Gift Guide: The Paleo Foodie

I've seen so many cool gift guides around the web and in magazines, I decided to put together a few of my own. Today's guide is for the paleo foodie - he or she is experimenting with the paleo diet (read about it here), loves to cook, and could use a few handy kitchen tools to make the adjustment to this way of eating easier. I remember wanting to try a PaleOMG recipe that called for duck fat and having no clue where to find it! I found myself at Shoppers Food Warehouse texting a friend to ask if lard was the same thing as duck fat! Haha (hint: it's not!). Personally, I need want everything on this list!


Good Vegetable Peeler // Coconut Chai Teas from Tea Forte // Avocado Slicer // Healthy Sauces, Dressings, and Toppings // Avocado Oil // Well Fed Cookbooks 1 + 2 // Spiral Vegetable Slicer // Duck Fat //

I ate tons of avocado during my paleo challenge, and this coconut chai tea was a lifesaver when I needed afternoon pick me up! I want the spiral vegetable slicer to make the recipes on this amazing blog I follow!!

What are you asking for Christmas?  

What are you getting your paleo friends this Christmas?