Meal Plan with a Monica Rysavy Printable!

Hey everyone-- it's Monday! How did you enjoy the Super Bowl? It was pretty close, huh? My favorite part was the half-time performance by Beyonce, not gonna lie! It was awesome and totally inspiring! She's so fit! Is it safe to say she was prepared for that performance? (I didn't see any lip-syncing!) All the singing, dancing, head-banging! That took some serious work! There's no way she just winged it, right?  NO WAY. She was prepared and that's the theme for the blog this month-- preparation!!!! First of all, did you see my post on Friday? Today is the first day of the #FFABChallenge to meal plan!! Yay! As promised, I've got a few helpful tools to get you started!

I've partnered with my good friend Monica Rysvay to bring you a fun and functional printable that can be used to list out your daily meals and groceries! Hop over to Monica's blog now to download it!

We'd also LOVE if you tagged us on Instagram (fitforabrideblog & monicarysavy) with photo of your printable filled out with the hashtag #FFABChallenge! Are you ready? Set, go! FFAB-Challenge-BannerNow, you might be thinking-- that's great-- a printable, but you've got no clue what to write it! Here's a hint: think about the healthy foods you love. I'm a huge fan of Greek yogurt and it's been known to save me from snacking on something bad like candy, cause it's sweet. I also love oatmeal in the morning because it fills me up and holds me over until lunch. I love sweet potatoes and brown rice, and I love my myofushion protein shakes! So that's what I've got on my meal plan.

Here's a look:

Meal-Plan{Download a blank version here}

Notice I've also got the egg white casserole on here! It makes six servings so it's the perfect dish to get me through the week. Heat & go-- it's that easy!

*CHEAT MEAL--  I'm going to a brunch event on Saturday and unfortunately, I know they're won't be Greek yogurt on the menu (bummer!). I will have worked hard all week sticking to my meal plan, though and will allow myself a scrumptious brunch (guilt-free)! The key, however, is that this is a MEAL, it's not a cheat DAY-- that can really throw you off; it's a meal-- one setting and you're done; back to the meal plan.

**MEAL AWAY FROM HOME-- I didn't plan for this to be a cheat meal because I'm only allowing myself FOUR in the month (this Saturday, Valentine's Day, my Valentine's Party, and I'm leaving one open, as unexpected), but we're visiting my parent's for my little sister's birthday party on Sunday and there probably won't be any Greek yogurt or salmon there either :( However, I'm going to do my VERY best to stick to CLEAN choices, as I don't want to blow my efforts on the weekend-- that's so easy to do! Keep in mind, I don't want this meal plan to keep me from enjoying events with my family and friends. The whole point is to stick to an 80-20 rule-- 80% clean eating, 20% for when you simply can't avoid birthday cake!

80-20 RuleIs this too much of the same thing for you? That's totally understandable and that's why I encourage you to make a meal plan that suits YOU. I enjoy eating the same foods in rotation. I also love my salad club (I never get sick of salads and I'll get a lot of variety from that). I've been eating chobani everyday for MONTHS (years?) and I'm not sick of it yet either. So, with that said, meal plans work for me because there's not as much guessing/on-the-spot decision-making to do! But they're not for everybody.

Is this too much deprivation? For me, this isn't deprivation at all! I love these foods and there's no way I'll go hungry on this plan! Not to mention, I'm allowing myself to snack on celery and fruit as needed, but I've eaten this diet before and it's very filling. I also believe that leaving Saturday and Sunday open will help a lot. It's not deprivation if I'm going to brunch and a birthday party, right? I think not!

And, our motivational quote of the day:


So there you have it!

This month's challenge!

Let's do this!!!

Image via Eating Rules & Social Cafe Mag