My 4 Non-Weight Related Goals & Rewards

I've always been in the mindset that 135 lbs was the goal. Growing up overweight, I constantly thought to myself: If I can just get down to 135, or 140, then... fill-in-the blank will happen. (I'll be happier... I'll get a boyfriend... I'll feel better... I'll look better... everything will be better!) Even during wedding planning, I celebrated getting under 160 and then under 150, and I was sure to weigh myself the week of the big day. In all truth, the scale has always been an integral part of my health & fitness routine, but more recently, between meal prepping and crossfit, I'm putting less "weight" on the meaning of the number on the scale.

The Scale

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I'm sure you've heard it before: the scale means nothing, but do you really believe it? Ask yourself what exactly is driving you at this moment. Why are you doing arms everyday, or starting up a salad club? Are you dieting? Eating paleo? WHY? Is it because you want to lose weight, or have more confidence, be stronger, and healthier? All of the above? Really ask yourself WHY. For me, the answer is changing from "be skinny," to "be strong," and from "to be able to wear a bikini," to "be able to bench 75 lbs!"  

To reinforce this mindset, I decided to come up a list of 4 non-weight-related goals and rewards. These are goals that have nothing to do with my weight, and rather, reinforce true healthy lifestyle principles, such as strength and consistency. The rewards are because I love incentives (and makeup and stuff - Lol)!

1.) 100 days logging in MyFitnessPal :: $100 worth of new workout gear (clothes, headbands, socks, etc.)

  • I recently reached 35 days of straight logging on MyFitnessPal and wow, what a great feeling! I hadn't even realized I was logging everyday because it'd become so second-nature. When I saw the notification, I truly felt I'd reached a milestone. It reinforced the "this is my lifestyle," mindset and that's a good thing! 

2.) 1 non-assisted pull-up :: $100 worth of new makeup (I love makeup but never feel like I can afford it!)

  • Yes, I think ONE single pull-up is worth $100. They're THAT hard right now.

3.) 8 Saturday workouts in a row :: A new pair of sneaks!

  • I love working out on the weekends but sometimes life gets in the way. I'd love to get back to the dedication I had back when I was training for a marathon and workout every Saturday.

4.) Get into handstand pose :: FT4 heart rate monitor

  • I think my biggest problem with handstand push-ups is the initial act of throwing my body up onto the wall. When I get myself up there -- one day -- it's going to be the best day ever!!!

What are some non-scale goals that you have?

What are your incentatives or rewards?