Fit Mom Karlye // Blossoms & Bubbly on Mom's Night Out

This is our weekly check-in post from resident fit mom, Karlye! Take it away, girl!   Fit-Mom-Moniker

Hi, guys!  I am happy to report that last week was so much better than the previous week.  PROGRESS!!  Utilizing my “fast food” essentials I told you guys about really helped keep me on track.  And I must say, I think the adorable pink chevron containers made my food taste even better. ;)  I’m sure you guys know all about salad club.  I love it, but I don’t always want to eat a salad for lunch; I often crave something hot and hearty.  So, I took my salad set into work empty, and packed my salad to take home for dinner.  It worked great!

Last week’s workouts were great, too.  Of course, my workouts with my trainer, Larry, are my favorite.  I don’t always love the things he makes me do, but I love how I feel at the end of the workout.  I love being sore! Hahaha  Is that normal?  If I’m not sore either during or sometime after the workout, I feel like it didn’t count. Lol  Let me just say, Thursday’s workout definitely counted!  Larry loves to pick a muscle group and just kill it; on Thursday, he picked arms/shoulders and mine were on FIRE by the end.  The hardest part of the workout was going back and forth between boxing and alternating rope slams.  The burn was intense, but I loved it!


What I did not love, were the pictures. I had brought my camera in and let Larry take some pictures in an effort to share more of myself with you guys in these posts...  You know how you eat well and workout, and suddenly you feel like you already look like a different person?  I had been eating cleaner and moving more, so I was looking in the mirror and feeling like I was slowly getting smaller.  Then I saw the pictures Larry took and I was completely mortified.  I was huge!  It doesn’t look like I have lost any weight at all; my mirror (or my mind) has been lying to me.  I immediately got a little depressed after viewing the pictures.  But, later that day, Sara shared an amazing post about this very subject.  Her post was exactly what I needed to see that I was not the only person who has these feelings.  Thank you, Sara!

On a happier note, it’s officially cherry blossom season!  Anyone who knows me knows that  I LOVE them!  The National Cherry Blossom Festival started last week and my sister invited me to the Opening Ceremony as her plus one.


As a single mom, I don’t get out much.  But, my sister has been so great at inviting me to fun events and forcing me to get a babysitter so that I can actually go.  The Opening Ceremony was a mini concert of very talented Japanese artists who represented different genres of music, and the main artist was Judith Hill!  You may have seen her on the last season of the Voice.  She was amazing on stage AND I got to take a picture with her at the Pink Carpet Reception that followed the concert.


At the reception, I enjoyed some finger foods and a few glasses of pink bubbly.  There were also several gorgeous desserts—these are just a few.  Don’t worry, I did not eat all of these, but I did eat that chocolate pouch filled with chocolate mousse.  It.was.DELICIOUS!  Like I said, I don’t get out much, so I wanted to enjoy the night without stressing over calories and sugar content.  In the end, I feel like I was able to enjoy myself without going overboard.


The next day, I woke up and made sure I ate a healthy breakfast.  Sometimes you have to live a little, but it’s important to get right back on track.  Immediately getting back on track is something I have struggled with in the past because a cheat meal can easily turn into a cheat day, weekend, week, or month.  Lol!  I’m glad I did not let my night out completely derail my weekend.  Of course, looking at those workout pics again may have had a hand in keeping my sweet tooth at bay the following day.

Do you guys ever let yourself indulge a little when you’re trying to lose weight? 

Is it easy for you to get back on track?


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