Introducing Cherie: Our First Fit Bride Blogger!

Guys. Today is a really big day! Remember back a few weeks ago when I announced Fit for a Bride was accepting applications for a fit bride blogger? Well, a sweet girl named Cherie poured her fitness-loving heart out in an email to me and when I saw a.) how adorable she was and b.) that she was a CrossFitter, her fate as the first-ever FFAB blogger was sealed! Welcome aboard Cherie!  Into_Cherie

A few basic facts about the Miss, soon-to-be Mrs. Cherie: 

City & State: Augusta, Georgia

Age & Occupation: 21, Full Time Student, Bootcamp Instructor, & Blogger

Fiance's Age & Occupation: Lee, 23, Sales Manager

Engagement Date: June 16, 2014

Wedding Day: May 2015

Venue: Kings Plow Arts Center by Bold American Events (This is still tentative, but hopefully a-go!)

About Me: I'm a full-time student and full-time fitness enthusiast! I start most days with a dose of CrossFit, a cup of Starbucks, and a whole lot of Jesus! I'm recently engaged to the most amazing man, Lee and we are tying the knot May 2015. I have a heart for hand-lettering and stomach for macaroons (shhh!). My journey of fitness has always had a starting point but never an end point. I'm on a mission to maintain a healthy lifestyle, both mind and body, throughout this season of life my fiance and I like to call, "adventure planning!"

Now everyone, all together now... WELCOME CHERIE!!! 


Hello lovelies!

I’m Cherie from Waiting on Wildflowers, a little ol’ blog with giant aspirations. My friends and family call me a “health freak,” but I like to see it more as a heart for honoring and respecting this God-given body. I’ve been on quite the journey over the past few years, but nothing can compare to the current season of my life: engagement! I met my man, Lee, just over 4 years ago while in high school. What started off as your not-so-average friendship led to a long distance relationship that has found itself on a brand new adventure.

Early one morning L. picked me up for a surprise trip to Charleston - what I didn’t know was that later that day I would be accepting his offer to become his wife! We’ve wasted no time with the planning process. We’ve picked out a venue, called on our wedding party, and I even found my gown!

Every bride knows that nothing sounds more appealing that feeling and looking her best on her big day. What an honor it is to join the FFAB team to give fellow brides tips and encouragement to accomplish that feeling. I’ll be popping in here and there on FFAB to give you my advice on how to balance a healthy lifestyle with stress-free planning. There’s no doubt the road will have it’s challenges, but let’s run this race together. What do you say, beautiful?

Waiting on Wildflowers


You guys can expect to hear from Cherie again next Thursday and then once-a-week after that! I’m super excited to have her as a regular contributor and hope you enjoy following her journey! Feel free to follow a little closer via her blog or Instagram @waitingonwildflowers!