Happy Halloween & a November Mantra

Hello and Happy Halloween! As you know I'm doing the Whole30 so I won't be indulging in any candy this holiday... I don't feel sad about it at all, though! I've been eating really good and feeling really good. I plan do a full recap of the first week Monday so stay tuned! I will say that so far, candy and other treats aren't tempting me at all! Let's hope this lasts! :)

Since it's the night before November 1st, I thought it would be a good time to introduce my mantra for the month: Now or Never! 


A post titled Toss Those Bucket Lists from Fit Plus Fab inspired this month’s mantra! I love this idea to go for your goals right now - today! - and not writing them down to do someday or when fill-in-the-blank happens!

I’m really guilty of this. I put off a lot of things because of fear, a lack of commitment (or setting aside the time to do them), or because of money (meanwhile Starbucks is burning a hole in my pocket).

What’s something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile?

Maybe for a few months or even years? This month, I hope we can encourage each other to go for it!


I feel like I got a head start on this mantra when Aaron and I decided to buy a condo. We'd been looking forever but kept putting off making a decision and actually going for it. We move in tomorrow and of course, I'm so glad we finally pulled the trigger!

My November Now-or-Never list:

-Redesign the blog! -Try a new (fun) fitness class like rock climbing, pole dancing or aerial fitness! -Be in a photoshoot (eek, scary!) -Complete the Whole30 -Try juicing!  -Finish my e-book -Start teaching in a fitness capacity (or at least studying for the NASM again)

Obviously that's A LOT of goals and I probably won't get to do them ALL in November but I hope this mantra pushes me to go for it - especially the things I'm inclined to put off because of fear or procrastination.

Tell me, what's something you've been putting off you'd like to finally cross of your bucket list? 

What you done a Whole30?

What was your experience the first week? 

Are you dressing up for Halloween? Going out?