Fit Bride Amber // My Workout Routine

AmberProfileMy workout since the diet started has really been kickboxing. Cardio, cardio, cardio. I am a cardio bunny now! I love doing cardio. I could do it for hours. It's very rare that I get super tired while doing it. Of course it happens after awhile, but if it's a new and fresh routine, I will keep going! TurboFire and TurboKick on YouTube

A lightbulb went off maybe a week ago that I should check out YouTube and BOY, was that something I should have done YEARS ago! I love doing Charlene Johnson’s turbo fire workouts but little did I know she did something called turbo kick previously! (Here's a glimpse of it on YouTube.) It must have been a workout that people did at select gyms as I have found at least 20 videos on YouTube of her teaching instructors new routines for the upcoming week. Once I found out how to transfer them from my phone/iPad to the computer, OMG my life was changed! It's like completely new workouts all the time -- for free! (Sure the quality isn’t that great but I have gotten completely accustomed to working out at home now keeping myself motivated, ensuring to turn it on and not just get lazy and sit on the couch, so with these videos its like new breath!) I can feel my body changing. I feel like I am in the greatest shape of my life! I can jump more, last longer, do more moves that previously would completely expend all my energy, and it's just so damn exciting!

My First Taste of SoldierFit

With my renewed focus I decided to not only keep up with my cardio workouts but FINALLY use the Soldierfit Groupon that Sara got me for Christmas. The night before I was scared shitless because I had no idea what to expect. I haven’t done group fitness in YEARS so I was really nervous about what it would entail. Even though I tried to find every excuse not to go like I said before, I am determined! I was not letting anything stand in my way! Usually on St Patricks day I would be out somewhere drinking green beer, but I actually decided to workout instead... #progress!

Soldierfit was not at all what I was expecting, though. They asked me to get there 45 minutes early for a tour and to fill out paperwork. (I could have gotten there 15 minutes before.) Most of the time I was talking to this other girl who was newer as well. While sitting there I just knew, I am in good shape! This won't be too bad because I do cardio… I do kickboxing…. my body is accustomed to intense workouts! After all, that's why I was so excited about trying out this place!


The class started out with a jogging warm up. We did lots of running outside and I am not used to being a runner. I can definitely go at my own pace. There were probably about 30 people in there, most seemed to be friends, and we were all at our own pace, but I was definitely the slowest (me and the other new girl) but I was still just fine with it!

There’s lots of yelling because it is really like the military.   They even wear matching clothes! (Crazy!) They had various stations where you did a cardio and interval move (box jump, push-ups on tires, kettlebell duck walks, etc.), an ab section in the middle followed by more stations.

By the end of the workout I was definitely sweating! I had done exercises that I had never done before and knew I'd be sore. However, the most overwhelming feeling I had was “I am getting sick.” They kept the doors open the WHOLE TIME and it was freezing outside, and right when the workout is over with -- when all I wanted to do was go blow my nose and take a shower -- the girl who I had met with originally starts her sales speech! Shoot me now!

She tells me to be able to have full access to the gym and all the workouts it's $159 a month!! Ohhhhhh no!! I mean, sure, I get that it’s a different workout every time; the stations are different, the teachers are different, they have lots of times where I could get to a class in the morning, middle of the day, and lots at night, but I was definitely put off by the fact that she asked me to sign-up immediately after the class.

Anyway, I told her I would sleep on and headed home. I decided I would definitely go back (the Groupon gives me access for the entire month), but I'm not sure it's worth signing up.

In the end I'm really just proud of myself for going and experiencing a different type of workout! However, for me, free workouts with CJ at home will be hard to trade-in for an expensive bootcamp!

More to come about SoldierFit and, progress photos!! Stay tuned!