Weekend Recap

Hey friends. Happy Monday! How are you? I'm pretty tired today from a whirlwind weekend: my friend Emily and her daughter, Eva visited from Charlottesville and absolutely nothing went as planned! Saturday, we were supposed to spend the day at a fun waterpark but it was cloudy and raining, and then - something horrible - my puppy nipped little Eva in the face! You might have seen on Instagram how impressed I was with my husband's fathering skills. (He was amazing!)  I'm just so thankful little Eva was OK. I imagine it could have been much worse. (Although, it was still pretty bad in my eyes... I'm still in shock over the whole ordeal.)

When Emily & Eva left Sunday morning, I rushed out to Ashburn for a mini-maternity shoot with Michelle (below). My friend Vanessa took this photo and I think it's just stunning! Way to go, Vanessa!


Considering the fact that Vanessa and I are not professional photographers, the photoshoot went extremely well! All the pictures are just as awesome as the one above! I plan to share a few here once we reveal all them to Michelle.

The day made me realize just how much I love photography. Lord knows how obsessed I am taking iPhone pics - give me a real purpose and a real camera - I explode with excitement!   

2013-08-05_0004J is for Jackson, which Michelle plans to name her boy!

It was a busy weekend and I hardly had a free minute to look at my August Powersheets, but I think it's safe to say this first week did not go as planned... I ate pretty bad this weekend, haven't been logging in MyFitnessPal and wasn't able to fit in a single workout (not even my August Ab exercises)! I want to get back on track ASAP, so here's what I have planned for workouts this week:

  • Monday- Crossfit after work
  • Tuesday - Personal Training during work
  • Wednesday - Crossfit after work
  • Thursday - Personal Training during work
  • Friday - Crossfit anytime (I'm off work)
  • Saturday - Crossfit
  • Sunday - Rest

Working out always makes me feel better amidst my busy schedule. It also helps me make better choices in terms of diet. I'm looking forward to a week of getting back into my routine!

Also, I wanted to thank those of you who commented on this post, from last week. I'm still not sure what direction I want to take this blog, or whether I want to retire it completely, but one thing is for sure: I really appreciate your support and encouraging comments. :)

As you can see from this post, I like to write about what's going on in my life and it's not always something fitness or wedding related, which makes managing a niche blog a little rough sometimes. Also, seeing the way my friend's lives have changed, having childern, I wonder if Fit for a Bride will fit my priorities down the road. I think blogging more freely over on Sincerely Sara might be what's best for me. We'll see.

What do you have planned this week as far as workouts?

Did the first week of August escape you, too?

Moms: Did you have a maternity photoshoot when you were expecting?