July Goals: Lara Casey Powersheets

Hey guys! I'm back from vacation!!!! I'm posting a full recap tomorrow, but in the meantime, I wanted to share my goals for July. I can hardly believe we're halfway through the year! I'm really pumped for the second-half of 2013, though, and a big part of the reason are Lara Casey's Powersheets, which I recently won on Gina Zeidler's blog (thank you, Gina)! The Powersheets are THE ultimate goal setting guide - with 10 big goals broken down into six and eventually even more, action steps - and a foolproof road map for making goals happen! Next to each goal, you also write out WHY (you want this) and HOW (you plan to get this) and all of that information is funneled into one monthly "Tending" sheet. It's awesome!!!!!

The whole process really requires you to dig deep into your spirit and write out your wildest dreams, based on what matters most in your life whether that's your spouse, your children, God, your business, your creative outlet... all of it!

It's taken me most all of June to get everything filled in and ready and I plan to begin using the Tending List TOMORROW. I'm SO excited! Now, if you haven't heard of the Powersheets, all this may sound like gibberish - sorry - I do highly recommend you check them out, especially if you're an obsessive list-maker like me! :)

Here's a glimpse into mine:

SONY DSCOne of my favorite sections is the LIFE VISION portion. This is a required step prior to writing out your goals and I think it's truly helpful in setting the tone for what your focus ought to be. Not to mention, I'm a very visual person and putting this collage together was downright fun and energizing!

My vision board has quotes like "Blog your dreams," "Bloom where you're planted," and tips for saying "no," from Jess Lively.


You'll also find images of women doing handstand pushups and zumba, and some cool workout clothes (stripe leggings from Lululemon and a #beastmode tank)! I also have images of healthy foods, candles, and lots of amazing photos of the sunrise. :)


All in all, the Powersheets are pretty amazing! Granted, they're a lot of work (and I imagine actually carrying out the action steps will be hard work too), but it's so, so worth it to give your life direction and purpose.

If you're a bride, I think these sheets are great for organizing upcoming wedding-related tasks as well as the transition from bride to wife! I simply cannot recommend them enough!

Now onto this month's goals: 

Use my Powersheet Tending Lists: As mentioned, all of the goals are funneled onto one monthly tending sheet. For it to be effective, I'll need to actually use it! I plan to hit the ground running TOMORROW! Woo!

Explore the Paleo Diet: Aaron and I talked a lot about crossfit and the Paleo diet on our cruise (In particular, we read this interesting Men's Journal article: Paleo's Latest Converts). We wanted to start tomorrow, but unfortunately, one day between vacation and work didn't give us enough time to prepare. We're going to continue our research and soon (we're thinking next Monday), we're going to attempt the Whole 30 or at least a variation of it. If you have any information about getting started with a Paleo diet or you're interested in working with me on implementing a calendar and guide for readers, please reach out!! In the meantime, stay tuned for more about this!

Crossfit, Crossfit, Crossfit: We're officially done with Elements next Sunday July 7th, and we've signed up for the Niner at Crossfit Falls Church. We're planning to go back as often as possible this month. I know the first few sessions will be rough -- after a week eating crap on a cruise! -- but I'm ready to jump back in. I've missed it!

(I'm still filling in my Tending List for July, and there's a lot more goals than listed here. I'll share them with you later this month!)


A recap of last month's goals: 

1. Continue to Meal Prep – I didn't have a chance to get to the grocery store today as planned, but I don't have a lot on the agenda for this weekend and plan to use the free time to get back on track! 

2. Accountability with my friend Monica - This has been AWESOME! At least up until this last week when I was away on vacation. I'm thankful to have Monica help me pick up right where I left off!  She's also using Lara Casey's powersheets (read her post about them here).

3. Blog Everything  I'm always striving to blog more often; this is a constant work in progress!

4. Get the Salad Club Ebook Underway. I started the salad club ebook and got a lot written but there's still a lot left to do! This goal is continuing into July!

5. ARMS EVERYDAY. I think I did pretty good with this in June, although, a big part of the reason is because we started crossfit and I started attempting exercises (like pull-ups) that I wouldn't usually try! I'm posting a full recap of the arms challenge later this week - stay tuned!

 What are your goals for July? I'd love to hear them!