Green Smoothie No. 1

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Mine was nice. The weather in DC was gorgeous and I spent some time outside! Saturday we had lunch with friends and then, upon my husband's request, spent the day at Carmax! (He loves cars.) Sunday we went to open gym at our CrossFit box - it was our first time going on Sunday - and we really liked it! Open gym means you can pick whatever workout you want to do or just work on skills. Aaron and I did Saturday's workout. It was tough but shorter than I thought it would be (the whole thing took me about 18 minutes). We did some grocery shopping and I loaded up on all my favorite healthy foods: spinach, apples, eggs, and Larabars. I've been addicted to green smoothies lately! If you haven't started incorporating green smoothies into your diet (and you're still just mixing protein with water, or not using protein at all), you're missing out friend! Join the green smoothie gang, get in the kitchen, and get busy experimenting - that's just how I came up with this super easy, deliciously satisfying recipe - it's one of my favorites at the moment!




When you're shopping for your ingredients, make sure you check the label on your almond butter - sometimes you'll find extra sugars hiding there! Look for just almonds!


I like the Blue Diamond Almond Milk but any brand will work. Same goes for protein - I love this particular brand because it's smooth and creamy, but just about any vanilla-flavored protein will do.(I have a post coming about different protein powders! Stay tuned!)

I used a cup of almond milk but you can use more or less. You just need enough liquid in the mix so that the ingredients blend! (You can even do part milk, part water - you won't taste the difference!)

You can also use an unfroze banana and add an ice cube or two. Personally, I love to peel and freeze individual bananas in Ziploc bags for quick and easy use, but if you haven't tried that yet - no worries! Just throw in some ice!

This is literally three steps, ya'll! Stuff. Blend. & Enjoy!

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I plan to share many more green smoothie recipes because the possibilities are endless!

I'd love to hear your favorites at the moment!

Have you tried making a green smoothie?

What's your favorite green smoothie recipe?

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