Recipe: Greek Yogurt, Walnut & Honey Banana Pops

Good morning + happy Tuesday. For those of you following the National news, you might be wondering if the Government shutdown affects me... Well, it does! I'm on furlough until further notice, but, for now, that just means free time to experiment with recipes like these delicious Greek yogurt + walnut banana pops smothered with honey! Mmm. Banana-Pops

These pops were far easier to make than theΒ chocolate-covered banana bitesΒ because we didn't have to mess with a double broiler and melted chocolate! Instead, we simply cut the end off the banana, stuck a popsicle stick in it, and then started slathering Greek yogurt on top!


Then, depending on whether you want a little crunch or a lot, sprinkle on your walnuts, and drizzle with honey!


I'll be honest and tell you I wasn't sure how these would taste, but I absolutely LOVE them. They're the best, most filling, delicious snack and because of their sweetness, feel like a total cheat!

The original recipe did say to freeze the bananas before adding the Greek yogurt, but we opted not to; yet they still turned out great.

It's the end of September and the end of our Bananas series - I'd love to know what you thought! Did you make ice cream or banana bites yet?