Meet Karlye: Our New Fit-Mom Blogger

Hello, hello! Today I'm excited to introduce a new FFAB column that will be authored by my friend Karlye! I started working with Karlye about 4 years ago. She was there for me during my wedding and I was there for her during hers, and through it all we sweated it out at the gym, shedding pounds and learning to live healthy! In fact, in 2011, I witnessed as Karlye transformed her life and lost more than 70 lbs! She latched onto a solid fitness routine and clean eating, and took off running! She inspired me and helped me reach my goals. I think I inspired her some, too! We made a great team! But, as the years have gone on, we've both struggled to maintain our weight loss. We've had highs and lows, and tons of new obstacles (an especially painful one for her was divorce), but the good news is we haven't given up! We're still sweating it out two days a week at our work gym, and determined to meet our goals once in for all!

When Karlye approached me to blog her journey, I didn't hesitate to bring her aboard! She's been a huge supporter of my dream to launch Fit for a Bride, and was one of the first to hear the idea - back when it was just an idea! Let's give her a warm welcome! Welcome Karlye!!! 

Fit-Mom-BloggerHi! My Name is Karlye and I am an Emotional Eater.

Hello, FFAB family! It is so nice to finally introduce myself to you all. If you have been reading the blog since the beginning, you may have seen my name in a post or two. Or maybe you’ve just seen a picture of my adorable baby boy! Ok, ok. He’s not really a baby… he’s almost 6! I’m a recently divorced single mother on a bumpy journey to health and happiness. You may be wondering, “What’s a divorced gal doing blogging for a site called Fit for a BRIDE?!” Well, allow me to tell you more about myself and give you some background on how I got to where I am today.

Once upon a time, I was madly in love. We moved in together, had a baby, and eventually got married in April of 2012. At that point, we had been together for 7 years. Even though I had felt like we were already married, I vividly remember feeling like our wedding day was truly the first day of the rest of our lives. I was so excited for the future and the idea of having more babies and growing old with him. Well, it turned out he did not exactly feel the same way; 4 months later he told me he did not think he was in love with me, and 3 months after that he moved out. I was completely devastated and in shock. It was not just shocking to me, it was shocking and devastating to everyone who knew us. Everyone adored him and thought we were such a cute couple—we represented true love.

In a few short months, I went from the highest point in my life to the lowest.

I had always known I was an emotional eater. When I was genuinely happy, I could lose weight without even trying. When I was stressed or depressed, I would blow up! Since about 3rd grade, my weight has been going up and down, and up and down according to my level of happiness. This pattern continued throughout our relationship. At the very end of 2009, Sara and a couple other coworkers talked me into joining a gym with them and working out during our lunch breaks. I signed up for personal training and something clicked! I ended up losing 70lbs in 7 months and kept it off for the rest of 2010. I still needed to lose more weight, but I was happy in every way, which made it so easy to stay focused and on track. In 2011, however, I started to slowly gain the weight back because I allowed stress back into my life and the emotional eating came back with it. I went up and down for a while, but never gained all the weight back. On my wedding day, I was the biggest I had been in a while, but still much smaller than I once was. Needless to say, since the day I realized my husband was not in love with me, I have suffered from a lot of emotional eating, including binge eating.

I gained all of the 70lbs back, plus another 10 or so.

I was so disappointed in myself, especially because I know how to eat right and I know how to work out. I have no valid excuse for letting myself get that big again.

Throughout my life, I have never had super high self-esteem. During my relationship, I put so much energy into loving my partner that I do not think I loved myself. Now, it is time to focus on me! My goal is to be fit, happy, and healthy and to be a good role model for my son. I want to be here long enough to have grand kids and see them grow up and I want to teach my son healthy habits so that he does not become the emotional eater I became. I thought sharing my journey would help hold me accountable, so I asked Sara if I could use her Fit Mom series as a platform.

Around the same time, our current trainer provided some extra motivation. We are lucky enough to have a gym at work that is super cheap and the membership includes FREE personal training. It doesn’t get much better than that! Sara and I have been working out with him for a few years, but you would never know that by looking at me. So, to help kick our butts into gear, he is giving us 2 months to lose a certain amount of weight. If we fail, he’ll stop training us (gasp)! I look forward to these sessions. If I did not work out any other day, I at least had two days of the week that I would work out with him. I CANNOT lose these free sessions. He gave me 2 months to lose 20lbs (ahhh) and after these 2 months are over, he’ll give a new goal for the next month and every month after that until I’m one sexy momma! Haha!

All joking aside, this journey I’m embarking on is about becoming physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger. I want to learn to love myself, flaws and all, during every phase. I am determined to be fit, happy, healthy, and confident. I hope that you all will join me on my journey to be a FFABulous Fit Mom!



You guys can expect to hear form Karlye again this Thursday and then once-a-week after that! I'm super excited to have her as a regular contributor and hope you enjoy following her journey! Feel free to follow a little closer via Instagram @Kaylynnsnow!

Are you an emotional eater? 

Have you ever gained back a significant amount of weight?