Challenge: Arms Everyday

Hey, hey and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Are you over the Memorial Day hump? I know, it's rough being back at work today for me, too! I have a little something in mind to challenge us this month. I didn't get much feedback from you all on the May-ke it Happen Challenge, but at least for me, it was very rewarding. This month, I want to do ARMS EVERYDAY!


You probably caught a glimpse of me goofing around and flexing over on Instagram. I always do this hoping to see a little more of my bicep each time, but this month I want to make a conscious effort to work my arms every. single. day.

For this challenge, you can do whatever exercises you want to work your arms, but the key is to do something everyday! 

There's tons of resources around the web, especially on Pinterest and Instagram and no shortage of ideas for exercises. Heck, push-ups are a great arms workout! Try doing maybe 10 push-ups a night. Or, if you really want to see results (which I do!), try do at least 50 of something EACH day. That can be 2 sets of 25 push-ups, or 20 push-ups, 10 bicep curls, 10 dips, and 10 one-minute planks. Whatever you want!

To help keep you (and me!) motivated I'm going to post weekly workouts!

I'm also going to do a little before and after picture. I hope you will too!

Here is a calendar to keep track of your progress! (Keep in mind, June is a pretty short month and it's already the 3rd. That means you only have to do this for 27 days! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING FOR JUST 27 DAYS!)

Arms Everyday
Arms Everyday

Start TODAY! Don't waste another minute!

Here are some workouts you may want to being with:

An arms workout to do at the gym: Oxygen Sculpt Sexy Arms with Drop Sets (>>> this is the actual workout)

A few exercises you can do at home with no equitment: 3 Easy Moves for Stronger Triceps

If you're short on time (this is just 10 minutes): FIT Sugar Tone Arms Workout

Do you want to see your bicep grow, too?

What are your favorite arm workouts?