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Fit-Mom-MonikerHey guys! Karlye here. It's been almost a month since I started the blogging my weight loss journey here on FFAB, and I must say, I am quite disappointed with my progress.  For some reason, I thought blogging about this journey would magically give me super powers of extreme self control and dedication. But, apparently I am way more stubborn than I thought! My biggest problem:  inconsistency.  As everyone knows, consistency is key in many situations. Consistency is especially important when it comes to successful weight loss.  Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all about the occasional cheat meal, like the National Cherry Blossom Festival reception I enjoyed last week. But, the key word is occasional!  Regularly having a lil somethin' somethin' you know you shouldn't have isn't going to help you meet your weight loss goals. Lately, I have been indulging a little too often.  Maybe not so often that I've gained weight, but often enough that I don't feel like I'm losing much weight. That, my friends, is a problem!

In the month of April, I will be focusing on using different tools to help keep me consistent on this journey.  I know I have two things scheduled in April that will be my cheat meals. But, for the rest of the month, I want to keep it clean.  As part of Sara's weekly challenge, I will be logging my food this week.  I haven't decided if I'm going to just write everything down or if I'm going to dust off the MyFitnessPal app that I haven't touched in at least a year.  Either way, I'm tracking!

To help me keep track of all the little things I need to focus on doing every day to stay consistent, I downloaded an app called Weple Diary.  I added several categories of things I want to focus on, like being active and healthy. From there, you can add corresponding goals to each category.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.25.06 PM

I can't wait to familiarize myself with this app over the next few days and see if I feel like it's helping me stay consistent.  I'll report back with a mini-review next week!

Another app I wanted to utilize is a water-intake tracker.  I used to chug water daily, but for some reason, I've been having a really hard time getting it all down.  We all know how important water is for our bodies, so I wanted something to help me track my water intake and send me reminders throughout the day.  Previously, I used an app called Water Your Body.  I liked this app because there are different containers that represent different volumes, and you just pick a container and tap the screen to add that amount of water to your daily consumption.  You can even customize the volume amount each container represents so that they match your glasses, water bottle, etc.  When you add water towards your daily intake, it includes a timestamp on the container, which I loved. But over time, I lost interest in the app and stopped keeping track of how much water I was drinking. Before I knew it, I was barely drinking one glass a day!

I felt like a new water app might make tracking my water intake a little more exciting again, so I downloaded an app called Water Daily. Honestly, I just chose this one because I like the simplistic look of it (yes, I have a bad habit of picking things because they are pretty lol).  I can already tell this app doesn't have as many features as Water Your Body, but I'm going to give it a run and see how it goes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.24.28 PM

Now for the scary part.  I realized another reason why I may not have done as well during my first month of blogging; I haven't put myself out there enough. Sooooo, I have decide to share my measurements once a month to really kick my butt into gear. I am an incredibly private person, so this is a huge step for me!  I don't want to focus so much on weight, because the scale lies, so I'm just going to share my body measurements in inches.  Here goes nothing...


This is completely mortifying, but it needs to be done!  I can't wait to share some smaller measurements next month, God willing!

Do you use any apps to help keep you consistent?  If so, which ones?

Do you prefer to measure your physical changes with a scale or a measuring tape?


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