didn't get it. I knew what it should mean, but I didn' t know what it meant for me... until recently.

At least for me, "it's a lifestyle," means meal prepping is cool and fun, and probably my favorite weekend past-time. It means that even though I haven't been running every weekend, I do love running, especially early Saturday mornings around the Nation's capitol. It means I love being pressured into lifting big heavy weights, and challenging others to do the same. I love Whole Foods grocery shopping, salad club, and trying new, healthy recipes. I love dark chocolate and eat it in moderation. (love should really read LOVE; and to say I'm learning* to eat it in moderation would be more accurate.) I have slip-us, but we all do. I love writing, learning, and sharing it all.

All these things are my life and they're also characteristics of being 'fit,' something I am certainly striving for.

What's "it's a lifestyle" mean to you?

If nothing yet, what do you want it to mean?