Introducing Amber, our Newest Fit Bride Blogger

I am so excited I don't even know where to begin!! This is a big day. HUGE! I'm finally introducing you all to my sister-in-law, Amber, who is going to be our newest fit-bride blogger! Everyone please, welcome Amber! You may recall Amber got engaged on Christmas Day and is set to be wed this September. She's a sweetie from the South with a big heart for hosting parties, football, and wine, and I always say, of all I'm friends I'm glad she's my sister. I love her dearly! 

I've known Amber for more than 10 years and her friendship in college cemented me meeting my husband, Aaron. We're really close--we actually share the same birthday (crazy!) and we both have motor mouths, meaning we love to talk! We can pass hours catching up over-the-phone or on a road trip and often seek each other's advice. 

When Amber approached me about blogging her weight loss journey, I didn't hesitate to say yes. In fact, I was flattered! Amber wanted to open up to me (and to the world!) about something so personal and so important and allow us to hold her accountable. Wow, I thought - just wow! That takes trust, faith and determination -- you know, all the things you need to stick with a weight loss program for the long haul... all things I know Amber has, in spades. 

So, knowing her deep desire to get fit and feel good about herself, I started collecting blog entries from Amber in January as she embarked on a strict meal plan and intense workout schedule. I can tell you, just from what I've seen so far, this girl is well on her way! In just the month since she's started she's dropped more than 10 lbs and she's feeling better than ever. I'm so proud of her!

Without further ado, meet Miss. Amber Lou! 


A few basic facts about the soon-to-be Mrs. Amber: 

City & State: Frederick, MD

Age & Occupation: 30, Product Support Manager at a global biotech company

Fiance’s Age & Occupation: Brandon, 30, Shipping Coordinator

Engagement Date: December 25, 2013

Wedding Day: September 2015

Venue: Two Rivers Country Club in Williamsburg, VA

About Me:

On Christmas Day 2013, I got engaged to a delicious, mocha-colored man I love! I am a self conscious, overanalyzing, emotional creature that just turned 30, and I know it sounds cliche, but he completes me (awww). I'm the talker; he is more quiet. I'm the emotional, detailed, crazy half; he's the calm, peaceful, let-it-flow half. I have always had weight issues but starting college was definitely the beginning to the end of my waistline. With 8 months until my wedding I am determined to make a transformation to my outside and inside so I can start living the healthy lifestyle I have always craved!

Once and for all:   

I have been a fat girl for most of my life. When I was younger I definitely think that I was smaller because I was more active, however I would never call myself “skinny." Now, I don’t want to just lose weight (which 20 pounds is probably the most I have ever lost on any diet plan) but keep the weight off. I have done diet pills, liquid diets, and Weight Watchers, but nothing has given me the results I want, nothing has been anything I could hope to maintain for awhile, and in the end the weight always comes back. I am ready to stop that! I am ready to have children and to have a happy life and stop feeling like the fat girl. Stop worrying about what everyone thinks of me! I am ready to change me and start learning to be happy with me. Here we go!


On Thursday Amber shares her love story: how she met Brandon and their big wedding plans. After that, look for Amber's column on Tuesdays.  Amber: I'm so excited to have you onboard! 

Are you shedding for the wedding? 

What's your once-and-for-all strategy?