Happy Weekend (More CrossFit Talk)

I wanted to pop back in today and just talk candid. This week flew by for me. Monday and Tuesday were pretty rough considering the circumstances and it's just been a fog since. The only thing that has kept me sane, really has been CrossFit. I went Tuesday night and we did the "bear complex." Greatest sequence ever-- I kept racking the weight and felt so strong! (Actually, I felt like I was getting out a lot of aggression.)  (Also, disclaimer: for me "racking the weight," means going up to about 70 lbs at this point. So far from #beastmode, I know!) Tuesday I also did a ROPE CLIMB! Wooo! It wasn't a FULL rope climb (meaning I didn't make it ALL the way to the top) but I got pretty close! I'd been itching to give it a try since I learned rope climb skills a few weeks ago (that first attempt was pretty ugly), and when I got my feet right, low and behold, I started making my way to the top! I freaked out a little because of the height and slid down, but I think Rivaud was there, guiding me on my way! I can't wait to reach the top!

Wednesday we worked on establishing our one rep max for strict press. I got stuck at 70 lbs, but when Linsey, the owner of our box (and total badass, by the way - she competed at Regionals!) started yelling "fight, push - push that shit up," I got it up! It was pretty awesome! 

I'm beginning to realize I have several mental blocks that hold me back. I think I got up the rope because I really believed I could. But, I still can't convince myself to go upside down... or lift too much... or do a pull-up. I'd love to hear your tips or tricks, or good reads about breaking mental barriers.

On the agenda tonight is clean & jerks. I haven't done a WOD with them yet, but I'm super stoked and ready to go. Last Saturday the WOD was a 25-minute AMRAP of 10 squat cleans, 5 handstand push-ups (which I scaled), and a 400 meter run. With 25 minutes, you best believe I started looooving cleans! :)

At first, they felt awkward and difficult, but once I got in my rhythm, I felt good. The instructor even came up to me afterwards and said "you're a lot better at those than you think you are!" I probably look terrified doing them! 

crossfit wedding

I'm still thinking a lot about this post and the future of this blog. Maybe I should just have a lifestyle blog, where I can talk about crossfit? Lol. I figure for now, I can blog about crossfit on my wedding blog so long as I include an awesome wedding crossfit pic! Sound OK? 

We're supposed to go kayaking tomorrow! That should be interesting! We'll probably be exhausted afteward. No plans for Sunday except to meal prep! I've been slacking with that lately!

What are your weekend plans?

Have you made any gains in CrossFit lately?

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