June Goals & NASM Test Update

Hey, hey! It's late Sunday night, but I've been meaning to get this post up!

June is underway and I have some new goals!


{a sideways hello!}

1. Continue to Meal Prep - I love meal planning! It's so much fun and makes losing weight feel almost effortless. The only two things that stand in my way are time and money, both of which are tight this month. I have to work with what we've got (no $200 Costco hauls happening this week), but I know I can do it!

*If any of you are interested in seeing my meal plan, feel free to email me! 

2. Accountability with my friend Monica - I love accountability partners. I'm always more driven if there's someone to check-in with, and Monica, like me, has a lot of big plans (with her shop, school, and blogging). WE try to email about once-a-week to keep each other motivated, but this month we're going to use Evernote to record weekly goals. I'm so thankful for her support and friendship! Yay Monica! We got this!

3. Blog Everything - I want more original pictures, features, Q&As, and recipes; more weddings and wedding inspiration; more everything.

*Is there anything in particular that you want to see more of? 

4. Get the Salad Club Ebook Underway - Yep, you read that right! I want to write an ebook about salad club! I've already started but I want to write a little everyday so that it doesn't take me 10 years to finish!  I need to set some deadlines for this! More updates coming soon.

5. ARMS EVERYDAY. The picture above is a little sneak peak; more details on the way.

In regard to last month's goal to study for the NASM Exam-  I've decided to push back the date of the exam. :( I'm a little disappointed in myself for not being ready within the six months allotted, but I'm also very relived I no longer have a looming test date. A close friend gave me a really wonderful study guide (an anatomy coloring book!) that's already helping a lot! I plan to reschedule the exam when I've done a bit more studying. I'll keep you posted!


May was a whirlwind month, but a good one! It was really rewarding to set a goal and stick to it.

I'd like to keep the momentum going, and plan to do so with these new goals!

What are your June goals?